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  1. Iza

    Real or fake?

    But it says 49-in-1. Doesn't this mean that it is fake?
  2. I was browsing Instagram and run into this picture: Has anybody here achieved this before? Is it a glitch or something?
  3. Thanks! I have seen another post saying that the tamagotchi nanos have "good" and "bad" endings though, and it makes sense that they would leave, as they don't have babies etc. But we'll see, it will be an experiment. I am planning to hatch it again after I come back from a trip, so at the end of the month.
  4. Hi people, I know it's been a long time! I had exams etc so I couldn't post regularly. I'm still playing though. This time I was patient enough to have two oldies! I turned down many very tempting marriage proposals... Marie was a Gozarutchi and July a Kuchipatchi. They had to wait till they were past the adult stage, to communicate again. July grew up a day before, which was to be expected. The animations are interesting, the meal changes into sushi and the snack into what I presume is tea? Hmm it can't be tea, since tea is a shop item. So, maybe sake or coffee? But then they are giving to the babies too. That's inappropriate. Maybe that's why they instantly grow into middle-aged guys. Anyway, I put the green tama aside (I was only using it to get the "secret character") and I'm not running the nano anymore. I am planning to hatch it again after a short vacation. So, for now, my only active tama is the blue-purple starry V2. PS: The exams went GREAT.
  5. It's constipated, give it some fruit.
  6. Can I join with a nano? I don't know how much it can live, but I bet it can pass 50.
  7. Iza

    Help Identifying?

    Yes yes it's a V4. She can fix the A button by opening it and cleaning the contact with some rubbing alcohol.
  8. Iza

    Back to School Hatch?

    Actually the summer hatch wasn't officially cancelled, just didn't start as programmed. Anyway, I'm in, for whatever hatch XD
  9. Iza

    Back to School Hatch?

    Why so late? The summer hatch was cancelled I guess, but I'd want one in July.
  10. My life right now, trying to graduate. (Rosie on the left, Marie on the right. July not featured, Marie's future husband, when they get really really old. )
  11. You have to not let the hearts empty (try not to have more then 2 empty), have good training points and keep the weight low.
  12. Iza

    Which tama?

    If you want something with games, you'll be disappointed from the P1/P2. They only have one minigame which is pretty boring (there are other nice things about them, which make them one of my favourites, but the minigame definitely isn't one of them). Still, they contain more things than a mini. The lifespan isn't set to 14 days - it depends largely on how well you take care of them, witch the max being around a month, and you can see the stats etc. I don't know about the Friends and 4U cause I never had one, but I prefer simpler tamagotchis so I'm not that interested in them. If I were you I'd pick a Connection V4, it has many minigames and variety of characters. Or V2/V3. V2 for the cute characters, V3 cause the games of the V2 aren't the best either.
  13. Iza

    ☆♪ The Berry Tama Log! ♪☆

    Yes, all the others become Oyajitchi hehe. C'mon it's kinda cute on the mini.
  14. Iza

    ☆♪ The Berry Tama Log! ♪☆

    Yeah, after 8 days it does, or it becomes Oyaitchi if you have any of the other characters.