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  1. Collecting the MTF characters is so fun! Also running my Purple Star V2 with Ringotchi ♥

  2. Loving the MTF app ♥♥♥

    1. Unakachi


      I just sent Kuromametchi to Tamatown with the DJ job.

  3. The new Tamagotchi App has been out for a fair amount of time now, so I thought I would talk about it after leaving time for spoiler avoiding ~ The Mechanics Really good other than the fact that sometimes you put the tama to sleep and close the app, then it wakes when it isn't fully energised Runs quite smoothly (I have a Huawei P10 Plus phone running the most recent v of android OS) The games are fun, although the Band Practise one can be a tad laggy now and again The way that you don't have to face the ungodly wrath of tamagotchi demands going through day to day life are nice Gameplay is moderately altered from the actual shells, but still enjoyable as a lot of work is taken out (other than waiting forever to get enough coins... ​The Characters I really like the chosen characters for this game, as it sees a few from different versions and has my all time favourite as the secret (I will message who this is if people still wish to wait and find out who when they get them ! ) I would like to see an update announced in about a month's time stating that new characters will be added I would really like if these were added through a poll for which ones Summary ​ This app is amazing. As an A Level student coming up to exams, I do not have time at present to care for proper tamagotchis, so this is perfect for me. I am able to check in every now and again during breaks to care for the little guys. Overall, the game has made me fall deeper in love with the characters we know What are your opinions on the new app, and who is your favourite so far? What are your experiences with any bugs/glitches?
  4. Does anyone here play any Kingdom Hearts games? I'm absolutely obsessed with the series (as well as Final Fantasy!) and wondered if there were any other fans here. The KH3 hype is strong! ♥
  5. Can't wait to get my Sanrio M!x for Christmas, plus trying for a Lucky Check watch ! ♥

    1. Hood-P
    2. AnniChu


      I bet! And I love your profile pic btw :3

    3. tamapalace
  6. They all seem pretty reasonable on ebay, thanks again!!! ♥
  7. Thanks! Sounds reasonable to me, I'll have a look
  8. Hi I have been interested in trying to buy some Aquapets, since I remembered them from my childhood. Does anyone know of any particular sites that ship to the UK? Thanks! ♥~
  9. I for one have always played with my gotchis in public. I've never thought much of it. I used to take mine to school in my lunch and now I keep one attached to something like my keys I can understand why it can be awkward though, as I have occasionally been teased in recent years Now I am more careful who sees me with them in public but don't let meanies put you off!