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  1. That would explain why I seem to get Mini-like run-times from mine (which also has a similar set lifespan), regardless of the care-mistakes situation. Great research, there - thankyou!
  2. Here's hoping, since the anniversary next year feels like a good time for it. (And thankyou! ) I guess that's an advantage of the Nanos being the supplementary and simple side-releases - they can afford to be a bit more experimental with the content (though not necessarily always the actual gameplay - for example, the Pac-Man and Hello Kitty versions sound like they're just re-skins of the same thing), since they're not the front-and-centre main offerings.
  3. Granted it's my only Nano so far, but my favourite one has to be the Pac-Man one - I think that it works well because it makes use of an incredibly iconic character, and includes references and nods that hardcore long-time fans and those less familiar with Pac-Man will both get. It's got a lot of personality. As for ones that don't exist, I'd love to see one based on HAL Laboratory and Nintendo's Kirby franchise (whose 30th anniversary is next year) - perhaps you could get different Copy Abilities, in place of the typical evolutions from Tamagotchi devices?
  4. And they especially don't include bonus items that could potentially blind someone.
  5. On eBay specifically, the best way to look at price-trends is to search through completed listings, and take note of the ones that actually sold. Those should give you an idea of what the current averages are, and what to look out for.
  6. I was disappointed to see this, too! If it happens again, you might want to take the batteries out and check the contacts, because they get flattened over time (especially if batteries were left inside for an extended period), which causes this problem. All that you have to do is use a tiny flat-head screwdriver to VERY carefully bend them upwards again a little bit, after which everything should work properly again. Ever since I had one virtual pet (my vintage Digimon) do this, I've made it a habit to bend the contacts back up whenever I get a used virtual pet.
  7. Well, it's starting with a Mod Break, so make of that what you will. Happy New Year, everybody!
  8. Technically speaking, "Excellent!" as an expression pre-dates the franchise concerned here. But, as it's shown here, it came from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and also Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. It's also used in at least some of the spin-off video games that were based on the franchise. Don't forget, TamaTalk covers a wide range of users of many different ages - some of us are old enough to remember when these movies were new!
  9. @Eozeda, @iTamannadi - I've got to give them points for the "Hatchihoni" name. That's actually quite good, and it would've been even better for an original virtual pet.