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  1. There are A LOT of fakes of the Dinkie Dino out there, particularly on eBay. You may be better off checking out the specialist virtual pet store Japan You Want, who has a number of units in stock in various colours, under the pet's Japanese name of "Raku Raku Dinokun". You can find them here:
  2. Uhh, didn't all of this come about because YouTube wasn't correctly following the pre-existing version of COPPA, though?
  3. The thing only exists because in the 40 years since Pac-Man hit the scene, Namco ended up merging with Bandai. I agree that it's a weird crossover. For me, the reason that I want one isn't because of the crossover, because that part of it is kind of illogical, but rather because Pac-Man was my first video game hero, and because I like the Tamagotchi line (particularly the less-convoluted devices) - it's because of those things in disconnected form, rather than because of the bizarre crossover. That said, the bizarreness does very slightly come into it - it's a really unusual piece of memorabilia for the 40th anniversary of such an icon! I prefer the simpler Tamagotchis myself, so this one's right up my alley. I just wish that they'd issue a modern simpler Tamagotchi sometime (y'know, a "P3" or something), rather than remakes of previous models. For now, though, these license-themed editions will have to do.
  4. I don't know how it is for other countries, but for UK customers, Amazon Japan only offers the most expensive shipping option, which in some cases will eat up any savings - just something to be aware of. It is quick, though, and they do offer the same pre-paid customs charges.
  5. I'm running my Meets again at the moment, and just quickly attached a couple of things that I had on-hand to make it easier to hook the device onto my lanyard - with the added bonus of the addition looking quite cute, too; As one of my penguin minions helpers is showcasing here, I added a standard 20mm split-ring (I don't think that the Meets/On would be able to take a bigger ring), and to that I added a heart-shaped split-ring (which I got from craft-supplies store Baker Ross). I have star-shaped ones, too, but I wanted it to match the casing! Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share this - it seems pretty sturdy and it does the job nicely.
  6. I just took a look on Amazon's US site, and it looks like the Fairy version of the On, in blue, is the best deal at this minute: You can log in on the US site with your pre-existing Amazon UK details. As long as you opt for the "Ships from and sold by" listing (this is shown underneath the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons), you'll know what you're getting and you'll be able to go through the ordering process with your customs fees pre-paid, so what you see is what you will pay, with no what-ifs waiting for you when it gets to the UK. I don't think that there's a better option for UK fans at this time - though I'm certainly open to corrections if anyone else knows better than me.
  7. As @Cookies&Cream notes, it comes down to what someone is willing to pay for it. The best way to check the current going rate is to check sold listings on the platform that you're hoping to sell on (not current ones, as this will invariably throw out results where people are asking for ludicrous sums because of a mistaken belief that "old = rare"*), and see what other examples of the same product in a similar condition have sold for recently. *The original Tamagotchi units are by no means rare, due to their immense popularity.
  8. That's the one. I'm quite sure that he doesn't have the ability to make a television network pick up a show that there's no market for, or to purchase a franchise that isn't for sale. I agree with you, for what it's worth. And I also think that it won't happen, as there's just no reason for it to.
  9. Saban was the rights-holder before Hasbro bought it (ironically thanks to the guy who made the toy license what it was at Bandai!). They were just making business decisions to further their brand - and inclusiveness is a valuable thing. If Bandai's figures were lackluster, that's probably why they lost the toy license. It was already discussed above why that won't happen, though - it is in the hands of a television or streaming network as to whether they would pick up such a show, which requires there to be a proven market for that show that they can sell it (and advertisements) to, and history has proven time and again that there is not a market for these kinds of shows outside of Japan*. More specifically, history has also proven time and again that there is not a market for a Tamagotchi show outside of Japan - even at the series' greatest heights in 1997, the concept simply never took off, and we will most likely not see those heights again. (That doesn't mean that the franchise is not a solid seller - it clearly is. But the brand selling well as an interactive toy doesn't mean that people want to passively watch an adaptation of it on TV.) *There will always be some people out there who would like it, but when we talk markets, we talk in absolutes - compared to a multi-million-selling global brand, a few-hundred or a few-thousand enthusiasts talking about it on the internet literally equates to zero in business terms. There is no profit in that endeavour.
  10. Japan You Want is a specialist store that sells a lot of virtual pets and related goods, past and present. You can find them here: However, it's important to note that, depending on your location, getting items from there might prove to be false-economy. For example, those from the US, whose import-limit is not all that restrictive, will be able to find good deals there. But, myself, I'm from the UK, and our import limit is £18, including the cost of postage - anything over that is more often than not going to attract customs fees (which are perfectly reasonable - those are basically just what the taxes would be if you bought the goods here), and a Royal Mail handling fee (which tend to be unreasonable, and far higher than the customs fees are). You might even have seen British people complaining in feedback on sites like eBay that they bought something and then got "a surprise fee" when it arrived in the country, but it's actually just part of importing goods, and it's the customer's job to be aware of it. Accordingly, it is not possible to get the Tamagotchi On (or its Japanese version, the Tamagotchi Meets) in the UK without encountering these fees - unless you buy from Amazon US, who include the pre-paid customs fees at checkout. Either way, you will pay more than those in the US would. This example would apply to any country with similarly restrictive importation limits - whatever your location is, you need to verify your government's rules before buying. EDIT: I should also add that the original run (I have no idea about any subsequent ones) of the Fairy and Magical Meets was buggy, so this is also something to research and be wary of if you're looking to pre-owned hardware for a better deal.
  11. I'm a big Mario Kart fan - I put quite a bit of time into the current one, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch. I also use a vehicle build (Teddy Buggy body, Azure Roller tyres, and Plane Glider) that looks thoroughly ridiculous when paired with my main, Bowser - but it gets results, so he'll just have to deal with it.
  12. This is absolutely true. 🐧 Well *I* was going to let them get to 99. Time to pick a new number - tell one of my penguin minions helpers to fetch my dice-bag, will you, please?
  13. Never be afraid to be yourself. That's a surefire way to live with regrets.
  14. I didn't know that - thanks for the info! Agreed, though - there's a reason that the dub that happened fizzled out. And it's probably the same reason that the "Tamagotchi Toons" pilot that was released as "Tamagotchi Video Adventures" (which is a fun little relic, but also infuriating because they spend the entire thing pronouncing Tamagotchi incorrectly ) did not amount to anything more than that one production - there probably isn't a big enough market outside of Japan for an animated TV show based on a virtual-life nurturing toy. I'm sure that many of us would like to see it, but we are enthusiasts and what we like does not represent the market for these products and their spin-offs as a whole - in fact, we need to be very wary of echo-chamber mentality making us mistakenly think that we represent the majority. (We don't represent the majority. You only have to compare the sales-figures to the number of active people in the online fandom to see that. For the majority, it's like we've gone from the 1996/1997 devices straight to the Tamagotchi On. This is also why mass-market official Tamagotchi merchandise is usually only based on the 1996/1997 products.)