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    20th anniversary mini's (x6?? i have a lot)
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    Probably the v4!
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    Orenetchi (and or Tosakatchi!)
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    Tamagotchi v4

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  1. My first tama ended up being a Music Star that came in a set. Too bad I was so young and ended up getting rid of it later on. But the first tama I actually held onto (until now just recently due to it getting stolen D:) was a black Tama-GO that I'd gotten for christmas one year. I still really miss that tama ;w;.
  2. Man, I haven't visited here in a while! But some things have happened while I've been gone! I recently purchased an Uratama (I'm actually getting it today, what a surprise!), and some other items to go along with it. I might possibly start a log with the new tama plus one of my v4's (I might have to wait because I have a generation currently going on it ;w;) but I don't have a lot of time to do much atm so for now I might as well just have to talk about them. 

  3. So my v4 went through an accidental reset while in my backpack.. but good news is, I got Bill on one of my Tamagotchi Mini's so I feel a bit better about everything

    1. Tama4star


      That's exciting!!! Sorry about the reset :(

    2. Hapihapitchi


      Aw too bad, but yay Bill! How exactly do you obtain him?

    3. Hood-P



      You obtain Bill by getting perfect care! I had managed to get a Mametchi before sooner or later evolving into Bill!

  4. So I'm going to be taking a break from my log... Dex went through an accidental reset at 9 years old.. I decided to start fresh rather than trying too hard with Dex so.. welcome Aster as the restart of my log~ I won't be active to this log due to me being in the last few weeks of school before winter break, but I'll try to update as much as I can~ Current stats: Name: Aster Gender: Male Age: 0 Skills: (none at the moment)
  5. I carry my running tama's EVERYWHERE. On the older connection models, I throw the metal keychain against the plastic backing, which is pretty soothing to me. I name most of my gotchi's, some japanese, some american names. I take care of them during school during breaks or lunch!
  6. NOTE!: I don't have any pictures atm My phone has been dead for the past few days and I am not home atm, but I can record what has happened so far Edit: Sorry my log so far is REALLY confusing.. Turns out I started a day earlier than before the log started! Guess I couldn't wait to start running it! But anyways, I'll update the log to the correct dates~ 11/28/17 I hatched a baby boy, who didn't have any issues with care, I decided to name him Dex. He shortly went to sleep after starting him up, and when he woke up, he immediately evolved into a Puchitchi. After a few hours of him occasionally pooping or needing care, he went to bed that night. 11/29/17 Right when Dex awoke from his slumber, he evolved into a Gourmetchi, who I was pretty surprised to see had evolved into a Meme Family teen rather than a Mame family teen, since I had more intelligence points, haha! Other than a few attention calls, nothing else really happened. I did raise his fashion points up to try to get a Togetchi, since Togetchi is one of my favorites. 11/30/17 Dex has been doing very well and hasn't been calling out to me, due to the fact I watched him a lot that day~ He made me feel better while in my classes, so I payed lots of attention to him. He has more fashion points than any of the other ones so.. I'm hoping to get a Togetchi.. 12/1/17 Dex did evolve into a Togetchi! He was very happy most of the day.. until someone sent him a snake in the mail, which freaked him out.. I gave him some oranges to raise his happiness back up, and then he was fine! Most of the day was very happy and did not call out to me much unless he had to go to school.
  7. My most embarrassing moment was back a few weeks ago. I was in the middle of class, and I had my blue 4U in my pocket. Well, I had to hide it in my jacket pocket, along with a stress toy and my Tamagotchi mini (which was on a lanyard). I decided since it was getting really hot in my classroom, to take off my jacket, not remembering that all my stuff was in my pocket. My 4U ended up tumbling and rolling onto the floor right in front of the teacher (idk if she knew I had it or not), but she was lecturing the class about something at the time. I threw myself onto the floor to try to grab it, and thankfully she didn't take it from me, but it didn't spare me from the embarrassment!
  8. I recently bought a v4 for around 40-45 dollars, which is the average price good condition, used, v4 tamagotchi's sell for~ You have a better chance of finding ones like this on Ebay, rather than Amazon, since v4's aren't produced anymore. If you need anymore help finding some, just PM me and I'll see what I can do!~
  9. I did end up getting a v4!! It's the Rainbow Plaid design!! It's arriving on my birthday too, which makes for an awesome birthday present!

    1. tamaninjacat


      Nice! The V4 is one of my favorite versions. :D

    2. somebody2love


      Nice, that's a great and uncommon design too imo!

    3. tamapalace
  10. Might be getting a new Tamagotchi!! I'm really excited :3

  11. Got another Kuromametchi on my 4U ;u; this is around my 3rd or 4th time getting him, but he's a good character so it's not a problem :D

  12. I'm thinking of re-running my 4U again.. should I?

    1. AnniChu


      Sure! Why not?

    2. Miyalina


      Yes! :) I've never played with a 4U, but it sounds fun! (I would like to buy one!)

  13. Going to start running my new 20th anniversary tama tomorrow!!

  14. I'm watching an pretty large unhealthy amount of anime at the moment! The main one I am watching at the moment is Hetalia, but I've also been watching Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog, like anyone really remembers that, hehe), Bungou Stray Dogs, and I've been meaning to rewatch some Tamagotchi!!