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  1. Thank you so much I got a little hooked on the fact I did not get Kinakomotchi and panicked, I guess. Thanks indeed. I will for sure get a Oniontchi then, but finally I should be able to get Mimitchi if I treat my Oniontchi with much much care ;D I forgot: I still get frustrated for not getting Kinakomotchi... I mean, I still would like to collect all the characters, so any suggestion is much welcomed. Probably, not having friends to play with and make my Tama mate does not help at all. Maybe I should consider to buy a new Tama Connection for my own self. Not sure what version, but at least I would be able to play with myself. A little sad but functional. TM Edit: Two consecutive posts merged (to avoid double posting) - Don't forget everyone, you can edit your replies on the forums for 24hrs after you posted them. After that, the edit button is no longer an option
  2. Dear all, I am struggling with my Tamagotchi Connection version 1, recently taken back to life. I finally got to Generation 2, got a Babytchi and looked after it PERFECTLY. Unfortunately I got Marutchi. Now, I am looking for a Young Mimitchi, which seems to be the only teen that can evolve into a Mimitchi. I had a look around (like here: http://tamagotchi.wikia.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_Connection_Version_1/List_of_Characters) and it seems that Young Mimitchi can only evolve from a Kinakomotchi! Is this confirmed by you all guys? Or is it a chance my Babytchi can still become a Young Mimitchi? Again, I am in a EVEN generation, and I was really hoping to get a Kinakomotchi. Now my plans are all messed up! In other words, can you suggest me the most reliable way to get a Young Mimitchi and then a Mimitchi (as Young Mimi seems to be the only teen that can evolve into a Mimitchi)? Many thanks, Luc Italy