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    bein gay and playin video games

    also watching food network, star wars, it's always sunny, bojack horseman, and orange is the new black

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    I have a Color+ 4 hours away at home.....

    None otherwise.
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    BILL! jk Ichigotchi and Pirorirotchi are gonna have to fight it out
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    skype is dumb, my discord is caitl98#4547
  1. Yeah Lennö already said it but my v3 as a kid was 99 lbs a lot and it never died from obesity. Poor thing
  2. (This is a bump, sorry) I like all kinds of Vocaloid and UTAU stuff! Some of my favorites are Hakumei, sung by VY1, Witch, sung by Luka Megurine, and Toeto, also sung by Luka Megurine. I also have a special spot in my heart for the Engloids, though, especially Avanna, since I have her. What got y'all into Vocaloid btw?
  3. can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhh tamagotchi

    1. x.Optimistic


      tamagotchi machine broke

    2. Flare.exe


      was just about to say tamagotchi machine broke, but optimistic beat me to it