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  1. Kiiro just evolved into Togetchi, as I was expecting. Now I can finally open my mail! (I don't think care slips have any effect on what adult you get but I was avoiding mail just in case, besides it wouldn't be the first time I fill my tama's happy hearts just to open a snake letter a minute later ). I managed to max his training just an hour or so before he evolved. I'm still deciding whether to marry him to a Meme character (to see if I get a different child or Puchitchi again) or to a different family character (to try to get a Mame or Kuchi character).
  2. Hi, I just found out about this thread and I wanted to help with the research. I started my V4 a week or so ago and I've been writing down as much data as possible about its evolution because I had also been wondering about what exactly affects it. I actually started thinking just about child to teen evolution because I've read many times that baby to child evolution is completely random and I had never questioned it (I never even considered that the parents' family could affect it!). My V4 is currently on generation 2 (I didn't think about all of this until the first gen Tamagotchi was already a teen). His name is Kiiro, he was a Puchitchi and evolved a few hours ago into a Gourmetchi with no care misses and no care slips (the hungry/happy hearts never dropped below 2), and he had 4 hungry and happy hearts when he evolved. He has 2 training bars (I turned the sound off yesterday and probably missed a few training calls) and his parents were both from the Meme family (Shimashimatchi and Violetchi). I've also been writing down their weight and skills (even though I don't think skills have any effect on this, maybe just the total for universal characters, but just in case) as well as how many times they get sick. I want to start my brother's V4 when I get to gen 3 so that I can collect twice as much data at the same time (in fact I intended to start it yesterday when generation 2 started but I forgot to do it). I want to have both of them grow up on the same days so that I have to wait as little as possible to marry them.
  3. I've ROM tested my V4 and V5 and my brother's V4 (he also has a V5 but I have no idea where it is) and here are the results: European golden V4: Version: A4.5 E Serial number: 0002307 I've also noticed there's a number and a letter on the inside of the battery cover on the right, and on the Tamagotchi behind the battery cover next to the screw hole, and they're different between Tamagotchis, so I'll add them as well Inside of battery cover: A2 Next to screw hole: D1 European blue swirl V4: Version: A4.3 E (interesting, this one was actually bought AFTER the golden V4) Serial number: 0050016 Inside of battery cover: B3 Next to screw hole: D2 European black/gold Gozarutchi V5: Version: 34.1 Serial number: 0011108 Inside of battery cover: E3 Next to screw hole: B1 Also, I've actually found some differences between both V4s: When they receive a poop or snake mail, the golden V4 (A4.5 E) drops to 1 happy heart, and the blue swirl V4 (A4.3 E) drops to 0 happy hearts. When you try to connect both of them but choose "others" instead of "Jinsei" in one or both of them, when you press B on one of them (to change from stand-by to connect), the other one shows an error message which varies: A4.5 E Jinsei, A4.3 E others: Pressing B on the A4.5 E: "Select Jinsei to play" on the A4.3 E Pressing B on the A4.3 E: "Select Jinsei to play" on the A4.5 E A4.5 E others, A4.3 E Jinsei: Pressing B on the A4.5 E: "Select others to play" on the A4.3 E Pressing B on the A4.3 E: "Select Jinsei to play" on the A4.5 E A4.5 E others, A4.3 E others: Pressing B on the A4.5 E: "Select others to play" on the A4.3 E Pressing B on the A4.3 E: "Select Jinsei to play" on the A4.5 E I hope this helps! (Also, some of my friends have also had V4s and I've never seen a V4 in Spanish instead of English)