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  1. Hello!! I know I haven't talked here in ages, but I'd like to put in an interesting note in on this conversation. Somehow, Dream Town is still functioning on my computer. It runs just fine. I'm not kidding, it actually loaded up, however, it doesn't let you make a new account. While I know my computer is very old (it's a Vista), I think it's mainly because Flash will be gone by 2020. I don't know what I should do, seeing as the only reasonable thing to do (without it becoming lost media) is to preserve it. I'm not sure how though. If anyone who knows how to preserve flash games (like the .swf files for tamatown) is reading this, then let me know because I'm assuming this will become lost media when flash is no longer in service. ((NOTE: The game is still 100% playable without an account, it's just that none of your progress will be saved.))
  2. 11/29/17 I hatched a baby boy and named him Mickey, he pooped on the floor a few times and got sick once but other than that, he was fine. He later evolved into a Harutchi and fell asleep. 11/30/17 So Mickey evolved into a Young Androtchi and we played some games for a while! I got some of his training points up, but only about halfway. He had a high amount of kindness point, but also a high amount of intelligence points too. Later on he got sick again but after I cured him we was fine and then he fell asleep. I'm hoping that he'll evolve into either a Mametchi or Androtchi. 12/1/17 Mickey is still doing good, I haven't raised his training points up much at all however, it's hard to catch him pff. I got his intelligence points up a lot by playing Mimic and I still have my goal set for at least an Androtchi, Anyways, I'm gonna end it off here since it's pretty late!
  3. Oh! Sorry for being sorta inactive on this part, I was at a party, but I did hatch an egg and it was a boy! I named him Mickey! He turned into a Harutchi so I'm hoping to get a Mametchi, Androtchi, or someone along those lines! Again, I apologize for the long wait! I didn't have time to see your message until now!
  4. What made me happy today was that fact that a Hetalia plushie I bought should be here soon
  5. November 25th, 2017 7:30 PM Scout had a day filled with fun, as we went to the flea market until 3:16 PM and then we went and got ice cream! We played a lot of Mimic, which raised his stats a lot compared to before. He evolved into Young Androtchi at exactly 7:30! I was very happy since I knew that I might get another Androtchi and he is one of my favorites! I know this log is short, but I was tired and we were out and about all day so I guess stay TOONED for the next log update today!
  6. Hello everyone! I am going to start a group hatch on November 29th, 2017!! It is on my birthday so I thought it would be a fun thing to do at that time! This hatch is only for V4 connections (mainly because the only connection I have is a V4), and you can post pictures, it's not required though! You can tell what shell designs you are going to run for this event! I really hope you guys can join me! I'll be running my Blue Waves V4!
  7. November 24th, 2017 7:50 PM So Scout evolved into a Harutchi!! He was overall really happy and I'm glad I got him! I hope he evolves into a Young Mametchi! November 24th, 2017 8:00 PM Scout fell asleep and so I'll end the log off here! Again, good night everyone!
  8. November 24th, 2017 6:47 PM After setting up all of the information needed, the egg hatched into a baby boy! I named him Scout! He ate some Sushi before we wet to play some jump rope. He did use the bathroom on the floor so I cleaned it up. So far, he's doing pretty well. I'm assuming Scout will evolve in a few hours. He did get sick too. November 24, 2017 7:09 PM So Scout did poop on the floor again. After many struggling attempts at trying to complete the jump rope game to fill his happy meter, I finally did it! I've moved my V4 closer to my PC in order to try and stop the care mistakes. It doesn't seem to be helping much however since he pooped again. I think it's just because I get distracted by too many things. November 24, 2017 7:18 PM Scout fell asleep after I watched for more care mistakes. He hasn't woken up yet but I'm going to end this day's log since he might not wake up until tomorrow so have a good night everyone!
  9. I rebooted my V4, put some new batteries in it, and I'm ready to start a log!

  10. Farewell my sweet Nathan! I will miss you so much, I remember when you were just a baby. Then you became a Mametchi, and it impacted me forever. I won't ever forget about you! Ich warte auf dich Nathan! <3 Gute Nacht mein süßer Nathan!
  11. So uhhh.. I need a little help here. I have this V4 and I think it's official, but I'm not 100% sure. It has the logo, official characters like Androtchi. (The character I managed to raise when I first ran it.) It also has an existing shell design, but it's not exactly like the pictures. It has all of the Bandai stuff on the back, so the question is, Is it official? Please let me know! (I might not be the best when it comes to determining this stuff, I wasn't born into the V4 era heh.)
  12. Still have the plushies that came with the Webkinz tags? I know I have like 200 of the stuffed animals sitting around my house because I was so crazy for 'em. XD
  13. I got my V4 back out!! I gotta go buy batteries today tho pff!

    1. Xeltaniatchi


      Yay!!! The v4 was great ♥

    2. Tamacass


      lol battery keeping is the worst, haha - the V4 is my favourite Tamagotchi, so I hope you have fun! :D

  14. Ich beabsichtige, meine V4 neu zu starten !! Ich werde es dieses Wochenende zurückbekommen und die Batterien ersetzen!

    1. BearyToony


      English translation: I intend to restart my V4 !! I will get it back this weekend and replace the batteries!

    2. Rorys_Tamas


      I wish you luck in the adventure to find batteries (in Canada I find them in three packs at the dollar store)

  15. What made me happy today was the fact that I can go and rewatch the Tamagotchi Movie!! ((That one was my favorite movie for years pff))