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  1. Can morino, umino , devils etc join?
  2. Ludo and I have had a busy weekend with company and lots of work, so I haven't been able to update his log. And trust me, he's been reminding me. He likes talking to all of you here. Today he turned 10. He's been quite annoyed with the Matchmaker continually trying to get him to marry someone, he likes the single life, and being free to have as many friends as he wants. Speaking of friends, there's been some turn over with his other tama friends, sadly, Bill passed away today. The empty space he left in our lives has been filled by our second generation on the IDL. Although, Bill will forever be in our heart and missed (until we restart him at a later date). Morino has also come out to play in the past few days. While Ludo hasn't taken any group photos of him and his friends, they will be coming soon. Tomorrow we are off on another adventure, going to to visit family for a few days. We will try to update if we can, although any photos will probably be links to our instagram because our photo editing software is on the computer which is staying at home. Here's Ludo's selfies for today, he is highly unimpressed with my basket ball skills.
  3. Tamenagerie has a good list of some of the less common odd pets. I also found this video that sounds similar to what you described, but i'm not sure if the shell is right. there were quite a lot of nano clones back in the 90's. EDIT: oooo wait! i may have found it! Tenchi Muyo In Pocket Virtual Pet There is also a brief mention of it here.
  4. There was a post by a woman named Linda in the Tamagotchi Ancestors T-A group on facebook a few days about about her p1/p2 collection. Apparently she owns every shell available in these versions, she has been collecting for years, and focusing solely on these type. She doesn't post a list of them, but has shared some pictures. I can't really link to the post because it's a closed group. But if you do decide to join, you might be able to connect with her, she may have a list available.
  5. The big news today is Ludo evolved!! Despite aiming for some discipline and care misses, he became Furowatchi this morning. He was a little upset with me when I took put the princesses on my v5.5 to sleep,but we came to an understanding when I explained that I had to so I could spend more time playing with him. We spent a quiet day taking care of the non-egg creatures that run around my house, and have plans to curl up on the couch and watch all his friends in the Tamagotchi cartoons until bedtime. Both of us are wishing you all a good evening, and day tomorrow.
  6. Ludo and I started out our day in the usual way, sitting on the couch, coffee in my hand, and feeding him breakfast in the other. He had a very eventful day! First, he picked out an octopus from the shopping cart to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Although there was a little confusion at first about whether it was a toy or not. After lunch, he enjoyed a nice long tummy rub, even if it did take some convincing that this stuff called Displex was safe, and not some form of goblin trickery. Later this evening Ludo was surprised when his new friend from this morning showed up and brought him yet another present. This time a new toy! It did take quite a bit to show him it worked better as a skipping rope than a chew toy though.
  7. Ludo is 2 years old today, after some breakfast and a few rounds of shooting hoops he evolved into Ringotchi. Then we have had much discussion about what we want him to evolve into. Since his parents and grandparents were both perfect care characters, we are thinking about allowing a few care misses for him. He isn't so sure about this though, but after some debate we agreed that food and happiness would not be missed, only discipline. He's still throws temper tantrums regularly though, so I'm not sure he is truly in agreement with this strategy. We spent most of the morning reading through the help guides here at tamatalk, and looking into some different ways to include his photos right in the post. While he enjoys his appearances on instagram, he has to share that with his brothers and sisters, and wants a place here to feature just him. He also thinks his fans would like to see him in one post, and not have to go to all the extra trouble of clicking on links. So today we are going to test out our new found knowledge and see if we can use his new imgur account to post his pic in this post. Fingers Crossed
  8. I got my first tama when i was in grade 7, in 1997. I actually got a p1, nano kitty and nano puppy all at the same time. our school banned virtual pets within a few months though because we were all so busy taking care of them no one was paying attention in class
  9. New here, and excited to share my tama journey, and learn from you all

    1. asmexus


      Welcome! Enjoy your time on the forums and don't be afraid to ask questions! Let's all learn from each other :)

    2. ksh12july34
  10. This is my log for my Keitai Tama, Ludo. Any of the links you see in the posts will be to my instagram account for pics and videos. Today Ludo's mom Mametchi returned to her home planet and left Ludo in my care. (his mom had a bit of an identity crisis, but that's ok, we won't confine our tamas to a single gender) We started the day with him being a little shy, but after lots of snacks and games her decided I was his friend. "Ludo friiieeeennndddd" After some time getting to know each other, Ludo decided to stay with me and evolved into Kuribotchi . Then this evening we learned that the Gotchi King has a special gift for Ludo! Thank you to @Rorys_Tamas Now have a maid service (video part 2) and never have to worry about messes getting Ludo sick. I'm looking forward to a long future with Ludo, and am hoping to have him stay with my for many many tama years.