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  1. Thanks! I'm aware of Kat's site - her collection is partly what made me so dismayed in the first place as half of her designs never seem to be on eBay. The first link you've provided is helpful but it's missing a couple of designs which I have in my collection - I'm now starting to think separate designs were released in the US and the UK (I'm from the latter), making things even more confusing.
  2. This is a problem I'm having lately as well. From what I gather the ancestors fall into two broad categories - you have the P1/P2s which have comparatively large screws compared to anything following them (Angel/Ocean etc). Managed to get a whole bunch of replacement screws from my local jeweler but they don't fit my P1/P2s, only everything else. Tempted to take a chance with a replacement screw kit off Amazon but that's a comparatively large amount of money for what is essentially a gamble.
  3. Angels have a whole host of unique features compared to the P1/P2s, but in general they evolve quicker, age quicker and leave quicker. It's relatively easy to get all the different characters (minus the Unchi-Kun), but after that it gets tiring pretty quickly. You'll probably end up with about 4-5 Futagotenshi in a row given how ridiculously easy it is to get them. The link above (Tamagotchi Planet) is literally the best source for Angel info on the net, it covers everything.
  4. Hey guyz, first (second) post here, been a long time watcher long time fan, etc etc etc. Anyway, to cut a long story short, been a massive on/off fan of tamagotchi since 1997 when I was barely in school. Not at all interested in the new wave of pets, never managed to get into them seeing as I never grew up with them - strictly the originals. I've managed to amass a small collection of the things in the last few years, but I've never come across a comprehensive list of all the shell designs the original P1/P2s came in. I'm pretty sure there's around 50/60 of them per gen but it always seems to be the same 9/10 designs that come up on eBay - I'm assuming this is because the later designs never sold well. In any case, can anyone provide a list of all the possible (English language) shell designs, or does this not exist anywhere? Would be much appreciated, even if I'll never end up owning most of them!
  5. I've been playing with tamagotchi since 1997, pre-this forum existing. I think I win.