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  1. I like how the one in the bottom-left is all like "I am Groot!".
  2. @Eozeda - Well-spotted! None of that would surprise me, since there appear to be some functional similarities between the two devices. The Mermaid Aqua Pot, as it's shown here, reminds me a little bit of the Game Boy Camera... I wonder if the same will apply to the Tamagotchi Pix?
  3. The Bobo Panda Byte was by Trendmasters, and wasn't part of Tiger Electronics' Giga Pets line, so I've moved it over to Virtual Pets - General, where it will hopefully catch someone's eye. Unfortunately I've never owned one of these, but I do notice that the long-lived virtual pets site Tamenagerie suggests that the Bobo Panda Byte and the Bobo Baby Byte had similar functions - perhaps information about the Baby Byte might also be helpful for the panda? Regarding the resetting: If it does it again, it might be worth your while to take the batteries out, and use a tiny flat-head screwdriver to carefully bend the contacts upwards a little bit. Chances are that the resetting is due to an insecure connection to the batteries.
  4. The description for the device suggests that this version lacks physical buttons, so that may make it even more difficult to use, unfortunately.
  5. I've just gotten started on Kirby's Halloween Adventure (v1.3, which is the final build), which is a fan-made overhaul of Kirby's Adventure for the NES. You can tell right from the outset how much love and care has been poured into it - it's a really great piece of fan work, and a really well-made modification.
  6. With virtual pets, as in life, this is totally random - she'll definitely get a girl eventually!
  7. I've noticed this with some vintage models, too. The most likely cause is that Bandai used equivalent compatible parts at different points during the production-runs for these devices, so, hypothetically, some later models may have slightly faster processors and different speaker parts that were used once the original parts ceased production and were superseded by revised versions - it's the only logical explanation. This is also why Nintendo has a history of issuing revisions of their handheld consoles late into their lifespan - the DSi and New 3DS are examples of this. The only difference is that they try to use that as a selling-point to hook numbers-obsessives, even though the extra power is pretty much never used, and Bandai does not.
  8. He'll pass on due to old age on his own - it's just that the lifespans for certain characters on the remakes are slightly different, and I'm pretty sure that this applies to both Mametchi (Gen 1) and Mimitchi (Gen 2).
  9. It sounds like your mom's childhood virtual pet was either a RakuRaku Dino-kun (which was also sold under the English name of Dinkie Dino), or a Hitorikko. RakuRaku Dino-kun was, of course, a dinosaur, and it can be seen here. Meanwhile, the Hitorikko line was sold in several different animal variants (dinosaur, dog, fish, or chicken) - a Hitorikko pet can be seen at the bottom of this page. Please note that Hitorikkos are not Dinkie pets, but are sometimes listed alongside them because their gameplay is similar to the Dinkies. I'm not aware of any pink RakuRaku Dino-kun/Dinkie Dino shells, but as you can see, one of the available Hitorikko colours was pink with white buttons. I hope that this helps!
  10. I don't have one of the original Tamagotchi Nanos because they were never released in the UK, but I'm quite fond of the licensed ones - though admittedly I only have the Pac-Man Tamagotchi so far (but it is a very charming release that appeals to quite a wide audience, since everyone knows Pac-Man, and it's got some neat references for both long-time fans and those who are less familiar with him). I also lament the fact that the Eevee X Tamagotchi was so underproduced - I really would've liked to get one of those! The way I see it, the current Nanos are an option for folks like myself who prefer the older devices and find the colour devices too time-consuming, and who would still like to see new monochrome Tamagotchis. That also seems to allow them to experiment a bit with various gameplay elements. The fact that they're affordable like the original devices is also a big bonus - it's a big contrast to the £80 price that Amazon UK leaked on their now-revoked pre-order page for the upcoming Tamagotchi Pix! Speaking of the Pix, I don't think that the Nanos mean anything with regard to where the colour line is going - they seem to be aimed at different segments of the market. The Nanos are never going to be complex versions - they're not even as complex as the original 1990s devices and their more recent re-issues - but they're a concession to folks who prefer the simpler ones, so that's A-ok. Last but not least, regarding the amount of crossovers, my take on it is this: They're a good way of pushing the Tamagotchi brand forward, whilst also providing something for fans of various popular franchises* - and the affordability plays into this, too, since £80 devices might not push the brand in the same way. And I think that, in the apparent absence of Bandai re-releasing further 1990s versions (including those that never got English-language releases originally), this is fine - the more the merrier! *On that note, Nanos based on HAL/Nintendo's Kirby series (the Copy Abilities make this a no-brainer), and Marvel's Groot (they've spent several movies and an animated series showcasing his different forms), would be great!