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  1. Happy birthday, TamaFifi27! Hope you have a good one :ichigotchi::kusatchi::ichigotchi::kusatchi:

  2. I got some more silicone mould and luckily the mould had stuck onto the rest of the silicone as hoped. I then used wd40 on the bottom half of the mould after it all dried to stop the second half from sticking. and because I was running low on silicone...again I used the first attempt mould, cut it up into pieces and added it to the silicone. I stuggled once again in taking them out, probably because of all of the pieces. I'll be making the resin tomorrow or late tonight, so stay tuned
  3. Alright! the resin had cured a few days ago and I pulled them out to find that they were bendy. I looked it up and the reasons why that would happen is if the ratio of both parts of the resin was off, which I thought were fine since I used the mesuring cup that came with the resin, or that it takes longer to cure correctly with thinner objects. I also looked up the temperature that the resin should be in when it cures and it was 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celicius) and my room was a bit under that. Also because I had used blu tack to keep some of the parts from floating, after I had taken those parts out I had to cut off the excess resin and it doesnt look so good, but i wasn't so bothered because it was my first try anyways Now onto my second attempt. I bought some clay, DAZ modelling clay to be persise, and put all of the pieces into the clay. using a bigger box made it easier to have all 3 types of tamas that i wanted to make new shells for. The slight bad news is that I didnt have enough silicone mould mix left to even do the first half I'm just gonna hope that when I get more and pour it on top of the already set mould, it would just stick
  4. I also wanted to add that I had only used 20ml of the resin mix and that was enough to make most of the shell. just for anyone that wanted to know
  5. I finally got around to doing the resin! i was only planning on doing the antenna and the red top and let me tell you, it nearly went everywhere since the resin wasnt filling the whole mould in. I had to turn it side by side for it to do that. It did get messy. Just make sure to wear gloves and have a better surface to work on than what I had, for anyone who also wants to try this. And since i had leftover resin i just decided to fill as much as i could. I also wanted to ask how i should make the 2 part mould, I've seen it being done with clay, but i dont know if i want to by clay just to do that. is there an easier way of doing a 2 part mould?
  6. I'm making a one part mould...and that might be why I'm having trouble getting the shells out.
  7. Update! I found some candle jars that I kept to make the moulds out of and had to wait 12 hours for it to dry, (that's what the instructions say) though it had become dry after maybe 3-4 hours. I had done the 2 back pieces and the anteni thing first. I had problems with the screws since I've unscrewed that tama plenty of times for it to be damaged so i wasnt able to do the other pieces yet. So I got a proper screwdriver set and a set of screws and i'm hoping that one of them is the ones I need to replace it (I'm not that worried about it since my dad payed for them and they'll be used for other things ) So today I pulled them out and that was difficult to do (had to use a crafting knife to seperate the parts that were joined together because of holes in the tama) and they had a tiny bubbles in them but thats not a big problem as i can sand the resin down when i do that. Since I got my screwdriver set today (thank you next day delivery!) i got to unscrew the rest of the tama and they are now getting molded as i type
  8. Since quarentine has happened, I've seen many people make money from making items out of resin. Though I don't want to make money out of this idea, i thought about making tamagotchi shells out of resin. After some research, people have been doing so with the newer versions, but only the front part. I've bought some suplies (a silicon mould kit, a 2 part resin kit, a pigment powder set and some glow in the dark pigment set) from the internet and they'll be arriving tomorrow and the actual testing will begin! I will be testing the version 5 first since its the one i use least and wont be as sad if i accidentally break something whilst taking apart the tamagotchi. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow!
  9. I don't know why I hadn't thought of this, but I could solder the LED to the speaker of the Tama! I've seen it done with actual speakers so it could work. But I am worried that the LED wire(thing) will accidentally break other parts of the Tamagotchi from the angle it needs to be at to get to the anenai. Also, going back to the backlight modification, I had found a place that makes the modification for you. Link is HERE. But they do charge for doing this (which is acceptable, ya know!) But I don't have the money for that and with more reading, they don't do this to the connections :/ *Ten mins later* I just found some instructions on a different way of doing it (which is in spanish, I think) But they use a blacklight from a broken handheld console that they had. Link for that is HERE.
  10. That's exactly what I needed to know! Thank you for actually validating that it was do-able! I was guessing that's where I needed to solder the LED to as I was looking at the inside of my v5 (as I'm not using it at the moment). I wonder it the infra-red light flashes when the tama makes a noise (I know it probaly doesn't as that's not it's purpose) as there would be no point in connecting the LED to the infra-red light when it wouldn't even trigger the light when the tama makes a noise. As for the blacklight modification, i wanna try it out! I'd be so much easier to see my tama's in the dark! So I did a quick research and found this link HERE and i understand the basis. But of course the problem is where am I mean't to connect/solder the LED to on the circuit board of the tama?!
  11. So I recently decided to bring my 4 V4/4.5 back to life (but I do also have a V5 too), but one problem I have had is that when they make a beeping noise, to possibly notify me that they are hungry, unhappy or nothing at all, I would't know which tamagotchi to tend to (but the hunger and happiness is fine if I just looked at their stats). But I really do want to train them, by diciplining them, but by having 4 of them i wouldn't know which one to praise or give a time out to. I hope you all understant what I mean by that and now to the actual question: Would I be able to input a small light bulb, similar to the one on the top of the tamagotchi where you're able to connect to others, and somehow make it be able to light up when something like what I had described above, would happen. If there is a way, I was planning on putting the bulb where the antenai of the tamagotchi is and possibly surround it with see-through plastic. I'm not so sure yet as this is possibly impossible to do anyways. Either way thanks in advanced TamaFifi27