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  1. Sep 12-13 ~ Soooo, nothing too exciting happened these past couple days. My little guy on the m!x evolved into Kilalatchi and then into Yotsubatchi (super cute, a new character on my first generation!). I didn't really do much as a teen or as an adult besides just play a ton more games. Once he'd aged up I was able to unlock the "Laboratory" destination and so we hopped on, not a train but a SPACESHIP, shortly after doing so. It's a really cool destination, I like the retro feel of it! I especially like how you board a spaceship to get there. In addition the shop items are really cute and I love the black and white food! It looks straight out of an old tamagotchi. After that I realized I could marry off my lil guy so I went over to the Tama Depa and bought the cheap 500 gp ring (hehe) and proposed to Mimitchi and...... she said YES! So exciting! The new animation for proposing/marrying/having a baby is soooooo adorable! I wish I had taken a video, but I could only manage photos at the time. Anyway, they got married and had a baby girl! She's super cute, she has her dad's ears and her moms skin color. She's a sakuramotchi and I've named her ナナ (Nana) after one of my favorite anime characters. Anyway, enough blabbing on... I made a couple collages with images that I took randomly as thing were happening with my m!x. Lastly, with regards to the v4.5, I did not remember how much attention they require constantly, it's wild! So since I don't really have the ability to deal with both of them right now, I've gone ahead and paused little Elvis for now.
  2. Hi everyone! I've been a tamagotchi fan since the connection, but I haven't really played with tamagotchis since music stars, and even then I hardly played with it. But anyway, I recently found my v4.5 and it got me thinking about tamagotchis again. I did some research and whoa!! tamagotchi's have gotten craaaazy since the TMGC+C. I recently found out about the tamagotchi m!x and decided to pick up the 20th anniversary edition because it has shimashimatchi, and mimitchi! I'll try and update with pictures and other things as I update but for now I'll just do a quick written entry just to get the ball rolling. My v4.5 is the blue marble design and currently it's on generation 1 and I've got a two year old ura young mametchi. I'm trying to get an ura kutchipatchi from this but, we'll see how that goes... I've always managed to get mametchi in each of my first gens on my v4.5s so I'm trying to get some of the characters I never got in years past. I've also just received my tamagotchi m!x today in the mail. I was so excited! This is my first ever color tamagotchi and omg it's so fun!! I bought the 20th anniversary edition in the white design. It's so sleek and shiny and pastel-y and I looove it! Right now I have a male ahirukutchi and he's still 0 years old. He's also stained red because I thought I could unlock the train to makkakka town, but turns out you need to be on your third generation. Instead I was able to unlock Flower Hills and Rainbow Hills so far, which are both super fun locations. I'm happy that Rainbow Hills unlocked a new minigame, beacuse the paparazzi/photo one was getting a bit tried... In addition I just spent today exploring the various parks at each location trying to make friends. I'm hoping to marry off this tamagotchi with Mimitchi because she's one of my favorite characters. I also played a TON of mini games and changed my wallpaper and bought my lil guy some toys. Okay! That's really all for now, I'm not sure how life cycles work in the color editions but tomorrow my v4.5 should evolve and ~maybe~ so will my m!x...? We'll just have to stay tuned. I'll be taking photos when I can from here on out so I hope to share those with you all soon!
  3. I saw a brand new one in the same described style go for ~$65 on ebay not too long ago. If it's used depending on the wear and tear probably somewhere closer to half or less.