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  1. Oh niiiice! That sort of thing is always fun reading, at least for folks like us. I'm really looking forward to your post about that.
  2. I certainly did - thankyou very much for your continued work on documenting these things. Oooooh, now that's going to be fun to see! Where did you find those?!
  3. No problem - hopefully now you can get back to running it.
  4. Like I said, the bottom one. Here; Pardon the awful quality of these, please. It'll put up a bit more resistance when you try to open it if old batteries are already in there, since you need to push down from the top of the battery-door in order to slide it off of the device, but it shouldn't be getting stuck!
  5. Disciplining and nurturing is only part of the picture, though. Like I said, the cost of living is higher over here - it always has been. Our bills are higher, our petrol costs more, and so on. It is rather a lot for a Tamagotchi, to be fair. That sort of pricing sounds off-putting to me as an enthusiast who imported the Japanese version of this model for less than that, including shipping and local taxes... I can only imagine how those with kids would balk at it! That said, again, the pricing being a factor is only my best guess, because I really can't see any other reason why they wouldn't bring it over. It doesn't seem to be an issue for other expensive toys, though, so perhaps they just don't see any profit in bringing it over here; Perhaps the market is not as large as the constant sell-outs of the other recent releases made it appear to be? They have that data, and we don't, after all. There's not just currency-conversion to consider - they also have to deal with the costs of importing goods into Europe and having them tested and certified as safe to sell as toys for kids in this region, and probably some other things that I'm forgetting as well. That stuff all raises the price for us as the end consumers, because they have to spend more in the first place in order to release it here. I'd love to know, because it just seems so nonsensical. If you see anything mentioned about whatever their actual reasons might be for having no plans for the Tamagotchi On over here, please do give them a mention!
  6. That doesn't entirely surprise me - there are some very specific cultural issues regarding shopping, in Japan, after all, and this is probably related to one of them. The old chestnut of how if you're asking if an item is in stock then you're committing to buying it is the one that always sticks in my head - it was included with some advice that I read before I started using proxy services. Actually, that's well worth knowing for our friends here who are considering using Buyee, really.
  7. Thanks for this - I've been using Buyee for years, but this has never come up, and I had no idea about it!
  8. In one way, that's legitimately surprising, since the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini and the Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 & Gen 2 did so well here. In another, considering its price in the US and the high cost of living over here, it's perhaps not so surprising... Perhaps they're thinking that parents may reject that sort of pricing for a toy that's famous for being a simple, affordable keychain gadget?
  9. Congratulations! You're now officially the person that we're all going to be looking to in order to get this information.
  10. I don't know how it is with the 4U, but the reset button on the Meets isn't the one that opens the battery compartment - the less-recessed one at the bottom does. Pushing it down using a ballpoint pen whilst sliding the battery-door downwards and away from the Tamagotchi with your other hand should let you remove it with no resistance.
  11. KidRetro64's got it in one, here! 👍 Still, if you can post a picture of the letter, I'm sure that someone can tell you specifically what it says.
  12. I'm happy to see a new English-language release, and I'm happy to see them finally releasing the colour Tamagotchis outside of Japan, but I haven't decided whether or not I'll pick up a Tamagotchi On yet. The reason for that is that I was burned by the bugginess of the Tamagotchi Meets (I imported one upon release), and didn't find it to be as engaging as the pre-Connexion Tamagotchis partly as a result of this. I won't consider it if the bugs haven't been fixed.
  13. Buyee is a proxy service, so you pay for the goods, a markup fee on those goods, the shipping from the seller in Japan to Buyee, and the shipping from Buyee to you. Optionally you can also pay extra to have Buyee inspect your items for damage when the items arrive with them. You are also responsible for paying any import fees and taxes that you incur once the items arrive in your country. It's easy to use, and Buyee are very up-front and clear about their fees (you can read about them here), but it's very important to do your research first, as the fees with services like this can rack up, and it's your responsibility to know what taxes your country may or may not charge you when your goods pass through customs.
  14. I imagine that we won't know that until the Tamagotchi On is in people's hands. I doubt that it's something that any of the Western arms of Bandai are going to publicise, either.
  15. I have no idea - I haven't seen any UK coverage of the Tamagotchi On yet, so I haven't seen any statements from Bandai UK, either. I prefer Smyths Toys over The Entertainer, myself (for some inexplicable reason, The Entertainer doesn't carry Pokemon products, even though it's the world's biggest media-franchise, and those sorts of oversights seem to be common with them), but unfortunately The Entertainer had exclusivity on the Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 and Gen 2 re-releases, so I'm going to hazard a guess that the same could yet happen with the On. I don't want that, but at this point it's been a long time since Smyths or anyone else carried any Tamagotchi goods. Still, here's hoping, eh?
  16. Finally! I'm glad that they got there in the end! As Jhud said, have fun!
  17. Sitting out in the sun, being dropped, or glitches are very unlikely to be why Tamagotchis aren't evolving. It's awesome that you're so eager to help people, and I see you doing so often, which always raises a smile because so many people don't go out of their way to do such things in this day and age. However, pulling nonsensical or poor advice out of thin air just for the sake of making a post only muddies the waters - other people will find these threads when looking for help with their Tamagotchis, after all, and though the wrong advice can sometimes just be a minor hindrance (talking about sunlight-exposure somehow changing the gameplay is likely to just cause confusion, for example), other times (such as when suggesting debugging a unit, as I've seen mentioned elsewhere) it can pose an actual risk to people's devices. I don't have an Osutchi & Mesutchi pair myself, but they're from the same era as the originals, and my understanding is that they work similarly to them. A very quick check on the Tamagotchi Wiki suggests that it can take up to 72 hours for them to evolve into teenagers. Here's the relevant quote; If they haven't evolved already by the time you read this, I would imagine that they will very soon!
  18. No, you've been pronouncing it correctly. The people in the commercial are pronouncing it wrong, which is embarrassing for such a high-profile "revival". This incorrect pronunciation originated from incorrect information provided to those behind Tamagotchi Video Adventures, and that same information was also provided to some members of the press at around the same time (or perhaps those behind Tamagotchi Video Adventures did their research and thought that the press were correct - it could go either way, but at this point I have to assume that some well-meaning individual has been referring to old reference materials for the new ad, and that the same info was given to the production-company back in the 1990s). It's also where the falsehood that Tamagotchi translates as "cute little egg" comes from. To be absolutely clear: Tamagotchi is a portmanteau of "tamago" (egg), and "uotchi" (katakana spelling of the loanword "watch"; The "i" is silent in Japan, but is pronounced in Western promotions because it sounds exotic and catchy), and the correct (Western) pronunciation is "Tamm-a-gotchee" (or just "Tamm-a-gotch", in Japan). It is not, as the false information claims, a portmanteau of "tamago" and "chibi", and it is not pronounced "Tamm-a-go-chee" as per that and the Tamagotchi On commercial. For what it's worth, past commercials, dating all the way back to the late 1990s, got the pronunciation right.
  19. The ad does it justice. The "Their story's in my hands." line is a really good promotional phrase, too. Unfortunately, it's also revived the mispronunciation of Tamagotchi that originated in Tamagotchi Video Adventures. Boo! I'm looking forward to seeing whether or not we get different advertising in the UK, and what that will turn out to be.
  20. To be fair, from most people's perspectives, we've gone from the 1990s originals, to the 20th Anniversary Minis, to these, so colour displays are going to sound like a pretty big deal, never mind the rest of the features.
  21. I imported a Meets and felt a bit burned by it due to the bugs, but I've got to admit that I'm finding this really exciting! I'll be interested in seeing what they cost here in the UK (where I presume The Entertainer will carry them, since they had exclusivity on the Tamagotchi Original). They haven't released a straight localised edition of a Japanese version in a very long time, have they? This kind of reminds me of what they did with the originals back in the 1990s.
  22. @DaniTamastar - Fantastic find! I must admit that I never expected this to happen so soon. Hopefully they'll fix the bugs that the Japanese versions have in this localised edition! Whoever saw that one coming, eh? I'm going to hazard a guess that they're going to be banking on the typical perception of "big special-looking box = product worth a higher price-tag" because these are going to be more expensive than what people are accustomed to for virtual pets. Hopefully the packaging materials will be recyclable, at least.
  23. Now we have a mystery! When you guys first started playing, did you hit the reset button before hatching your first egg? I know that they've typically recommended that over the years in order to prevent unexpected behaviour and glitches.
  24. Thanks very much! I can certainly see the cat being an updated look for Nyatchi, but it was the mouse that got me curious, because I couldn't see any root for them, either. All of the other version-number screens use pre-existing Tamagotchi characters, right? That being so, could the angry mouse* have been a dropped character? *Can we call the two Itchytchi and Scratchytchi?