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  1. I don't really know yet how to add ppl... As soon as I figure out how to do it I'll post it here! I guess we need to add the line users and the game itself will reconize wich of our contacts haves the game. But before asking for Line IDs I'll search somewhere if this is true. Anyway, I'm happy I could help!! As far as I'm playing the game is good, but saddly, the time is according to the japanese timezone. Wich sucks for me because I have exact 12 hours of difference. I guess I'll leave my tama at something that seems to be a hotel so it's not completely alone while I'm sleeping. We have a little farm in our garden and you can also visit random Tamas (playing with them, feed them, etc.). My fav feature so far is that you can grab your Tama and if you throw it too high it will get angry xD
  2. Ok, I got it. First go to this link: It's the twitter account of Line Quick Game and that's the tweet about the Tamagotchi vers. You must open the link featured in that post with your Line app. If you're not a Line Quick user, it will ask you to register (it will doit automatically once you allow it). Then the Line Quick Game account will be added to your list. And you can access the games with that chat! Once you're searching the games, look for the pinky icon with magenta/pink letters. That's the Tama! Sorry for errors, english is my second language.
  3. Wanna create a Line group? Apparently you can marry your tamagotchi like in M!X and trading items sounds cool too. Also, is it already to play? I have the app but I don't seem to find it anywhere
  4. I'm new! I only have a TMCG M!X Melody

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