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  1. This Tamagotchi was released in France in a single toy store chain (JouéClub). There were only 8500 of them for the whole country (physical and web shop) and everything was sold out 10 minutes after the opening ! So I couldn't get one... The store announced on twitter that it could not get more stocks from Bandai : "It's already been complicated to have 8500 pieces for all of France." I would have liked to buy one for my collection (and also because it's tiny and cute), but I prefer my Japanese tamagotchi in colour! These versions look much too simplified. I hope that Bandai will take advantage of this success to try to relaunch a new modern tamagotchi with colour screen outside of Japan.
  2. I pre-ordered it ! The m!x is my first Tamagotchi in color and i like it a lot. I see that on this forum people prefer other versions, but unfortunately I can't find a Tamagotchi P at a reasonable price. The "m!x Anniversary Gift set" is a bit expensive but it will be my christmas gift. I hope one day we can add things via infrared !