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  1. Good luck with getting Hashizotchi on your next run!
  2. Hi and welcome to TamaTalk! I've moved this to Help for Tamagotchi Owners, as it appears to be a question about raising methods, rather than a diary of progress with a virtual pet. Which version of Tamagotchi are you running? I'm guessing a Gen 2 (also dubbed by fans as a "P2"), but due to some slight changes to the modern re-issue of this version (namely the consequences of feeding snacks), the methods that were written for the 1997 version of this device may not work quite the same on the remake that can be newly bought now.
  3. I have bought from HobbyLink Japan many times - mostly for video game-related items, but it was also there that I imported my Tamagotchi Meets from. I've always had excellent, reliable service from them.
  4. I'm really curious about this, so I'll be looking forward to hearing about the results! As far as I know, the Gundam pens contain acrylic paint, so I'd imagine that it'll go on well - it's just the durability that I've got no idea about. Certainly! Though I'm not sure that the paint-pens are meant for them.
  5. It is, true, but since you mentioned that you're after the best method for this sort of restoration, I'm not so sure that Tamagotchi Tips and Tricks is quite the right place, since the topic isn't providing the method itself.
  6. I've moved this over to Help for Tamagotchi Owners, as the tips-and-tricks section is meant for giving them out, as opposed to seeking them. For what it's worth, what I know of Gundam paint-pens suggests that they're meant for models that will be displayed as opposed to played with, so I'm not sure if those would hold up for this purpose unless you applied some sort of sealant over the top. Good luck with finding the best methods for re-painting!
  7. The soundtrack from Donkey Kong Country 3 (the original SNES version, not the heavily altered soundtrack of the later Game Boy Advance version).
  8. I'm not too surprised by this, personally - Thanksgiving is a US holiday, and from what I've seen I think that it would be fair to call the localisation of the Tamagotchi On fairly minimal. Congratulations on getting so far! Here's to many more generations! That makes me hungry.
  9. I've moved this over to What's On Your Mind, since it's more of a discussion of a neat concept than something for the tips-and-tricks section, right now. I look forward to seeing how this pans out!
  10. When I searched for this on Google with the quotes, I got a link back to TamaTalk. Searching for it without the quotes pulled it up, though. It all just seems like a whole lot of hyperbolic fluff, to me.
  11. Not a problem at all! I've moved it over to Virtual Pets General for you. I know nothing about these, so I'm afraid that that's all that I can do - hopefully someone else around here might know what to do, though.
  12. Wow, you're lucky to have a Devilgotch! I'm glad to see that this issue is only minimal. Sometimes leakage like this is due to pressure being applied to an LCD, but in that case it's usually localised around a crack or other noticeable damage to the screen. In this case, because of where it's appearing, I'm going to guess that it might just be age-related. I'm afraid that I don't know anything about if or how it can be fixed - I wish you good luck with finding the answer to that.
  13. I'm fully expecting another licensed Tamagotchi Nano, for this one, but I'm fine with that. I just hope that this one makes it out of Japan, or at least isn't underproduced, which were both issues with the Eevee one.
  14. Yep, it looks totally normal to me, too - that's just what we had back then!
  15. Yep, I absolutely see where you're coming from. I look forward to seeing the video footage so that we can all figure this out once and for all. @Eggiweg - I'd say that, depending on the microprocessor (for some reason, some vintage units are more responsive than others, so I assume that two different kinds were used back then) the originals are either a little bit slower, or are noticeably sluggish.