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  1. I think it took me about a week maybe. It just happened today, but I got my Tama baby about a week ago.
  2. I have two new 20th anniversary Tamagotchi chibies, after a while of taking care of one of them, I got a new character. I looked it up, and turns out the new character's name is Bill. It's for 20th Anniversary Tamas only, and only with good care can you get it. Idk how I feel about it, but it looks kinda weird. Here's a light of some the the characters, Bill is at the bottom of the list: http://tamagotchi.wikia.com/wiki/Tamagotchi_Mini/Character_List
  3. Have a new Tamagotchi 20th anniversary chibi, and I've been taking care of it for a while now. After a while, my adult character turned into a new character called Bill. Looked it up and apparently you only get this character with perfect care. If guess that's good ^-^

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    2. Lwalters003
    3. tamapalace


      Bill is awesome!

    4. fidgetTama


      I got Bill too on my first play with it! He sure likes to smile!

  4. My Tamagotchi minis are doing good. I have a Mametchi and Nyorotchi right now, and it's fun to take care of them and learn as a new Tamagotchi parent. ^-^

    1. Tamadonut


      I have a Nyorotchi too!

    2. Lwalters003


      He's a little stinker to take care of, and I still need to come up with a name for him, but I love him lots! ❤️

    3. tamapalace
  5. I'm a new tamagotchi owner, and right now I have two Tamagotchi Minis. I was wondering a few things such as: - What do you recommend for Tamagotchi's? (Which one is most fun to keep) - What is the best place to purchase Tamagotchi? - What are the basic machanics of a Tamagotchi (not specifically only Tamagotchi Mini's) - Is there any important info I should know? - How to Tamagotchi's evolve/grow, and what characters can they grow into? If you can answer any of these questions then it would be a big help! Thx! 😊