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    Digapet? (Fake Gigapet)

    So I went to a white elephant gift exchange, and I actually ended up getting a fake Gigapet (A friend of mine brought it and suggested that I choose her package :p)! It's called a Digapet (they got real creative, I know) but it seems to be just a generic v-pet because the back of the package says it has 160 pets. I opened it up but I haven't tried it out yet because I've heard these things sometimes don't go to sleep, and I don't want to be up all night with it. I read the instructions and they're actually pretty well put together, the English is pretty good and they're pretty well formatted. Although apparently you have to give it laxatives, which is pretty strange, but amusing. XD Has anyone else heard, or owned this fake?
  2. AnniChu

    Digapet? (Fake Gigapet)

    I can agree with you on the packaging, I like it as well. The little pixel kitties on it are pretty cute too. It may be a fake, but it's a nice one!
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    V4 generator in 2019?

    Huh, too bad. I'd love to have an item generator as well, I run my V4 pretty often.
  5. AnniChu

    Is this V4.5 fake?

    I'm no expert, but it looks good to me! Good choice too, the V4/V4.5 is one of my favorite Tama's! I hope you have fun with it!
  6. Hello! It's been a few weeks since I've been on here, so here's a quick update! For Christmas, I got one of the P1 remakes! It's really pretty, so I don't even wanna take it out of the box! XD Also a few days before, I found a 1999 Furby at a flea market for $1! I love him to bits, despite my past fear of Furbies. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever you celebrate! :3

  7. AnniChu

    Eevee Tamagotchi Details Released!

    Oh my gosh!!! As a HUGE Pokemon fan, I'm so exited!! I'll DEFINITELY have to pick this one up!
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    Ooh, sounds fantastic!!
  9. AnniChu

    Digapet? (Fake Gigapet)

    (This isn't my image, for some reason the one's I took with my phone weren't working. I found this one on Google.) This is it! Although mine has some weird cursive writing across the top that I can't quite make out. I tried it out and it was just the generic programming they use in most of the fakes.
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    I love p!atd, their music is fantastic!! While I'm more into tøp, (twenty one pilots) I still always enjoy listening to them!
  11. So far, I really love the new look! I'm exited about clubs too, it seems like a really cool idea!
  12. Woa! I haven't been on in a week or so but I never expected this! Everything looks so nice! It'll take some getting used to, but I really like the redesign.

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    Has anyone played Deltarune yet? It's by the Toby Fox, the same person who made Undertale! It's kinda like an Undertale squeal, but not really. If you're an Undertale fan, you should totally go play it! It's free to download too!
  14. I got my first Tama (V4.5) back when they first came out. I've been collecting them for about a year now though!
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    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

    Yee I do, I'm never on it tho
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    Dinkie Dino and Baby Bytes Problems

    Question, why shouldn't you buy the LPS v-pets? I have 2 of them and I loved them both as a kid. They were my first v-pets too.
  18. AnniChu

    The History of AquaPets

    Ahh, that makes sense. I wouldn't really consider AquaPets as a v-pet either, since they aren't all that virtual.
  19. AnniChu

    Tamagotchi Mini Glitch?

    Huh, interesting! So even the reset button wouldn't work? That's super weird.
  20. AnniChu

    The History of AquaPets

    I actually found another one of mine a few days ago! It's one of the newer ones (teardrop shape). I turned it on but it didn't really do much. The poor lil thing can't move anymore, it just chirps, and sometimes plays a song. I know you can play games with them, but now they don't work sadly. I remember that there was a "Simon Says" type game where the pet would move to the left or right and you have to press the coresponding button, or something like that. I wouldn't really call them VPets, they're mostly just little toys. Not that that's a bad thing, they are super cute either way. I really wish there was some way of adding water, I would love to see the lil guys in action again. I'd totally be willing to try and fix one too, if there was a way. Oh well, at lest they still look cute sitting on my dresser.
  21. I haven't seen any recent posts about this game, so I thought I'd make one! Does anyone else have this game? And if so, do you like it? Also, I haven't seen any growth charts of it at all. Does anyone know of any?
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    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

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    Do you Wanna watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

    I loved that show when I was little! I sometimes still watch it with my little brother and sister. It's defiantly one of the better kid shows out there.
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