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  1. It's absolutely fine - we have several non-Tamagotchi-related sections for that reason, and this thread is in one of them.
  2. You should also be careful that your quest to get things back doesn't end up leading to people who might try to scam you again. 😕 Unfortunately, scams targetting those who have already been scammed also exist, and I'm sure that there'll be some variant in the online-gaming world, too.
  3. Yep! That's a way better implementation than having a menu for it.
  4. I'm sorry that this happened to you, Taco. 😕 Unfortunately, this is a scam as old as time, far pre-dating Roblox or even video gaming in general*, and it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to get anything back. Your items have most likely been traded to someone else, or even sold on eBay or the like, by now (listings for Roblox content are everywhere if you search for virtual pets on eBay). *It's basically a variant of Advance Fee Fraud. It's probably best to just take it as a life-lesson and be thankful that you didn't lose real-life goods or money.
  5. I bet, when he took the Universal vs. Nintendo case, he never could've imagined the impact that he would have on video gaming history, both because of how he handled the case, and because of how he was rewarded for that. No kidding - Taranza's great! He's one of my favourite characters aside from Dedede.
  6. These awesome Kirby figures win the day! I've just pre-ordered a set. I absolutely couldn't resist.
  7. It's very in-keeping with how we used to look at bugs and glitches back in the day, though, so it's certainly fitting!
  8. By forgetting it's there because it's such a quiet and low-maintenance Tamagotchi. That's what happened to me, anyway - it was how my first run with the device, which took place after having not run anything for an extended period of time, ended. As an aside, the kill-screen death is fairly "creepy", since you find your Tamagotchi having fallen before the bugs, then they're consumed by them when you try to call Pac-Man, and then the screen goes black. It sounds like something out of an edgelord-authored creepypasta.
  9. I've been enjoying seeing your progress updates on Matlab de Hakken! in your log, and I'll be enjoying seeing even more of them here! I'm a big fan of seeing what people do with things like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etcetera, so I already know that I'm going to absolutely love seeing this if you make it into a physical virtual pet. Hahahahaha!
  10. That's definitely what it is, and it's hilarious!