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  1. hi, I have English iDL, but when I tried to download some games/destination (links from this forum). it's on Japanese.. any link for English downloadable content for iDL?
  2. Hello, at the moment I only have an iDL (english), but plan to collect another tamagotchi near future. I'm confuse deciding between P's, Sanrio Mix, or even latest Bandai Gudetama (this Dec, 2017)... not to mention PriPri-Chan Shot (tomy dakara).. all seems nice.. But I can only buy one more toy this year.. which one best to get? (i hope the one I get will be the one which will be translated to English), I know P's is fully translated to English now, but is it worth it to accompany my iDL?do they so different? while i heard mix is very different..
  3. I just found out that every 4 of so of happiness stamp each characters, will open a new destinations on iDL, that's why I found it too boring, because I only see 1 of questionmark ( i thought there is only 1 of it to unlock )
  4. isn't school and work is on P's? I can't find work and school on my iDL (English)
  5. I just got mine last month. It's used. Got it for 25$. color is pink, but the condition is a bit bad. Scatches and some area (plastic case) turned a bit browned, no box, no manual, got chain bonus. But still works perfectly, buttons, sound and IR. I think its cheap though, so i took it. Hope this helps.
  6. i already have 4th happiness stamps currently, so no reason to keep it longer?better get it married so can move to next gen? I hope mix get translated too like on p's! Which mix do you recommend?20th anniv or sanrio?
  7. I read somewhere that sanrio mix, must connect to other mix device in order to inlock gozaru village and mermaid land.. Is this true?and what about at mix 20th anniv?
  8. Hi,im new on tamagotchi. I played idl for a month, getting a bit bored. Not much to do. Feed,clean,play,park,plant,minigames. On 2nd gen now, at 22y.o, and stopped evolving already?what to do?will it die old or when should married the tama? Been thinking of switch to p's,4u+,or mix. Any advice? Thanks!
  9. thanks! I dont mind spend a few more bucks for sanrio if it also have unlocked locations because i cant find ppl who play tamagotchi in my area.. Wonder if mr.blinky will translate it? Can it easily playable on japanese?
  10. Hi, I read that tamagotchi mix 20th anniversary is better over spacy/melody version because it already unlocked all location, so no need another device to unlock it. what about sanrio version?it's the same as 20th? unlocked already or need another device too? thanks!
  11. ah i see.... thank you so much! the happy animation is only just for an 'animation'? not affect tama at all?
  12. Hi im new here, what is the 9th icon on idl? Its like on 4th icon on the bottom. The pic is like 4 leaf clover. . And what is the meaning of pressing c on no icons?the tama seems happy when i did this. Thanks!
  13. So what's actuall care misses? Hungry level zero? Friendship level?
  14. Well the idl has arrived. English, worked normal. But physically not so good, the plastic have some yellowed spots and some deep scratch on the plate near the buttons. How to attach a pics on this site?
  15. I will confirm if it's real once it's come... it's on shipping now. the color is pink (not my preference) but it's kinda rare to get them at decent price, so i just grab it. well. the seller got nice reputation too on my local online store... i hope it's real. any idea what price for english idl on ebay/amazon? i try look them up but currently all sold out.. all japanese idl version