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  1. Ahoy there, everyone. Today my Gudetama arrived and I've been running it for about three hours. Anyone else's arrived yet? I went with the yellow tama with the white silicone case. As everyone surmised, it's chibi sized and works quite similarly. I'm not familiar with the Gudetama property whatsoever, so I don't know any of the characters here, but you start out with a baby yolk (Gudetama?) with a bonnet in a half shell. Cute, I suppose. Like the chibi you have two food options -- a regular meal and a tomato. Again like the chibi your Gudetama will only eat up to four meals depending on how long it's gone without food. With the tomatoes, however, there doesn't seem to be a cap. Is there some relevance to the tomatoes? It doesn't even look like your Gudetama actually eats them -- he just puts them in his shell. There's also a game you can play at any time, which is basically three card monte with two eggs. Purely chance based, which is always a bummer. It has five rounds, and even winning just two seems to make your Gudetama happy. There's a clock feature as always, with no 24-hour option, just 12-hour. Always weird how that feature comes and goes. If you press C you get a little animation and a message from your Gudetama. Mine currently says "babu babu" in Katakana, which is just baby talk. My Gudetama hasn't changed forms yet, and has only beeped at me once. From the instructions it looks like there are about three stages. We'll see how long it takes to transform. I'm hoping to hear from some of you guys what you think about it. I've grown quite fond of chibis due to how low-key they are.
  2. I don't know if this is related but I've been trying to access the site all morning and I keep getting a "bad gateway" error. This is slightly disconcerting. Edit: finally got through. Must have been on my end!
  3. Hi, TamaMum. Thank you very much for your post! Everything you said made a lot of sense. I'll probably just keep my eye out for a good, used Devilgotchi. Your point about having more leeway to ask the seller of a used Devilgotchi questions is a great one.
  4. Hello. This is my first post here but I've visited the forum for years to get Tamagotchi tips. I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. Anyway, to celebrate a recent accomplishment I want to buy myself something frivolous, so I'm thinking about finally getting a Devilgotchi off eBay. My question is, should I go for a *new* Devilgotchi or used? My gut of course is to go new, but given the age I'm concerned about battery leakage and the screws. On the other hand, used comes with the caveat of being, well, used. Two decades later, is the threat of battery leakage in unopened Tamas very likely? Are the screws likely to have crumbled? I've heard that some people have had success going to jewelers -- do you leave your Tama with them or do they do it while you're there? I've set up eBay email alerts for Devilgotchis but I never see a price below ~$320. Is that pretty much the lowest new price I'll find? Lastly, is the rarest Devilgotchi the black one? That's my preference but it looks like I'll probably go white or pink instead. Thanks for your help!