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  1. Unfortunately have not had a lot of time for my Tamas as I have been hard at work learning PHP and Javascript to code a browser game...

    1. Tamadonut


      Cool! What kind of game do you plan on making?

    2. somebody2love


      It is a game similar to something like Neopets :) a virtual pet/roleplay sort of game

  2. 11/27/2017 Apologies for the delay in updates. I had my Tamas paused for nearly the entire duration of my sickness (all but the V4 are still paused). I've been busy as well with a couple of games, so I haven't unpaused the rest of the troupe because I don't want to neglect them while I'm busy. Jaz had a kid though, this time another boy. I JUST activated him. His name is Helio and I have no idea what he'll turn into. I can't remember what I... Oh, that's right! His dad was an Androtchi. I'm not sure which takes priority over which so I'm unsure what kind of toddler I'll end up with. I'll update again once he evolves. He just got sick and should be taking a nap soon as well. I'd really be happy with any evolution, because there are males in both Kuchi and Meme that I want, and I wouldn't mind getting Tensaitchi again from the Mame group. I really can't believe how fast time has gone! I've been logging for over a month now, and it'll only get more active once I get my P's, hopefully within the next couple of months. I've also found some really cheap used iD-L's and was extremely tempted by them. Anyway, Helio just woke up from his nap, ate some food, and asked for praise, which I granted. Annnnd... he's evolved into another Mohitamatchi! Awesome! I'm pretty pumped, because now I can get Kuchipatchi!
  3. If you are fine with a used one, there are actually quite a few used iD L's on Japanyouwant right now for REALLY cheap, like $30 cheap! I honestly thought about picking one up. Anyway, I don't have much in the way of suggestions. I really like the V4 out of the Connections, though. What's cool about them is that you have quite a bit of control over the character you get. I like the V3's shells the most, but not as much its gameplay. A good candidate, though. For Vintages, I haven't seen one in a very very long time but I always found myself gravitating towards the Angels. I just really like them. Otherwise, my vintage choice would probably be a P1 or P2.
  4. I actually like the direction they took with Tamagotchi, making the more human-like, they never really were very pet-like in a lot of the source material anyway so I always thought there was a weird disconnect. The CD-ROM implies that they have human-like personalities as well and that's from the Vintage era... A lot of flavor text in general regarding the characters implies that they are intelligent. I do like the new designs too, but I do feel like you're right on them falling into a same-y trope. They do all have "sameface" syndrome which is kind of annoying, but there could be a reason for that, such as the sprites being small (for the most part, MIX sprites are larger it seems), so their designs are simplified. Also totally with you on older characters being dropped. I want Mimitchi back ;_; I love Meloditchi, Lovelitchi, and the others as much as anyone else, but I do miss some of the classics, and not just those, but characters that don't appear as often. So all in all, I like the new designs, but there are a couple missed marks and a lack of classic characters that I'd like to see again.
  5. The English iDL-E is extremely expensive as well because it was exclusively a Hong Kong (?) release so it was't very widespread. I've seen a couple for $150-$300 The P's patch should completely patch the unit into English. The 4U is the one that isn't complete. The English iDL-E actually seems to have more broken English than the P's patch, actually, which is kind of funny. If you are going strictly English, your best bet is a Tamagotchi Connection, which is a lot like the classic models but has way more features. They can also connect to each other as the name implies If you are going the Connection route, I recommend a V4.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! :}

    1. tamapalace


      happy thanksgiving!

  7. Feeling better but my tamas are still on pause for now.

  8. 11/20/2017 Well, today I woke up sick... definitely not pleasant BUT it's better that i get sick right now so I can get over my sore throat before Thanksgiving! I can't do anything when I have a sore throat... plus I usually throw up. But I have a new strategy that helps Lie flat and don't move, LOL. I just read books and get my phone and watch/listen (mostly listen as I just lie there trying to sleep mostly...) to my favorite videos. Sadly I slept in longer than I've been waking up lately and my tamas were pretty mad at me, with 0 hungry hearts and 1 happy heart. Bambi was ok for some reason though... she still had 1 hungry heart left and was full on happy. I got the Matchmaker visit for Jaz last night and she had a boy. I'll probably leave her paused while I have a sore throat. I don't want to neglect her and have her and her baby die as a result. The others should be ok. So yeah... bit of a short update. I ordered Ultra Sun last night so I'll be playing that once my sore throat is gone too. I'm pretty excited for it I hope to feel better really soon, I hope it's a short bout.
  9. I love that V4 model so much, it seems like everyone but me has it haha, it must have been popular I remember when I bought my V4 in store back in the day I believe the shelf was nearly cleaned out except for a couple of them! Hah, it's always so nice to see when someone finds a character they really like I think Orenetchi's personality stage is hilarious. He just wants to be cool, but in reality he is actually just more dorky than anything! I love it. I loooove Puchitchi so much, it's my favorite toddler on the V4. Kuchi unfortunately is the rarest family to get on the V4 as well it seems. I wish they'd have balanced the families out a bit better but I still love the V4. I'm sorry about your V2 That's quite a nice looking shell too, I wasn't really fond of many V2 shells but that one has a nice, interesting color scheme on it. It's rather understated!
  10. If you're talking about the image in the background, that's normal. A couple of the models I have show that they have the background with the numbers, but the models I have have different backgrounds, and they are absolutely legit since I bought them at my local Wal-Mart. Some of the stock images for Tamas have different backgrounds than the actual toys for some reason.
  11. I loved that movie but I wish I could have found it with subs! I want to rewatch it when I find a subbed version. I redownloaded the Kingdom Hearts mobile game today and am starting over. I forgot how fun this game is!
  12. 11/18/2017 Thanks! I find MS Paint pretty fun and relaxing to doodle in. Ok, so I didn't have a lot to update with for the past few days because not much has happened aside from me being distracted by a game (and this will only get worse once I get Ultra Moon ), and on top of that, this batch of Tamas, like I had mentioned in the group hatch logs, were REALLY stubborn with evolving. Usually mine seem to evolve right after they turn 3 but these didn't evolve until right before they aged up to 4. Anyway, they did evolve, and as mentioned in that log, Wibbl evolved into a Tarakotchi which I'm actually very happy about because Tarakotchi's sprite is extremely cute. He reminds me of a flightless bird. Next, Bambi did, in fact, not evolve into a Decotchi, which is good. Instead she evolved into.. a... Hold on, I'm actually not sure what this is. Hidatchi! Apparently it's an Above Average evolution, so I must have missed some discipline calls on Bambi somewhere. I believe this one might be V3 exclusive. Last, Muffn evolved into literally the only character I didn't want to get ever and turned into a Paparatchi. Which is actually really close to its previous evolution's name. How confusing. Anyway, it kind of looks like Tarakotchi in a costume which actually makes it a bit funnier. It is also an "average care" evolution which is interesting since I always find the evolutions that aren't in an extreme (i.e Very Good or Very Bad) hard to get. Jaz was actually paused yesterday, not on purpose, but because I forgot to unpause her. Sorry Jaz! She's unpaused now. I think the Matchmaker may visit her pretty soon as well. Thanksgiving is coming around the corner very soon in the US and I'm excited for that! It's one of my favorite holidays.
  13. So! I FINALLY have something to update with! This particular batch of Tamas was very stubborn. It took them FOREVER to evolve. BUT! Today, Wibbl evolved. He did turn into something with a beak, but not Kuchipatchi, like I had originally aimed for. Instead, he turned into a Tarakotchi! Personally, I'm happy with this outcome. Tarakotchi's animation actually fits his name really well! Right now he's 3 years old and 31 pounds, one tick away from max discipline.
  14. The speaker potentially getting damaged isn't too big of an issue for me since I always have my tamas muted anyway. Thanks for the tips as well!