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  1. Hi all! It's been awhile since I posted on these boards. Last year I got the re-release of the V1 and V2 Tamagotchis and also got the re-release of the Digimon virtual pets. All are worth buying and playing with. The death scenes of both Tamagotchi is the same as the originals a UFO and an Angel. The Digimon devices all show a cross shaped gravestone when my Digimon die for both Digimon that are on the device. It might be because the Digimon are aimed at older children and boys though. I am so glad to be back!
  2. I'm not certain if the baby stage makes a difference, but getting Maskutchi/Zuccitchi and giving perfect care is the only way I've gotten the secret characters. I have the re-releases of the original P1/P2's and I have both secret characters now from perfect care of Maskutchi/Zuccitchi. http://www.mimitchi.com/html/tamatip.htm This website has always helped me with getting the Tamagotchi character I'm aiming for. It has a handy guide for obtaining all the characters on P1s/P2s. Hope this helped!
  3. It was working fine until just after it reached its perfect care character stage, don't remember the name and then my Generation 1 Tamagotchi's A button stopped working and I have not been super hard on it and the other one I bought at the same time still works with no issues right now. I reset it once, and the button sadly did not resume working so I had to have one of my parents remove the battery since I could not care for another baby Tamagotchi since I'm not good with opening up small objects with small screws in them. Target.com does not need them returned to be replaced, and at no charge so that was nice and I got a new one about a week ago which seems to be working just fine. I will re-use the battery I saved though, since it should have most of its' power and it's more environmentally friendly to use it until it dies before using a new battery in my other Tamagotchi that's been running longer. In some good news, I found 2 unopened batteries that are exactly the right size for Tamagotchi at home so that is really great! I sure hope you can resolve your problem with your Tamagotchi! Good luck with that!
  4. Yes, I am referring to the original's rerelease. I hope nothing else odd happens.
  5. Hey all! I just got a Version 1 and Version 2 re-release from Target's online store. Last night for some unknown reason, my Version 1 beeped at me after it had already gone to bed. I checked on it and the Version 2 as I wasn't sure which one beeped, and both were asleep. There's nothing wrong with my Version 1 as it is working fine today. I am just wondering what could be the cause for it beeping while asleep? Some weird Tamagotchi programming glitch? Happy to hear your opinions!
  6. I'm currently waiting for a Generation 1 Red Glitter Tamagotchi and a Generation 2 Colorful Characters Tamagotchi from Target's website. I would have loved to buy them at a store in person, but my mom and I tried very hard and looked at all the stores that had carried them and they did not have any Generation 1 and 2 Tamagotchis. Target has Gudetama at the' physical location I checked, but no regular Tamagotchis. I currently don't have any Tamagotchis or handheld pets so that's why I bought these 2 recently. My order has free shipping so at least that's a plus! I'm looking forward to getting these 2 Tamagotchis in the mail!