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  1. Ask Siri if he's a Tamagotchi XDDD OMG! I'm freaking out XDDD

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad
    2. Miyalina


      I want to know too! ^^

  2. Oh I remember that day It was back in 1996, when I first heard of Tamagotchis. Everyone was hype about it, but my parents wouldn't buy me one, because the negativ critic in the press. My best friend got one, pretty fast after the release... and I was so jealous I kept bugging my parents and grandparents... and then my grandma bought me one for Christmas. It was one of these 29in1 Tamas, but I was all happy ^^ Yet, I really REALLY wanted to have an original, because the one from my friend was one from Bandai and way cooler, than that 29in1 VP. So I kept bugging my mom... and about half a year later she surprised me with a P2. It was the red one, with white buttons and the white logo on top ^^ OMG I was so excited, happy, and couldn't believe it. I think I was playing 2 years with it, before I abandoned it, because school stuff. But I never forget that time. I still have that Tama ^^ and, although I've been playing a lot, it looks like new
  3. OMG! Actually I'm under shock, because I can't believe my luck: I'm getting a Tamagotchi ID LE in purple O.O The color I've been looking for! My favorite color!!! I'm in love!

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    2. AnniChu


      Awesome! Happy Halloween to you too!

    3. TamaFoxx


      Thank you all so much! ^^ I'm all excited about the ID LE and can't wait for it <3 I'm really grateful for the seller *__* Now my purple collection is almost complete! <3

    4. Tamacass


      Aww that's awesome! :D Good deal dude!

  4. Santiano - Liekedeeler dang, I love their new CD
  5. I'm awaiting my order from JYW, which is stuck on the airport since almost three weeks... so, I can't say if I have to pay custom fees, but basically I don't think so. I'm not entire sure and I'll have to wait until I get to it. Since JYW announced, that it may take up to 21 days, I'll wait a little more, just to make sure. But whenever I get to it, I can tell you, if I had to pay, or not X3
  6. OMG! I'm not alone! I'm honest, when I first started with the color ones, after all this years (4U and M!x) I really thought it's still there and checked the stores a couple of times a day... but sadly it didn't change I'm really missing that feature! That was great! It's nothing special, indeed, but it was a nice little surprise. That's something I'd love to have back! I'm honest, I thought about that too. But I think/believe, to add something like that to a Tamagotchi, they'd have to use a recharable battery. What's not bad! I'd love to see that! The battery change with the AAA batteries was quite a step forward, I mean... those little (button)batteries were expensive. I remember hunting them on eBay for a suitable price. With the AAA's it's much esier, but a recharable opportunity might be interesting, too. Also: Do you know what would be an awesome idea for an anniversary Tamagotchi? If Bandai would make a "character contest" and add like the 20 best of to the others/old ones. With "chracter contest" I mean, that they may ask the fans, how they're imagine a brand new character, how they have to look, what's their pro/cons, skills, likes, etc. just to give it an exciting new twist :3
  7. I thought I may drop that information in here The Tamagotchi Mini's are available in Germany, too! But only one store is (allowed?) selling them. They're called "Mueller" (Müller) and each one is 15,99 Euro (about US $ 18,85) at the moment, because they're having a sale. Usual price is 19,99 Euro ( about US $ 23,55). Link to the online shop: https://shop.mueller.de/catalogsearch/result/?q=Tamagotchi Or available in their stores around Germany. They're already released! A friend was by "Mueller" today and completely overwhelmed by the mass of little Tamagotchi's they were offering