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  1. I misread that "21" as a "2" for a moment, there. Let's set you guys back a bit.
  2. Many congratulations! The screen being set in so deep on the Nanos really doesn't help this, does it? Have a fantastic, fantastic day! You've clearly got excellent taste in movies - and don't forget to watch The Castle of Cagliostro, too, if you've got it, since, even though it's technically not a Ghibli film, it was Hayao Miyazaki's movie debut. (Either dub is good. I prefer the 1992 Streamline Pictures dub, though I'm told that the 2000 Manga Entertainment one is great too.)
  3. Hopefully this is sufficient to win the thread. I purchased a Sugoi-size plush lucky-bag from Tofu Cute, which is a UK-based retailer of Japanese snacks and kawaii items. They're the official UK retailer for the Japanese plush manufacturer, Amuse, so the plush blind-bags contain plushes only from that brand. This is what was in it; Namakemono Sloth Lets Join Hands Keychain (Dark Brown Silly) Puchimaru Colourful Teddy 2 Charm (Lavender, Blue Bow) Hige Manju Edo Trouble Charm (Ginger, Kintaro Apron) Poteusa Loppy Bunny Ears Small Keychain (Lemon Yellow) Fuku Fuku Shimaenaga Friends Small Keychain (White with Red Beak) KoroKoro Shiba Pup Pastel Plush Keychain (Sesame Grey) Cuteness overload! Also, the sloth's got poppers on his hands, so that he can hold onto or hang from things.
  4. I know, right? There are so many little wrinkles to it that make it stand out from a lot of other versions, regardless of era, which is why it's my all-time joint-favourite version alongside the original Gen 1 pet. I've gotta second all of that.
  5. Ahh, I see it now. Thankyou! Now I don't know how I missed that - I must've gotten a bit overwhelmed by all of the lines!
  6. From one Tamagotchi GB fan to another: This is absolutely fantastic work! I'm just curious if this is for the English version or the Japanese version, though? The conditions for obtaining Bill differ between the two.
  7. Oh my. It's proudly showing off its stinky feet. Haha, nice to see! The game does suggest (in very broken English) that the contest outcomes are influenced by how you've raised the Tamagotchi, so I guess that it makes sense that a better-care character has better odds of winning.
  8. I just played through and completed Jaleco's Avenging Spirit for the Game Boy, which is a 1992 conversion of the 1991 arcade-game of the same name. If you're familiar with Super Mario Odyssey, Avenging Spirit was the game that did all of that first - including the novel end-game sequence.
  9. For some reason, my Game Boy Tamagotchis always seem to get beaten by Ginjirotchis in the beauty-contests - the judges seem to be biased towards them! Hopefully that will go in your favour.
  10. I suspect that this is a very accurate analysis of the situation.
  11. I tried to avoid avoid writing down anything that might potentially be considered a spoiler, but yes, that's the line! ARGH! I had no idea that it was the same guy - I really liked Animal Crossing: The Movie, too, and it's a crying shame that it didn't get an official dub. (Oddly, the Professor Layton movie that was released at around the same time did get one, which was made for the UK DVD market, using the UK-version actors from the games.) Anyway, I agree wholeheartedly - the guy's got a real talent for that. I'm not holding out too much hope myself (after all, this movie unfortunately failed to do that job, and its dub was possibly a market-test for it), but I'd certainly like to see it. You're knowledgeable about the anime, so I assume that it's of a similar standard to the movie, and more of that would definitely be a good thing!
  12. Just to clarify, here, just as with Postimages, you don't need an account to use Imgur's services - just go here:
  13. The upcoming Hello Kitty Tamagotchi is a licensed Tamagotchi Nano, so it plays like that line - it isn't the same as either the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini or the full-sized Tamagotchi Original/The Original Tamagotchi remakes. The most recent Nano release before this one was the Pac-Man Tamagotchi, and from the official description it sounds like the Hello Kitty version is likely to be functionally identical.
  14. I'm really fond of seeing the community's lesser-covered games getting logged, so I just wanted to second what Eggiweg said about Tamagotchi PC - I'll also be interested in seeing it whenever you have the time to add that into your log. It kind of reminds me of a Japanese Tamagotchi-like program for Windows 95, which did the rounds online in 1997, including within the English online fandom of that time, which as far as I can remember was called "Nest". Although that one was, of course, a lot simpler, since it was based on the original Tamagotchi devices. I would imagine that Nest has been lost to time at this point, though! EDIT: Hold the phone! Nest still exists!
  15. Oh now this is cool to see! I love seeing and reading about lesser-logged releases like this.
  16. It's the Circle of Life, and it kills us all. Poor Birokutchi. I'm sure that she had a good life, though - y'know, except for the poop thing. It's even more "intense" than the Japanese version of the death scene in the first game. And that one's striking enough! I'll be looking forward to reading your thoughts on it - it wouldn't surprise me if it was indeed a "B team" who worked on the third game, due to how late it came along in both the Game Boy's life and the lifetime of the original Tamagotchi craze.
  17. It does, just in a very different way to the Super Game Boy. The background and sprite layers get two separate palettes applied to them on a Game Boy Colour - you can choose from the pre-sets during the boot-splash. For me, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll pick a palette (usually the Game Boy Colour's blue offering for Tamagotchi GB, since I like how it looks), but other times I'll just go with pure monochome - though the Game Boy Colour only offers this in Game Boy Pocket greys, rather than original Game Boy greens.
  18. And that is why I am doing my job and politely providing the necessary information. By the way, @leogames2012, please note that this is a forum, and not a chat-room or a social-media platform - if you need to add to a previous message, you can click on the provided Edit button for up to 24 hours after you've published something, and this will let you add more to it.
  19. Yay! I've been looking forward to this! I've been wondering this too - you're a lot closer to finding this out than I am! Is that the Super Game Boy palette that I spy? I don't get to see that on my Game Boy Colours or clones thereof. Looks lovely!
  20. Hello @Tamagirl_14. This is the third time that I have had to move a topic of yours out of the News and Announcements section, and the second time that I've had to mention that each section of the forum has a description attached to it so that you know the correct place to post. Please note that the News and Announcements section is for official Tamagotchi news (i.e., news about new releases from Bandai, or new merchandise from companies who work with them), or for news from the site's administration - it's not for news about users' Tamagotchis. Please also note that this is a forum, and not a chat-room or a social-media platform - if you need to add to a previous message, you can click on the provided Edit button for up to 24 hours after you've published something, and this will let you add more to it. I have moved this thread to the What's On Your Mind? section for now, but there is also a section called Tamagotchi Logs where you can write a diary about your Tamagotchi's progress - if you plan on posting regular updates like this, you might enjoy writing them there.
  21. I didn't know that such a thing was out there - thanks very much for the heads-up! I might look it up later, since it'll probably shed a bit more light on how the game ticks. Thankyou. I never leave it behind for too long! I just want to put a bit more time into other games for a bit.
  22. I was already spending a bunch of time with my Game Boy Colour this evening (the custom one, as opposed to the clone, this time), so I felt like playing through two in-game days for Bimmy, today. On the first of them, which for him was his fifth in-game day, he won a race. And then, on Bimmy's sixth in-game day, the moment of truth arrived - he evolved! And he evolved into... ... A Zuccitchi! Was the Mimitchi method incorrect, or did the one cake that I gave him in error foul everything up? I don't know. I'm fine with it since I like Zuccitchi, but I'm a little puzzled by this, I must admit - barring the lone cake, I gave Bimmy perfect care throughout, always kept his weight at its lowest-possible level, always kept his stress at 0, never let the Hungry or Happy hearts drop below one empty, and caught and acted on all of his discipline calls*. Also, he evolved with all of his meters full. *@LucidLyes - Thanks for contacting me and letting me know what to do with the random sad-face calls that are different to refusals to eat/play. You do indeed have to scold them for those, just like you said. Apparently they're supposed to be temper-tantrums! I had mistaken them for the crying that requires praising in order to calm them down, as seen on the Tamagotchi Connection line. Incidentally, in researching why this happened (though I still don't know why, even now), I discovered that the "Mine" meter is actually meant to be Selfishness! Man, that's a hell of a mistranslation. Once again, I strongly suspect that Tamagotchi GB was the subject of a Japanese-to-English Dictionary translation. Apparently, in Tamagotchi GB, Zuccitchi and Masktchi have a chance to evolve into Bill, and apparently in the Western version this is easier to do than in the Japanese version, as explained here. However, even though I know that it's easier in the English version, I don't know how it's actually done! Anyway, after all of that, I entered Bimmy into a beauty contest, but he placed third, and the poor little guy looked SO upset! Still, the rest of his in-game day was happy, since now he's getting to try all sorts of new foods that he wasn't allowed to have before! But, for now, I'm going to put my log on a brief hiatus again, as I've got a bunch of old games that I want to spend more time with (including my binder full of Game Boy games), and I don't want to end up with Tamagotchi burnout of any kind! Time for some retro gaming!