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  1. Just taking a break from cleaning! Afterwards I'm going to study and do some work early. Sammy and Matty are doing well! They evolved into teens the other day. I bought them tons of toys already. They are already at 4 happy faces, I'm not sure if they can be best friends at teen stage or if they have to be adults. I'm excited to see what they turn into. I think they might grow up some time later today! Ozzy is doing good too. I rarely got "good care" characters on my tamas when I was younger LOL. I don't think I've ever had a Mametchi before. Curious what's going to happen! Although I haven't been playing many games with him, since I don't like the V1 games. His weight is maxed out sooo... we'll see. I think I might once again move the spare battery to another V2 I have. I just want to see what Ozzy evolves into first Yay! I was trying to get Taraten and it worked. Taraten is my favourite angel character
  2. Hi everyone! Not sure how often I will update this but I thought I'd share some of my cute tama adventures when I can Will try to post images as well (since that's usually the fun part!) It's been a blast to the past lol. I'm an adult now and my fiance recently got me a 20th anniversary tamagotchi for Christmas. I didn't grow up with the old vintage tamas but it was really nostalgic pulling the tab for it. Like many others who got an ani tama I got the uncontrollable urge to run my childhood tamas that have been laying around in a drawer for years. I've always been attracted to virtual pet games (browser, nintendogs, things like that) which have always been my "guilty pleasure", but nothing really beats having a handheld vpet. I just started them up about an hour ago. They are such cute toys, it's a shame they've been forgotten! I would love my kids to experience them as well. I am already attached to them, maybe it's just nostalgia but I don't see myself getting bored of them even after it wears off lol. I decided to take the battery out of my 20th ani tama and put it in my original orange V1 instead (pics below, will try to colour code things to make things easier to read). I'll mostly be logging my connections but I'll let you know how my angel is doing once in a while too! V1: Ozzy (male) V2: Sammy (female) V3: Matty (male) V3: Matty (male) V2: Sammy (female) Male and female yey! You know what that means V1: Ozzy (male) All my tamas together! The angelgotchi is a new addition. The angelgotchi is the only vintage tama I reeeally wanted when I was a kid but I had no way of getting one. Bought one for myself off of ebay, it was exciting having a silly little childhood wish finally come true Also my V1 is my oldest and is working fine, but the A button sometimes misses a press or jumps 2 presses. This little guy fell in the toilet at one point (a clean one thankfully!) and I was so worried about it. I had to open the back and let it air dry, and it worked perfectly fine afterwards. I wonder if there is some kind of rust I need to clean at the button connections. It's getting better the more I use it though! My V2 makes a sound with animations, it's very easy to hear it ticking in a quiet room. It always has, not sure why! The others are only audible when held up to my ear. Also you can probably tell I hate keyrings (they're always getting in the way ) so I removed them all. Thanks for reading! Zzz...
  3. !~*~Merry Christmas~*~!

  4. Got a pink angelgotchi today, my favourite colour It's so cute aah I'm super excited, I have wanted one for so long. The seller even gave me some batteries which was really nice. I'm waiting for my JIS screwdriver though juuust in case! I can't wait to start it up and log it, weee
  5. It can be confusing, and sometimes impossible to tell without some help! Tamashell might also help you out: http://tamashell.com/ Also, I'm waiting for a used mesutchi! I'm really excited, I've never seen them before. Once I get bored hopefully I can find a good deal on an osutchi mate for her
  6. I do! It was the orange purple V1 + pink V1! The pink one came with stickers to decorate it. But I've only got the orange one, I donated some of my tamas a long time ago and only kept my favourite few. Receiving them from my mother is a sweet memory I remember vividly. I had seen a friend playing with one and wanted one too, I had asked my parents but they didn't understand or know what it was. We had went to a few stores to look but gave up, so I had forgotten about it. It must have been a few weeks later, just before Christmas, I was sitting on the couch and my mom said she wanted to give me an early Christmas gift, and she handed me a pink tamagotchi connection. I was so excited, and I think she was too cause just a few minutes later of me playing with it she had returned and said alright alright I'll give you another gift early, and she handed me the orange one as well so I could connect and play with them hahaha! Looking back now I think she was really excited, she always got too excited and spoiled us early for Christmas. My parents never had many toys growing up so my mother always wanted to make us happy with the little money we had. I really appreciate her giving me a childhood she couldn't experience. Tamagotchis have always brought back sweet memories and happy times
  7. Bored outta my mind!! Hate getting colds! Someone pass a tissue please )':

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      Oh no! D: I think I've caught a buggo as well. :( Coworkers have been sick like crazy! Hope you get better real soon! ♥ *passes tissue box*

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