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  1. So I've been s collector since 2017 and I started out with getting the 4 English Angles in i have nearly 80+ tamas in boxes and pierces in packages. My question be. . .how does one know if this is just an advid hobby or a full on addiction? Does anyone else struggle with tana addiction?
  2. I have all 4 English angels in box now c:

    1. psychotama


      That's amazing. You've got quite a gold mine there haha

  3. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day :^)

    1. Dordtchild


      :D aw thank you. I usually never get happy birthday wishes


  4. I need an English Pink and Blue Angel in box to complete my Angel set

  5. My Ura Young Violetchi, whom I took perfect care on it, evolves at age 2 into shitekitchi , a character that isn't in the same family line. What gives? I was trying to get Ura Violetchi :C
  6. I have a Peacock v4.5 connection and I keep getting poop in the mail. My Tama has dropped 3 hearts every time this has happened and I like to know how to change that or does this sudden drop effect the evolution of my tama
  7. I have a 4U coming in the mail soon. I could look up some information for you if you're curious
  8. I was told that this particular character wasn't programmed with a singing animation thus defaults to this animation. o.o he just slides around the screen not really moving his appearance but it's temporary since it lasts as long as a singing animation
  9. :I ...made a mistake in my bidding. I won two lots and I didn't mean to. :I now I have things I need to resell :u

  10. You got a point. I love Tamagotchis and lately I just found out that Deka Gotchis exist and now I want one :u They were just a strong part of my childhood when I was growing up. The first time I got a tama was when I was 14 and the Connection Series first hit US shores. : ) I guess the memories of that time is what compelled me to go back into Tamagotchis
  11. I"ve played both the 1997/8 originals and the Connection series. I've played Angels and Ocean (Japanese) Entamas, K-Tamas, and I can honestly state ... What I like to see in the new Tamas be those of the Connection series just....updated in pixel art and color : ) v1 through v4 had a good thing going for them with amount of things to do based on what the person liked. v1s for basic care and beginners (hard to not get Mimitchi/Mematchi), v2 with the shop mechanic and alot more characters to get, v3....honestly I don't really care for v3s, V4 introduced schools. Updated versions of the previous Tamas would be amazing, like an updated Angel/Devil gotchis with connection function and color pixel art. That would be amazing. Keep them pocket sized with a wide verity of colored shells and designs like they had before so you could customize how you tama to look. Another idea would be that devils and angels would have fold in wings, I know that sounds silly, but think of it, the wings fold in for play or no play and fold out for aesthetic looks
  12. From a person who is an Angel Gotchi owner I can say this...They are a great novelty, but I rather play the Connection series Reason, the Angels do not have the same kind of game play that newer games have. I played my Angels and I played v1 and v2....and honestly, I like v2 the best on comparison. My reason, I like doing alot more for my Tama than basic care and play. Angels have one game starting out and it's....not that clear cut about how to win or how to play it since depending on the version (Japanese vs English) doesn't tell you exactly what is going on. Another thing going on with Angels be that the evolutions are very limited. They simply don't have as many to evolve into like the Connection series. Conclusion --> If you like the novelty of raising an Angel and don't care that the functions of an angel is just more limited than others then this is the game for you. If you don't find this appealing, I would recommend either a Connection v2 or v4. Both have plenty to do and feel like you are really getting involved with the little pet you're raising ( v2 with your standard mechanics and v4 has a school function and skill points) : ) if there is anything else you like to ask I would love to answer
  13. Here lately I've been on a bit of a spending spree for Tamagotchis for resale and so far...I think I have a bit of a problem :I These are my current Tamagotchis 1 Tamagotchi Connection v1 (green w/orange boarder) 1 Tamagotchi Connection v2 (pink/purple/slight orange) 1 Tamagotchi Connection v3 (red w/yellow boarder) 4 1997 P1 (green w/yellow boarder, clockwork gotch, aqua gotch, Yellow w/orange border) 2 1998 P2 (Black/white camo and a Clear Yellow) 1 1998 TamaOtch 1 K-Tama (Pink w/hearts) 1 1997 Japanese Silver Angel Gotch (in original package) 2 1997 Japanese White Angel Gotch (OOB) 2 1997 Japanese Silver Angel Gotch (OOB 1 1997 Gold Tamagotchi (In Box) (Personal Collection) 1 1997 Gold Tamagotchi Angel (US) (OOB) 1 1997 MINT Silver Tamagotchi Angel (US) 1 Tamagotchi Connection v2 (Banana yellow/butterlies) 1 Tamagotchi Connection v4 (Glow in the dark white/green) 1 Entama (Orange w/pink & Orange beads) 22Tamas in total I also have 2 Mimitchi cases, Lanyards, many charms, so forth. :u do I have a problem?
  14. Zune and Zee are adults, Zune has become a Pynochitchi and Zee a Mimitchi! and they like to sing at the same time
  15. Dordtchild

    Brothers Singing

    Zune and See now grown, they are so happy