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    My tamagotchi forever,Tomodachi life(I have tamagotchi characters in it),online Gameboy and Computer CD-ROM(currently it's deleted,but I might bring it back,soon >:))
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    Hmm..tough question...How about the 4U or the P's?
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    Ginjirotchi,Flowertchi,Makiko,Mametchi,Mamemametchi,Yumemitchi,Yukinkotchi,Pochitchi,Zukitchi,Sebiretchi,Ichigotchi etc.
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  1. I don't know what version it is,sorry. Maybe somebody knows a decent repair staor.Are you from the States?
  2. I think they might be old.Sorry,I don't have a connexion yet so I can't really help.Try taking them to repair store or something Ps:I think you have to use a cloth to clean gotchis,but don't get over with this idea.
  3. toxic_Makiko

    Streetpass Mii plaza

    Well,Pokemon Rumble World gave me a few Miis,but they are all sent via invitation,so they're pretty much useless.I guess I might carry it around with me or try some other games.
  4. toxic_Makiko

    Streetpass Mii plaza

    Hey,can I have some tips with streetpassing?I barely get any Miis!(too lazy to send a pic,tho) Any tips for Streepassing?I feel like romanians don't even carry their 3ds consoles,or maybe they don't have any! XD Ps.I have an actually streetpassed mii from america(| _ |) and 6 ones that are sent via invitation T-T
  5. toxic_Makiko

    Who has Nintendogs?

    Yea,I'm sure the original is cool too
  6. toxic_Makiko

    Who has Nintendogs?

    Yeah,it would be cool if they grew up! Xd I still don't understand the diffrence between the milk and the water(only that water is cheaper).
  7. toxic_Makiko

    Who has Nintendogs?

    If anyone here who plays Nintendogs+Cats?Maybe we can have a small chit-chat about it! My dog's name is Goldie and she's a Golden Retriever!Also,I'm a bit poor (;-
  8. toxic_Makiko

    I can't see Photobucket pictures :c

    Oh great.Thanks!
  9. toxic_Makiko

    Help! tamatown .swf files

    Update:The music one isn't working anymore.Now my nostalgia is passing by :c
  10. Yep,that's the thing.It usually gives me something with a 3rd party system(please update your account to a 3rd party system) and I don't even(and I will never do)have a Photobucket account!! How do I make this stop?It makes me incredibly upset!
  11. toxic_Makiko

    Fake Tamagotchi heaven...not really

    Haven't heard of these.It resembles the house edition more that the Pixel Chix does:P
  12. toxic_Makiko

    Fake Tamagotchi heaven...not really

    I would like the premium version,also,I think that is the house version was legit,it will look like a pocket Pixel Chix!(that would be cool)
  13. toxic_Makiko

    My Tamagotchi Forever

    It's cool.I don't have an actual Tamagotchi,so this app actually makes me feel great!
  14. The ones who don't know much about Tamagotchi might be like:"Omgosh it's a free Tamagotchi,better buy it before it's offsale :DDDDDD" No.Don't you dare.You will regret if you buy a fake Tamagotchi.A lot.They're too noisy and sensitive. If you look at some of the other "virtual pets",you can see they all have invented names,right?Right!And,seriously now,who would buy a fake Tamagotchi for 15 dollars(about 12 euros),when you can make and exposition of fakes bought from Ebay and Aliexpress? I have never seen and heard of some of the "versions"("house edition","bear edition" etc.) and -oh my gosh!-They look so cheap!Just look at the versions and you will thing you're in heaven-Actually,you're not.-. The site looks bad in general,very unorganised,including some pokemon(yay!)t-shirts that,to be honest,don't impress me at all. Ok,you can give it a try,but,please,don't tell me later "Why did you tell me about this site?".I didn't create this site.It's not my fault.Those cost as much as actual Connections. Und jetzt mache ich Schluss(And I'm ending this) P.S.:Don't take this too seriously.I don't try to be rude and "bully" the sellers.Again,you can buy the fakes and t-shirts if you want to,I won't stop you from doing that. Again,CAUTION ON THOSE FAKES!(and in any cheap,fake 'gotchis in general) Note:This was written when they were free,the data might change when you acces the link
  15. toxic_Makiko

    Help! tamatown .swf files

    Only the music swf works.Sorry,I only tried a few Swf's.