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  1. I just discovered you put all this games here I didn't even know it was possible. I'm so happy, thank you man !
  2. Hello ! I found at least one way to get all the colors in the 20th anniversary. I gave all I know in this topic http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/194510-color-changing-items-for-the-various-mixs/
  3. Hi ! Here the color changing foods I found for the 20th Anniversary mix : Red : Watermelon juice (Suika jūsu) 130₲ (Snack at Restaurant) Tomato ramen (Tomato rāmen) 110₲ (Meal at Restaurant) Minestrone (Minesutorōne) 160₲ (Meal at Restaurant) Peach (Momo) 100₲ (Snack at Makkakka Town) Festive red rice (Sekihan) 120₲ (Meal at Makkakka Town) Or just simply do a swim race at Makkakka Town. Orange : Shrimp chili (Ebi chiri) 220₲ (Meal at Restaurant) Yellow : Lemon cake (Remon kēki) 180₲ (Snack at Restaurant) Green : Genovese (Jenobēze) 180₲ (Meal at Restaurant) Blue : Ramune soda (Ramune sōda) 130₲ (Snack at Ura ura town) Famous drool water (Yodaregawameisui) 100₲ (Snack at Ura ura town) Purple : Sweet Potato Jelly 140₲ (Snack at Gozaru Hills) Eat it 5 times and you'll get purple for sure, I already did it a lot of times Pink :Strawberry gelato (Ichigo jerāto) 150₲ (Snack at Restaurant) Sakura shake (Sakura sheiku) 120₲ (Snack at Restaurant) Honey Rose Tea 130₲ (Snack at Flower Hills) White :Flap flap cotton candy (Wata wata wataame) 60₲ (Snack at Rainbow Hills) Grey : Clam chowder (Kuramu chaudā) 160₲ (Meal at Restaurant) Shinobi Sezame Pudding 110₲ (Snack at Gozaru Hills) Yes yes, this turns you grey, I checked this. Maybe the grey version of your character was much yellow. Some colors are weird for some characters Black : Caviar (Kyabia) 350₲ (Meal at Gotchi castle) Hope it will help