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  1. Welp, I got Charitchi on my P2 a couple weeks ago and he's aging. Won't be much longer, as it's a heart loss every five minutes. Don't know if anyone here has had him before, but he's a cool character with personality for sure! 24 years with no pause/time set. Imgur link to pics and video- Edit: today, at the age of 25, Charitchi passed away. All day, his heart loss rate was one every three minutes...
  2. I thought I'd start reimagining the vintage era characters that aren't on the Mini, in a 16x16 screen space! Thought I'd start on my Charitchi WIP. Whatcha think? Had to upload on Imgur because it's too large now lol...
  3. Well I recently got the Ocean's secret character, Ningyotchi, for the third time except this time the little mermaid lived for three days! Previously I was under the impression that she can only live for 24 hours at this stage, since the other two times I got her, there was a seemingly unavoidable, hard coded polar bear attack exactly 24 hours after evolving. She just passed this morning at the age of 9. Just thought I'd share this major breakthrough in Umino care! XD
  4. So upon weirdly timed battery insertion, I managed to bug the heck outta my American P1. Started by letting me set the time with the hour as 0:xx, which then the egg screen was just forced lights out dark. Then when it "hatched", the character is literally sleeping stardust... I've never seen this before, or any significant bug like this for that matter! 😂
  5. Interesting. Such a method for obtaining Zuccitchi is rather unusual, but if it can work... Well what I can deduce from this information is that my method is a foolproof way of getting Zuccitchi, and yours is... well, something that definitely needs more study for sure! As for an update on my P1/P2's running, my Hong Kong P1 showed sickness for secret character evolution, but its been more than 24 hours since that so I'm concerned that it might not change. Especially because I want to know if the Hong Kong one has Oyajitchi, or Bill. See, as I understand it, the Hong Kong Collectors P1 was the first English tama. Thus, being in between Japanese and international releases. It also has a slightly different plastic mold for the battery door, as the area around the screw holes is more raised. PS- My Genjintch left me yesterday. Was the cavegirl (Genjin-Galtchi). RIP my Genjinko~
  6. Ah, hello again, Knight! About getting Zuccitchi- All that is needed for Zuccitchi is not letting the hearts deplete entirely as Tongaritchi, no poop sleeping, and 50% total discipline. For example, if you didn't discipline at all as Tonmarutchi, then catch ALL of Tongaritchi's calls. If you catch all of Tonmarutchi's discipline calls, then there is no need for further discipline as a teen. As for getting Zatchi, that is something I have yet to achieve. As a matter of fact, the only P1/P2 secret character I have ever gotten is Bill, and that was more or less an accident. Now as for why I came out of the woodwork to make a post after all these months, is frankly because of basically the same topic at hand here. I have expanded my vintage collection in the last few months, and I now among them is- a Japanese P2 Series 1, a Japanese P2 Series 2, a Japanese Angel, a Genjintch, and last but not least, the rare 1997 Hong Kong Collectors Edition P1 (which I'm working on figuring out if it has Bill or Oyajitchi). I cannot for the life of me get Zatchi, Sekitoritchi, and especially Charitchi! Shouldn't be hard for me given I've gotten Ningyotchi on my Umino THREE TIMES! Hoping I can get some help on getting at least Charitchi.
  7. Hey folks! So I've gotten Ningyotchi once before, and I'm on my way to getting her again from Kaitchi. But I found on someone's umino growth chart an interesting way to get her and I don't know if its accurate/true. It states that once you have Kaitchi, bump the weight up to 40, then wait 40 minutes then it will evolve into Ningyotchi. Now I know that Ningyotchi's base weight is 40, so I'm wondering if that's where this might have become a rumor. I'd hate to test it and ruin my chances of getting her, plus having to play so many games to get its weight back to 10 if it fails! Thoughts? Here's my last time I got Ningyotchi~
  8. Yes I do actually! (She's Sleeping! SHH!)
  9. My new Japanese Ocean just evolved into Ningyotchi, folks!!! Very proud to say she's doing well! (and that I even got her) Well as long as I'm here, anyone know how long she lives? I know secret characters often live long but I'm unsure about the ocean.
  10. Yep, kept weight at base weight. Lights out at bedtime call, everything you would do to get Pochitchi.
  11. OH! well I thought you had to select the icon THEN tap the screen. I suppose I can just shake the heck outta it if tapping the case doesn't work! xD
  12. Hey folks! Let's talk... Polar Bears. So I got a Japanese Ocean earlier this week, and all was going fairly well. I got Otototchi, then suddenly the Polar Bear attacks (again...) I made the attempt to scare it off like usual, but it had no effect! Otototchi comes back on screen dead as a doornail! So is it really just a gamble with the odds that sometimes your scare tactics will fail no matter what?
  13. Hey folks! So I had recently bought a brand new Japanese P2, and I just got my first adult raised on it. Now here's the thing- I was going for Pochitchi. I tended to all but one of its discipline calls, and gave it otherwise perfect care. So you can understand why I was shocked to find it evolved into KUSATCHI. Don't get me wrong, Kusatchi is my favorite character, but HOW I got him with the care I gave it puzzles me to no end! Thoughts? :|
  14. Ah, ok thanks mate! I had just reset mine because I wanted to just try for a better bug than a dung beetle, now that I know what I'm doing!