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  1. That explains why the mechanics that you mentioned reminded me of the MGA Penguin. I reckon that you're right about this, as it seems to have been the case for other MGA pets, too. My MGA Penguin is from a different company and was renamed to Penguin Time, but as far as I know it's otherwise identical. And on that note, I have to ask, does the Pet Vet also have the very cruel discipline feature that seems to be common to all of the MGA pets, where you have to fill a bar by repeatedly disciplining it until it's full every day rather than by responding to misbehaviour over time? Since it's an MGA pet, it should be the adult stage, yes - they only seem to have three stages per growth-path, if memory serves. They're also very quick to run - if I'm remembering it right, their complete lifespan is only about a week or so.
  2. According to this status update by @OneSummerDream, which was answered by @Moosestatue, that's a photo-opportunity.
  3. By any chance, did you wait for him to beep before you tended to his needs? To get the better-care characters, you have to monitor the meters and give them what they need before they beep at you. He may be the worst-care character, but Tarakotchi is my favourite one - I got him once after making some errors when trying to get Maskutchi, and found him to be hilarious.
  4. Battery tabs seem to be considered to be a throwaway item, but a quick search reveals that you can get them from wholesalers (see here, for example), though you might have a bit of a battle to find the right size, or will otherwise have to trim them down a little bit. Whether you can get smaller quantities elsewhere is something that I haven't looked into, though.
  5. Since the last reply to this thread before now was back in March, and since, @Gaia_tamagotchi, your latest post doesn't suggest that the problem is still ongoing, I'm going to lock this now, since we prefer to avoid bumps to topics that are more than three months old unless there's substantial new information to add.
  6. I've gotten the Switch version of Spyro Reignited Trilogy. I loved the original back in the day but never played Spyro 2 or 3, so two-thirds of this collection are entirely new to me! It's definitely worth grabbing; The 3DS iteration was famously generous with its free-to-play implementation, and so is this one. You can tell that the driving force was more on the side of promoting the series rather than making untold levels of profit - they've struck a really fair balance with it. I'm having a good time with it, and you can't argue with free, right?
  7. This seems to be a thing on the MGA pets, too - I noticed it on my MGA Penguin when I first ran it. It's very, very welcome with the luck-based left/right game, as it makes filling the meter so much more convenient.
  8. I've never seen one of these before, but it looks like, for the Japanese release, they named them after real-life fighters (in this particular case, a karateka and kickboxer from Switzerland called Andy Hug), and tied it in with the K1 GRANDPRIX, which was a kickboxing series that was broadcast by Fuji TV. What a neat find! The packaging also suggests that at least a couple of others exist, though of those I can see that Andy Hug is repeated, and one other is unreadable for me at this resolution. One that is clearly named is Peter Aerts, who is a Dutch kickboxer. The only thing that I don't quite get is how these relate to the publishing-house Kodansha. Anyway, I don't know if these being based on real kickboxers carries through to the characters' looks and abilities on these devices, but these are a really cool tie-in item.
  9. I'm not sure why you're quoting me and not @Save_Tamagotchis who was actually the one who raised the issue that you're replying to. Nonetheless, I actually agree with you, here - you don't need to say "obviously" when you're preaching to the choir.
  10. No problem at all! I'm from the UK, and the last that I heard, we aren't going to get the Tamagotchi On here, which would explain why the app isn't available in this region either. Granted, that could easily change, but I haven't heard anything suggesting otherwise yet.