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  1. Hello 😄 I recently began to play the 4u. Although I found many guides, there seems to be no info about the npcs (non playable characters) that appears both in the backyard and in the park. Does anyone know at what time does the npc that request us to help him built stuff (using school skills and thus earning up to 2000 points) spawn in the backyard? Same goes for the npc seller that is supposed to spawn in the park and to whom you can also sells your items to...What time? Are there fixed days or conditions just as the alien eco-triplets? Thanks 😄
  2. Hello. I reached 16th generation on tamagotchi friends, checked memory when it way a toddler and every previous adult I had was registered as usual, as Well as friends I connection with. After a while, checking on the same memory list to decide which adult to evolve in this time, I found everything was empty. All of my previous adults removed, and only a baby Named AAAAAAA as friend was left. My jewel collection and foods were not affected and are the same as they used to. Now, I got a rightchi but it hasn't been registrered in memory as Well! Why did this happen and how do I fix it? Thanks.
  3. Hello. Is there any growth chart out there for sanrio mix? I would like to get Momotchi as It seems to be obtainable only on 1st gen...But I have no idea which conditions should I meet. Thanks Edit: I found the thread about the spacy/melody version but there are obviously some differences. Anyone has come up with one for the Sanrio yet?
  4. I was just about to post about this. Do you have any idea where this can be ordered/pre-ordered? I checked two sites, but there were already out of stock sadly.
  5. Hi I was wondering which tamagotchis are sold in English or have some patch to translate the game from japanese. So far, I get all M!x are in japanese only, Friends and Dream Town are also in English but I am a bit confused about the id/id l. I saw them mainly in japanese...are they some downlodable content to translate the game in English or there's a different version too?
  6. Thanks for the reply I acquired one non-in-shop-available item through growing an unique tamagotchi adult. So I guess maybe that's the way to go?
  7. In Tama M!x Sanrio are all the location unlocked just as in the M!x anniversary one?
  8. Hello I recently bought a tamagotchi friend (eu version) and I linda need some clarification. I read the character evolution charts, But I keep getting Mametchi no Matter how much I play/feed it. Do the Bumps count as Sms/etc to develop a social personality perhaps? Also, having the eu version, I don't have the Coin catch game mentioned in the guide: which game should I play to get an active character? Also, I wasn't able to find a complete jewelry list, to understand where can I get the ones unavailable in the shop. Thanks in advance to those willing to help me!