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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I've wanted a "Tamawatchi" ever since the Tamagotchi line first came to the West in 1997, and it's finally happening! I really hope that this one comes to the West, as well. Though, as with most Japanese releases, it should still be pretty importer-friendly even if it remains Japan-only.
  2. Yup! And, just to add this for everyone's reference, this is why the instructions for these devices (and similar ones) recommend pressing the reset button after installing new batteries.
  3. Did you alter the time or use the clock-set "pause" trick at any point? That can throw out the timing on the set lifespan.
  4. Oh, haha, pardon me, I should have been clearer! The reason that I mentioned flame-retardants is because those rising to the surface of the plastic (usually all over, as you can see in the photograph on the Retrobrite Wikipedia page) is what causes older plastics to turn yellow. It doesn't mean that they've been exposed to any flames. No problem! Again, though, I do think that it's worth getting a second opinion on whether this is a job for Retrobrite or not - I could still have interpreted the images incorrectly.
  5. I could be looking at the pictures wrong, but this looks to me less like the traditional yellowing caused by flame-retardants rising to the surface of the plastic, and more like sun-fading, because it's very localised. Just to rule that out, has the device ever been kept in direct sunlight, or in a place where that specific part of it could have been exposed to the sun? That aside, if it is the typical flame-retardant yellowing, all that I can recommend is finding a deconstruction guide for this model, and doing a lot of research on Retrobrite and how to apply it correctly, as well as how to properly seal it afterwards (this sort of yellowing will recur if a sealant isn't applied after a successful application of Retrobrite).
  6. It's a pun on the Japanese word for a hood, "zukin". There's a little bit of information about this here.
  7. You may wish to check eBay or similar, or, if the warping of the shell occurred with normal use within warranty and not due to damage, contact Bandai about the problem. Unfortunately we don't allow sales between users here, as the sales section that previously existed was abused. I hope that you're able to get your daughter's Tamagotchi On repaired!
  8. I'm very sorry, but we don't allow sales between users on TamaTalk. This is due to abuse of the sales section that existed a long time ago. Your best bet would be to check eBay or other similar sites.
  9. You've already been advised as to what to do if it wasn't the batteries: Tighten all the screws that you can see. Don't force it and cause damage to the screws, just carefully and gently apply a bit of pressure and see if they will turn a tiny bit further. Occasionally the case screws are not tightened properly at the factory, and this can cause unintended behaviour because the device isn't fitting together like it was designed to. If you're not confident with this, then by all means send it back, but trying to tighten a few screws isn't a tricky procedure.
  10. From the looks of it (and as far as I know), the Pocket Puppy is clone of the Nano Puppy, so it might be worth looking up instructions for that pet - hopefully they'll shed some light!
  11. The commercial does mispronounce it. See the explanation at the top of page 2; As I said there, hiragana and katakana are their own pronunciation guides.
  12. One of my favourite moments was the result of an accidental care-mistake during a (non-remake) Gen 1 run a few years ago - I ended up unexpectedly getting Tarakotchi and found him very amusing because his animations have a lot of personality. He ended up becoming my favourite Tamagotchi character because of that!
  13. Feeding snacks makes a BIG difference on the Gen 1 and Gen 2 reissues - too many during the child stage will cause the Tamagotchi to die before reaching the teenage stage, and feeding them during the teen stage will affect what their adult evolution turns out to be. If you fed Maynard any at all, then it would have affected the final evolution. I have not put a ton of research into this, but it appears that snacks count almost like care-mistakes, as a counterpoint to them making no difference whatsoever in the original 1996/1997 releases. This also changes how you're expected to get certain evolutions on the re-releases, since the old methods don't work out quite the same.
  14. The Tamagotchi Pix is now available to pre-order from other UK retailers, in addition to The Entertainer as mentioned on the previous page. Smyths Toys lists both the pink and purple versions for £59.99 each; Tamagotchi Pix Pink Tamagotchi Pix Purple And, at the time of writing, Amazon UK is listing the purple version only, also for £59.99; Tamagotchi Pix Virtual Pet, Purple Smyths lists their expected in-stock date as being between the 2nd and 9th of August, and Amazon UK lists theirs as August 1st.
  15. It could also be that some of the case screws might need tightening - there was an issue with the similar Pac-Man Tamagotchi where some units were shipped out with the screws too loose, which led to some folks encountering constant resetting.