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  1. Thanks Eggiweg, that’s a huge help! I’ve been travelling, so I haven’t had the chance to get more pictures, but I’ll update with some more soon!
  2. Thanks for updating the cryptpad! I’ve gotten a few more photos to add: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7bu2b9yib8dwuo2/AACIfYOzVHjJSPf6uv2XgAjua?dl=0
  3. I’ve managed to get a few more photos of some new quiz questions. I’ve also made a new match up photo for the two questions whose answers got mixed up. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7bu2b9yib8dwuo2/AACIfYOzVHjJSPf6uv2XgAjua?dl=0
  4. Thanks Eggiweg, that’s a great idea! I think we’re about halfway if there really are 100 unique questions. I’ll keep snapping photos and hopefully we’ll get them all.
  5. I’ve added a few more photos with quiz questions (all the pictures with Nonbiritchi are new). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7bu2b9yib8dwuo2/AACIfYOzVHjJSPf6uv2XgAjua?dl=0 I can also confirm that the answer in the unsure chart for “Which of the following is classified as a vegetable? is not “banana.” It also is not “kiwi.” I’ve yet to get the question a third time to confirm, but I believe the answer is “watermelon.” Also in the unsure chart is “Which of the following sports originated in India?” Is it possible that rather than “Hippopotamus Day” it can be the katakana for “Kabaddi?” which is an Indian sport? (The question hasn’t come up again to confirm if this works as a correct answer)
  6. That’s amazing, Eggiweg! Thank you! I just went back and checked, those last two in the chart did indeed have their answers swapped. Sorry about that! I neglected my little tama a bit yesterday to get a Hexagontchi exclusive character, but I’ll try to snap some more quiz photos tonight.
  7. I’ve taken too many photos already to post them all, so I’ve edited them together in question and answer pairs and started a folder that can be viewed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7bu2b9yib8dwuo2/AACIfYOzVHjJSPf6uv2XgAjua?dl=0 If I got an answer correct, I circled it in green. I’ve crossed out the duplicates from the chart above in blue.
  8. Wow!! That’s amazing, thank you so much, Eggiweg! That’s a huge help! I think the second last answer in the chart is Germany, though I’ll test it when that question comes up again. Through some trial and error I’ve discovered that the gameshow quiz game cycles through the same questions as the ones to earn Hexagon letter stamps. And once you get them all, instead of unlocking the Gotchi King’s Castle it unlocks *drum roll* another quiz game!! I’ve yet to confirm whether those quiz questions are the same as the other questions. Though now that I know there are 100 questions, at least I know the scope of the project! I’ll get snapping and organizing those pictures!
  9. Thanks for the tip, iTamannadi! I think I should be able to roughly translate it, I just can’t do it within the quiz time limit, thus trying to take pics for reference. If it’s just a simple matter of “the H stamp is always question x so the answer is always answer y” I’d be happy to puzzle it out and post my findings. Though if it’s always a different question, it’ll take quite a bit longer to compile a question and answer cheat sheet.
  10. Hi everyone! I just got my new Hexagontchi and had a couple of questions. My Japanese fluency isn’t that great, so I was hoping to take pictures of the questions and answers from the quizzes to receive the Hexagon letter stamps and puzzle them out. I was wondering two things though: Do you only get one chance per day/generation to get the questions right? I got the question wrong at the park this morning and have visited countless times without the gameshow host showing up again. Yet the fortune cookie one I was able to retry almost right away. Is this just bad luck or do I have to wait a certain amount of time to try again? Does anyone know if the questions to earn each letter stamp are always the same? Or do they change each time? Thanks in advance for any insights!
  11. Thank you so much, Eggiweg! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the instructions were saying. I’ve got it working now, thank you!
  12. I just got a used Arukotch in the mail and was wondering if there were any English guides? I accidentally set the clock wrong and can’t figure out how to reset the time. I tried the reset button and removing the batteries, but upon reset and battery reinsertion, it’s saved the time. Any advice is much appreciated!
  13. Excellent, that's good to know. Thank you so much!
  14. I'm very new to the modern tamagotchis and have just gotten a Melody M!x. I love the bright colorful screen and I'm learning what each menu item does. If I don't touch any buttons for a short amount of time, the screen goes completely black. Is this normal? In the old versions of tamagotchis I used to play, I could always see the tamagotchi on the screen to check on it. Is there a way to stop the screen from going black? Thanks!