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  1. Thanks for replying ! Useful for sure For someone who's having the same issue, I've kept it without batteries for some months and somehow the screen is perfectly okay, only some very very small dots are visible. I didn't do anything to it, but keep it without using in a safe place. The screen damage was caused by falling from a pretty high desk. Screen works good and has no delay. Thanks to everyone for helping & visiting the thread If ur visiting this for help, I hope you can fix it ♡
  2. Hello! Recently, these dark spots appeared in my M!X Dream screen. They started as blue/purple dots, and got a little bigger. I tried following a tutorial for dead pixels, but rubbing didn't work. Anyone having the same issue or some tips? Info where to get a replacement screen may be useful if needed. Thank you so much, TamaTalk users! 💜
  3. It happened to my when I reached 5th and 14th generation. Is very annoying
  4. I'm also pretty disappointed too. It cost me only 14€ (aprox. 15$) and you can find it on internet for 30$, so I guess I did a great purchase. The tama is really really basic and is pretty boring. Is very small but the screen quality is awesome, you can see the pixels perfectly. Also I think is very cute. Is good if you are a tamagotchi collector but if you wanna a tama to play this is not an option
  5. Yup, all the mixes are pretty similar The faceplate design is just too cute and the characters and new places to unlock are very beautiful in my opinion.
  6. I recently bought my first Tamagotchi M!X from HobbyLink Japan, so I did a research on the Internet to find some guides and some information. But I didn't really find something useful for the Dream version. Someone here has the Dream version? Do you guys think is a good version of the M!X?
  7. Maybe is just the batteries. My Tmgc 4u screen didn't work for three weeks and when I change the batteries started working~
  8. Yup, is normal. It also happens when you marry and 4u character with another 4u character. I guess it can happen in all color tamas lololol
  9. I guess is just because the transformation from Lovelitchi to Lovely Fire. Anyways, if the happines is not at 80%, the Lovely Fire personality will desappear.