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  1. Hello and welcome to TamaTalk! Yep, two LR44 batteries are what you'll need for a Dinkie pet! This should be the right orientation for the batteries. It comes from my Dinkie Penguin's battery-cover, and though I don't have a Dinkie Dino, I think it's a fair bet that the polarity would be the same. Of course, I could be completely wrong here - though these things are usually the same within virtual pet families, I can't verify it. As for the wires, I'd imagine that you'll need to solder them back to where they should be. If you want to test it in spite of this, the most likely outcome is that everything else will work but there'll be no sound.
  2. It's been a meme for quite a long time at this point - it's a bit late to be sad about it.
  3. Nice - I look forward to seeing your future logs. Everybody's got to start somewhere! I assume that this one has sold you on the hobby?
  4. @Admin is the person who you'll have to contact about account issues.
  5. My Tamagotchi Original evolved into Nyorotchi this morning. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture at the time, and by this afternoon he had passed on. Meanwhile, over on the Octo-Pets, the sinister seal is still hanging around! I've re-tabbed the Sunset Tamagotchi Original for now, and will start up something new soon - most likely the Digimon Original remake, though I don't know yet whether or not I'll run that side-by-side with my original vintage one so that I can connect them for battles. We'll see. I'm finding these runs at the moment to be quite interesting - typically, if I'm busy, I'll pause my virtual pets, but I haven't been doing that lately. Some are certainly more hardy than others - the vintage Digimon and the Octo-Pets, in particular, are far more friendly to a lack of free time than the original Tamagotchi devices (vintage or remake) are. This approach will probably lead to plenty of disasters once I start introducing the vintage Giga Pets, and possibly even the GigaPetsAR, into the picture! I know, right? The dark humour got me, though; Most people act like seals are super-cute, but they're actually pretty savage when they're preying on penguins - most folks just don't seem to know that, and it really surprised me to see that knowledge being exhibited in a cartoonish Tom & Jerry sort of style in a vintage virtual pet. The attention to detail in the Super Gyaoppi and its variants really is impressive! Moreover, the idea of a virtual parasite, of sorts, latching onto a virtual pet is kind of interesting. Granted, this was just done by way of one of the available evolutions, but it's still pretty neat.
  6. Fun fact: The Pokemon is named after the kabutogani (the Japanese name for the horseshoe crab that it's based on), and the name is also shared with a type of samurai helmet. @Scrungo picked a great name.
  7. Great stuff. One thing, though: These are room backgrounds, which you can then purchase from the Tama Depa once you've unlocked them. The menu backgrounds are a different thing - they re-skin the part that displays the various activity icons.
  8. My Octo-Pets penguin evolved again, and this form was beyond unexpected! A seal has attempted to eat the penguin (you can see his face sticking out of the seal's mouth), and is masquerading as my virtual pet! I certainly can't fault the research or the sense of humour that went into this poor-care form! I know from the Super Gyaoppi that these guys change a lot, so there'll hopefully be plenty more to see in this run before it's over.
  9. Aw. Will you be running this version again at some point?
  10. How uncanny - I've just finished having a bit of a chuckle at some similar frothing-at-the-mouth posts over in the old PowerPalz section (I was looking into them, and my research led me back to TamaTalk in the end). There was an excellent and reasonable post on the matter by you over there, too, funnily enough. Yep, I can't see any image, either, unfortunately. It sounds like it was sent out in pretty horrible shape, though!
  11. Oops! I accidentally missed taking a picture of another stage of the Octo-Pets penguin yesterday, because it was very similar to the one pictured above, just with some extra lines sticking out of his head so as to represent more feathers. It was so similar to the previous form that I simply didn't notice that it was different until just before he evolved again today. So, on that note, here's how the penguin looks as an adult; He's basically a punky-looking Rockhopper, or some other similar-looking crested species.
  12. Hopefully these threads will be helpful to you; Tamagotchi ON Tips, by @Tacoburritotchi Tamagotchi On: Favorite Toys for rarer characters, by @Berks