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  1. They were released in the UK, though. That's why it's a bit puzzling that the On hasn't been released outside of North America. Yes, actually - my understanding is that it's a good market for such devices.
  2. Yes, I had a good laugh at that once I took a look at the packaging. It's like that in the instruction leaflet, too, and some of the English has got the same sort of flavour as what I've seen from the Meets/On translation - it feels like the very old game-translation tradition of getting the secretary, who knows English, to translate it. It's perfectly readable and accurate, but there are a couple of lines that are unusually-structured.
  3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is great fun, but it turned out that there's not really anything in it that I could cover in this log, so I haven't done so. However, my Pac-Man Tamagotchi has now arrived with me, which definitely works! I haven't started it up yet, as it's quite late in the day now, but I have taken some pictures. I already posted the images showing the packaging and the device itself over in the Pac-Man Tamagotchi reveal-thread, but I saved a couple of extra pictures for my log, too. This is my first Tamagotchi Nano-based, uh, well, Tamagotchi. My first impressions are that it's super-cute and a little bit weird, and I'm looking forward to starting it up!
  4. My Pac-Man Tamagotchi has arrived. Here are some pictures; The instructions list the following adult forms;
  5. Hi there! I've split this out into its own thread for you - your question should get better visibility this way than it would as a reply to someone else's thread.
  6. Panic-buying is not the way to go. (Yep, this is really going to date this comment! )
  7. Here's something a bit different for the log: A little bit of coverage of Little Friends: Dogs & Cats - a title by Imagineering which is the first, and currently only, virtual pet/life-simulator game of any sort on the Switch. It seeks to fill the gap left by Nintendogs not (yet?) having a Switch installment, though unfortunately it falls a bit short. Compared to Nintendogs (which is something that I will have to do several times here, since it's still the best-in-breed pet simulator for consoles of any sort ), some of the models and movements are unnatural and occasionally uncanny, and sometimes animals will run right through each other. They also won't respond at all if you accidentally poke them in the eye or the nose - ouch! The flow of the game is unnatural, as well. For example, Nintendogs is a game that has a slow pace, where you can easily slot quick bursts of play into your daily routine alongside, say, Animal Crossing and Brain Training, because all of them run in real-time and are designed for that. Meanwhile, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is a victim of "Achievements" culture - everything seems to revolve around getting stamps and bits of text that say that you did something or went somewhere, and earning enough money to collect various types of items (whose effects and looks aren't as differentiated or well-detailed as what you would find in Nintendogs) and outfits (which all look a bit awkward when worn by your pets). You get text notifications rather than actually seeing gradual progress and behavioural changes - for example, you don't teach your dog to sit, you'll just randomly be told by a text pop-up that they learned it, after you've carried out several unrelated activities. It also constantly breaks immersion by having on-screen counters for marking and searching spots during walks, and by occasionally displaying giant, brightly-coloured "LEVEL UP!" text above your dog. It doesn't run in real-time, either. Still, on the plus side, the game is cute, so here's a look at my German Shepherd, Donna; Different developers will always take different approaches to the same concepts, and there's nothing wrong with that (after all, I bought this one to see how the devs had approached the concept that Nintendogs popularised, since it's seeking to plug that gap in the Switch's library), but in this case I would recommend waiting for Nintendogs to show up if you want a proper life-simulator for the Switch.
  8. That's maybe a little bit ironic, seeing as the male character in your avatar is pink. Not all women and girls like pink, and not all men and boys like blue, after all! Anyway, for what it's worth, @rose, I was going to suggest pink myself purely because it looks nice for this version of the device - it co-ordinates well with the exclusive Fairytchi character that the Fairy version has.
  9. Hi David! Unfortunately, I've had to remove the content of your post - as per the rules on website ads/links, it is a personal link that is intended for personal gain, and topics promoting these are not allowed. Additionally, the News and Announcements section is for TamaTalk site news and official news from Bandai, which your thread does not fall under, so I've had to move it, too. You're allowed to put personal links in your signature and profile, so please feel free to do so, as your project may well be of interest to the community - it's just that we don't allow promotion in threads like this. All the best!
  10. The post that you quoted actually states which model - the Tamagotchi On.
  11. If a post has been moved, then it's because it was posted in the wrong place. Additionally, you have created no less than three topics for this same question, and also bumped an unrelated decade-old topic with something resembling the same question. Accordingly, I'm going to shut this one and the one that has no replies yet, and just leave the original one open (it was answered back in February).