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  1. The VPN only changes your IP though, not your GPS location. It can fool websites that use IP verification, but not something like a GPS. However... I wonder if we could use the same method that Pokemon GO hackers use to cheat in the game by “faking” their position. Maybe that way, we can fool the app to think we are in that spot? (unless the GPS thingy actually connects to some remote server that’s inside said location, in which case it’s clearly impossible to fake it).
  2. Still no preorder on Amiami or Hobbylink Japan... not even in Amazon jp! Bandai really is taking their time with this one. It's sad to see they've cut Mimitchi out of the original cast once again, but hey, I'm still getting it! This series have much potential considering they have Bluetooth connection and also can connect to this new app thingy. I really hope they actually take profit of it and don't leave every extra content for the m!x station... I'll be praying for that.
  3. I've been playing since the official release some days ago and I can say that, having played the Canadian "beta", the game has evolved a bit. We now have the AR thing, clothes for babies and teens and some fixes here and there. However, it still has a lot to evolve since its not as fun as the actual toy imho. Being an App, they have the option to keep expanding it via updates that add locations, new tamas (PRETTY IMPORTANT!) and new things to do, so I hope Bamco and Paladin put a bit more of their effort on the game.
  4. I started collecting Tamagotchis this Christmas (I had a V4 back in the day when it was released and I enjoyed the DS Corner Shop games A LOT, so that nostalgia factor was what made me get interested on them again), and since then I’m much happier! I suffer from depression and social anxiety, so I don’t have much friends because I don’t meet much new people. Tamagotchis make me happy because I feel like they rely a lot on me and I feel very happy because its so nice having that feeling that someone needs you, even if its just a virtual being. I have a dog that I take care of, but Tamagotchis make it easier for me and don’t stress me that much because of being non-existent beings, and even if I feel bad when they die, at the end of the day I’m thankful its just a virtual pet and not my real pet. Another thing that makes it so good for me is the fact that I can have lots of cute pets in just one tama, so whenever I get tired of seeing the same one everyday I just marry them and get a new one! Besides, (almost) all of the tama characters are so cute, so they fulfill my necessity of having cute things to look at (both the character and the actual shell help on this). Cute things raise my mood considerably, so its pretty helpful for my daily mood.
  5. Nah, it's ok, I fixed it! Seems the guide was wrong and it actually meant to say to visit your garden, not the park.
  6. Hello. I'm trying to get the Mermaid Palace location on my Sanrio M!X. I only have 2 m!xes, so I just reseted the other one three times and connected my Sanrio one to it, getting 3 entries in my friend list. However, when I go to the park square, nothing seems to happen. My Tamagotchi is in the 1st growth stage atm, does it need to be in adult stage in order for the unlocking event to ocurr? If not, does someone know what could've gone wrong? Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind, seems the guide meant to say "go to your garden" instead of the park's square.
  7. Thank you! What am I supposed to do with this, though? The zip file only includes a bunch of images.
  8. Hello. I recently purchased a Tamagotchi iD L I found for a really great price, and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I decided to check the downloads available for it and I was surprised when I went to iD L's downloads page and all I found was a small text that said the distribution was over. Is there any other way of getting the downloads for my iD L ?
  9. As the title say, could someone tell me how many days can a Tamagotchi stay alive in the M!X before passing of old age? Since I started to play with it I’ve usually married my tamas as soon as they become adults, but I fell in love with my last tama (she’s so cute!) so I’d like to keep her & play with her for some time before marrying her, but I don’t want her to die and stop my family’s generation...
  10. Hello. I've finally adquired my Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Gift Set and I'm enjoying it a lot! It arrived right for christmas! However, I'm having some troubles with the PC connection. Whenever I try to input my Tamagotchi password in the site, it says that it is incorrect. Now, I'm pretty sure that the problem here is the way I write it. I'm using a mix of hiragana/katakana characters along standard romaji characters (the ones we use, not these ones). My question is, can someone tell me in which way should I write them? I also tried writing the entire password in Japanese only characters, but it also seems to not work, so at this point idk what I'm doing wrong...
  11. Hello! I'm starting to collect Tamagotchi after so many years without caring about it. My last Tamagotchi was a V4 one, so it's been a while since then! I'm planning on starting with a M!X one, as I love the character mix concept! However, I don't know which version to pick... The most important thing & the one that will make me go with x version is that it includes Mimitchi on it. Mimitchi is my favorite Tamacharacter, so I'd love to start with her. I've checked a chart with the available M!X versions and which characters do they include, and Mimitchi only seems to appear in the 20th Anniversary one. However, I don't know if this means that she's raisable ONLY in the 20th Anniversary, if she's only available for mixing my Tamagotchi with her (aka she's non-raisable) OR that she doesn't appear at all on the rest of versions. This is the chart I've checked: I've also read that there was a new Tamagotchi M!X coming on November but I don't know anything about it. So yeah, tl;dr, my question is: Does Mimitchi only appear in the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi M!X as a raisable Tamagotchi?​ Or does she appear in any other newer M!X Tamagotchi? (Like the one coming out soon)? I also want to know where can I find Tamagotchis available for my future purchases. Thanks!