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  1. I never owned a Gen 2 back in the 1990s (I knew others who had them, but my only experience with the Gen 2s has been via the modern re-issues), but I have now rectified that with this smart clear-yellow and white unit.
  2. Which group of possible evolutions you get on the Hello Kitty Tamagotchi is a simple 50/50 chance - there's nothing wrong with your Tamagotchi. Additionally, if your Tamagotchi ends up with Hello Kitty's bow on its head within 24 hours of becoming an adult, this is a "secret" evolution that means that you took perfect care of it during that period.
  3. I just spotted this and felt that it might be a good idea to make a post about it: At the time of writing, the Pixel Stars Digital Dreamhouse (which seems to be sort of like a colour-screen spiritual successor to the Pixel Chix line), has been discounted quite steeply at UK chain The Entertainer. I know that we've got some Pixel Chix fans here (paging @KidRetro64!), so I figured that it was worth a mention just in case it's of interest. The price is now £9.99, down from £29.99. If anyone here picks one up, enjoy the great deal!
  4. I was recently shown an Among Us Crewmate sock-plush video tutorial, by a YouTuber called Maqaroon, and partially followed it in order to make this little sock-doll. It was a lot of fun, and only took an hour or two, if that - I highly recommend checking it out! Their channel also has several other cute sock-plush tutorials, as well as a guide covering the techniques that you need to know to make your own. I adapted the tutorial to my own requirements by using non-fluffy pastel-coloured socks (part of a green one, and part of a blue one) and simplifying the legs by thread-sculpting them instead of sewing separated ones. I thread-sculpted the legs so that the toy would be even quicker to make, and so that it would look a little bit different to many of the other Among Us items out there. This sock-Crewmate is three-and-a-half inches tall, but you could make them in any size that you want, as long as you've got big enough socks in your crafting stash. Although I enjoy crafting custom items, I prefer to support official merchandise whenever it's available, so here's the sock-Crewmate with my official Pink Crewmate plush, too. No Impostors here - just a sock!
  5. Thanks very much! Haha, I'm glad that you liked that part! It ended up that way out of necessity - I realised that if I put the split-ring anywhere else, he wouldn't hang upright once attached to a bag or my keys. Thankyou again - I had a lot of fun with the face embroidery, and I really love how it came together. He ended up with exactly the slightly-derpy look that I wanted him to have. I've just completed a non-Tamagotchi craft that I'll be posting shortly - stay tuned!
  6. Yeah, it's become the absolute last-resort for online shopping for me, too. I would've gone elsewhere in this specific case too, but nobody is listing those new shells at all, for some reason, and I had some store-credit to use.
  7. I was checking Amazon UK since there are a couple of new Tamagotchi Original shells due out in November and I wanted to pre-order one of them, and at the bottom of my search-results I was greeted with this; I don't think that I've ever seen such a brazen slogan used for Amazon UK's promotions of these knock-off "brands"! For those who don't know, Amazon UK is almost like a reskinned Wish or AliExpress these days - it's often tricky to find legitimate products that you actually want to buy, and they usually prioritise junk and counterfeits (which are often overpriced), pushing legitimate items some way down in your search-results. (Or maybe I'm wrong, and everybody absolutely wants to buy from totally famous household names like "Pantyshka", "MANGOO", "FAIRZOO", "EQUASIS", and "CreepyParty". ) At any rate, I don't think that anybody here would agree that this particular product comparison is "Better with Zerodis"!
  8. I'm instantly suspicious of any article that makes such claims (the video that I linked to before explains why in detail), especially about the Gen 1/P1 devices. This news-article from January of 1998 mentions that, at the time of publishing, over 40 million Tamagotchis had already been sold - the Tamagotchi launched at the end of 1996 in Japan, and in mid-1997 everywhere else, so, even accounting for different colourways being produced in different numbers, those early devices are by no means rare. Expensive does not equal rare, and rare does not necessarily equal expensive. That goes double for items that sold many multiple millions. Thin air, I would imagine. Again, the video that I linked to before explains why listings like these can happen. Though of course, sometimes it's just as simple as a seller thinking that something is worth more than it is.
  9. Does it work if you use an outside image-host such as Imgur?
  10. Could you provide a picture of the one that you're looking at, please? Some models cost more than others, but at the same time some people will try to sell things for more than they're worth because they mistakenly believe that "old = rare" and that toys are investments. Not only that, but some models are more expensive now because they were unpopular during their time - sometimes due to not being as good as earlier iterations. Moreover, some online articles about toy-collecting (often ones bearing titles along the lines of "Your Vintage XYZ Could Be Worth A Fortune Today!", and similar) are deliberately misleading due to actually being associated with pump-and-dump schemes such as those that affected collectible coins in the 1980s, and which are affecting vintage video games right now. More information can be found in this video; It's about an hour long, but it's very informative for genuine enthusiasts who want to avoid getting ripped off and seeing their hobby gobbled up by disinterested parties who only seek to commoditise items in order to attempt to profit later. Be wary!
  11. It would be best to make a thread over in the "What's On Your Mind?" or "Seriously Tamagotchi" sections of the forum for this, so that others in the community can benefit from the same advice. You don't have to post the link to the listing, though of course if you're looking for specifics then pictures and descriptions will help a lot!
  12. I was - it all worked out fine. With batteries this old, it's just the luck of the draw, now!
  13. I currently have 40 virtual pets, ranging from Bandai's original Tamagotchi from 1996/1997 right across to many other competing brands from throughout the decades. I also have a number of official merchandise items from the Tamagotchi and Digimon franchises, as well as some fan-made tribute items. You may want to check out the Your Collection thread in order to take a peek at what others have! You can also add a list of what's in your collection to your profile page, too.
  14. I can sew and crochet plush toys, but my favourite part of the creative process is working on facial-features, thread-sculpting, and so on, and so I recently started making sock-dolls because they allow me to get to that stage faster. I have a couple of unfinished projects sitting on my desk waiting for me to get back to them, and I decided that today I would take a brief break from them in order to create a small item that could be finished quickly. This little keychain of Tarakotchi was the result. He's made from small pieces of two different pastel-coloured socks, his legs and hair (which also houses a metal split-ring) are made from black felt, and his eyes and smile were hand-embroidered with doubled-over size 8 pearl cotton. He took a little over an hour-and-a-half to complete, though this was spread throughout other tasks, rather than done all at once. Not only is this little Tarakotchi keychain my first ever finished sock-doll project, he's also the first ever project to be posted to the TamaCrafts Club! Welcome to the club, Tarakotchi.