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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning this here, but I can't take the credit for it - I simply made a corrected version of a chart that someone else created, after my own experiences with the pet didn't line up with the chart. Anyway, my apologies for the interruption! Have fun with this hatch, you guys - I'm having fun reading everyone's contributions!
  2. WHEE! I was able to get the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Amiibo cards for their standard £4.99 retail price from Nintendo UK's online store! That wins, right?
  3. It's A-ok to do that - the logs section is open to all virtual pets! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I'm looking forward to seeing more - I love seeing coverage of lesser-known virtual pets (or virtual pet programs for general-purpose devices), myself.
  4. It totally does! Hell, even the name Jedi was inspired by jidai-geki (literally "period-drama"), which is basically the samurai equivalent to Wild West movies.
  5. Haha, yes! The Dinkie Penguin key-art is the origin of my avatar! These are really fun little pets (I have the red version myself, and it's still one of my favourites because it's just so incredibly cute), so congratulations on this acquisition!
  6. OOH! Thanks for posting this! This is both really neat, and also interesting from a historical perspective, because it's yet another license that previously had a virtual pet from a competing line* which has now ended up with a licensed Tamagotchi. *There was a Giga Pets R2-D2 back in the 1990s. Additionally there were also Pokemon and Hello Kitty virtual pets from Nintendo (the latter being interesting on its own because Bandai also produced a different Hello Kitty virtual pet back in the day, too, so there wasn't exclusivity on that), just to provide examples of the others that sprang to mind. I'm not sure if this one will be for me, though - my favourite droid is C3PO! There's nothing to be confused about here - Disney doesn't own public-domain stories and the Fantasy Meets was not a Disney-based product, so there was never any conflict of interest. Copyright law doesn't protect ideas, but rather it protects the unique individual expressions of them (barring scenes-a-faire, which are not protected by copyright because they're basically a type of trope); This is also why Disney officially refers to their own versions as "Disney's [Title]" or "Disney [Title]". The Wonder Garden more likely existed as it was because there may have been a plan at some point to split the Fantasy Meets into two Western releases - the Wonder Garden, with half of the Fantasy's content, came along after a Bandai survey revealed that most Tamagotchi On buyers were willing to buy multiple devices, which is what suggests this possibility. We know now that they opted for a refresh with the Tamagotchi Pix instead, though. Moreover, a company having the master toy license doesn't rule out other companies from also getting toy licenses for the same properties - they just won't be the master/primary licensee, so they'll be licensed to make a narrower range of products (in this case, just one toy-category).
  7. That decoration is a samurai doll, which represents Japanese folk-heroes like Kintaro or Momotaro. It's there to represent the upcoming Children's Day, which takes place in Japan on May 5th every year.
  8. No worries, I've moved it to the right place. As for this particular phenomenon, as @tamastar133 notes, there's supposed to be an equal chance of getting each gender - so, of course, mathematics being what it is, sometimes you might find that you get a lot of one or the other in a row. It'll change eventually!
  9. I just hopped onto the official GigaPets AR website, as I do every now and then, and noticed that they released a new virtual pet in December 2020, called the "GigaPets Pixie". The official GigaPets store has them listed here (or here for the card-mounted release that's discounted by $5 at the time of writing), and you can download a digital copy of the manual from the same link, too. Interestingly, the official description makes it sound like they have some elements in common with Bandai's Magical Witches, of all things! The official promotional video is below; I'm really glad to see that the crew at Top Secret Toys are still looking to do new things with the GigaPets brand.
  10. ... Evidently I didn't break the thread properly last time. Let's try again. Penguins, you know what to do!
  11. They also changed the shades on the pink device, as far as I can see! (Though maybe the prototype picture was just kind of washed-out.) Anyway, I agree, and this is my only major concern about the device so far - we've already seen for the last two years that there's an audience who wants to buy into the colour Tamagotchis, but finds the available casings to be off-putting (and that audience is not entirely male, either). The monochrome releases don't have this problem, so why do the colour ones? The franchise hit its heights when it offered a wider range of casings to suit all tastes - both gender-specific and gender-neutral. Maybe the research concerned was geared towards confirming existing biases, much like the minor controversy that sprung up around the product-research for the Lego Friends line, some years ago? I would hope that's not the case, though. Myself, I'm a lass who's not into girly-girl colourways, and I liked the look of the blue prototype with the 1990s-esque faceplate-art. I had to settle for the purple one here. These being the launch colours, I won't be inclined to buy a second device (it's different when we're talking about the low-price monochrome versions, but the Pix is £60!), but I do hope that they widen the scope of this later on. That's true, though after a rash of security issues regarding "connected" toys over the last several years, I can't blame them for naming that as a concern too - to be fair it probably was one, since some of the affected products in those cases included cameras (see the 2015 VTech breach, for example - no toy company wants something like that on their record). If they don't let you take the photos off of the device or connect that device to the internet, then they can't fall foul of anything like that. This reminds me of the Game Boy Camera, where it was never intended to let you transfer images off of the device, but which allowed you to use the Game Boy Printer to print them onto little stickers. Later on, people found out that the printer data could be captured and turned into an image, and it led to a revival of the device for novelty photography due to the Game Boy Camera's charmingly unique look. I wonder if we'll see any sort of hacks like this for the Pix?
  12. My takeaway from the excellent video-interview was that you can't - the lovely lady from Bandai mentioned wanting to keep one of hers for longer but being unable to, if I'm remembering right. They sugar-coat it so much these days that they don't even seem to have said anything about it this time, so far. Usually I'd be surprised if it wasn't present, but on the other hand this appears to be a Western-specific version, and the sugar-coating of the subject of death has usually been aimed at Western audiences.
  13. I'm probably one of the only people here who views this as a major plus. (I never liked the feature because it effectively removed the concept of a lifecycle from the originator of the virtual pets category.)
  14. The first UK pre-orders are now available from The Entertainer, priced at £59.99 each (so a bit more than the US is paying, but not by too much - most of it appears to be taxes rather than the markup that we typically experience here); Tamagotchi Pix - Purple Sky Tamagotchi Pix - Pink Floral We now also have a release-date for the UK, and that is August 2nd. I've just grabbed myself a pre-order for a purple one. Kudos to Bandai for not jacking the price up super-high (I looked into importing from the US, which resulted in a projected cost of over £80 - I'm glad that the UK price is lower!), and for actually releasing a colour device in the UK for the first time!
  15. Wow, they kind of look like they're descended from Triffids! What an unusual result!
  16. At this point, it just feels like a whole bunch of laziness - the general feel that I always get from these articles is "1990s toy that poops and dies", and since there's been a fairly constant stream of Western releases for the last three-and-a-half years, it ends up feeling more jarring to a fan, and quite possibly also to anyone who's seen them still offered for sale in local shops. Of course, Tamagotchis won't have remained a constant for most or all of these writers, but it only takes two minutes to do the necessary research to find that out - even the Wikipedia article will do the job (it's surprisingly comprehensive). That said, these sorts of articles are generally just regurgitations of official press-releases, so there's usually not very much real writing involved - they're just cheap clickbait articles that don't take much time to create, and which bring easy revenue to the sites that run them. Of course, it never helps when official documentation includes that sort of phraseology to latch onto - though I can fully understand why a copy-writer would want to include a reference to the brand's highest point (and this will probably go on for as long as press-releases include this). There are other toy brands that occasionally experience this (Teddy Ruxpin, Furby, Polly Pocket, Care Bears, and My Little Pony all spring to mind, and I know that I must be forgetting a bunch), and even some very major brands get affected every now and then - I even remember being shown an article from a foreign newspaper that acted like the 2017 Nintendo Switch was Nintendo's first console since the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System, for example (though quite how they thought that had happened when Pokemon is the world's biggest media-franchise, I don't know). That one was a good example of the sort of laziness and press-release-regurgitation that plagues articles about new Tamagotchi releases.
  17. The most that we've got right now is the gameplay that's described and shown in a video interview that was posted here. It sounds like the camera can be used as part of the new cooking feature, but they didn't show it or talk about how that works. That's all that I'm aware of at the moment.
  18. This was a good watch! It's a bit maddening that Bandai's staff are still mispronouncing their own product's name ("gotch" rhymes with "watch", guys - you should know this, as the Japanese spelling is its own pronunciation guide!), but at least the interviewer got it right at the start of the interview! Anyway, back when we saw the retail leaks I wasn't sold on the Tamagotchi Pix at all, and I saw a lot of potential for safety blunders due to the camera and the early information about online interactions (I'm VERY happy to see that Bandai was focussed on safety throughout the product's development - a lot of toy companies unfortunately treat that as an afterthought and release internet-connected toys with major security-holes), but I've got to admit that now that we've seen the official reveal and the close-up footage and gameplay from this interview, I'm a lot more interested. I'm also happy to see that they're not farming out features to an ephemeral app this time. I didn't think that the final reveal would change my mind, but I'm just waiting for UK pre-orders to open, now! Hopefully they'll actually happen, unlike with the On, which we just never got.
  19. Ah! That makes perfect sense! The Tama-Go and the Friends passed me by, so I didn't put two and two together here.
  20. No problem at all! Ahh! That makes more sense! I presume that they skipped 4 for superstitious reasons, here?
  21. No problem at all! Here are some pictures of my Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 Sunset, and my Tamagotchi Original Gen 2 Sky devices (so, also the modern re-issues), after the LCD-test part of the ROM-test; I did not get a screen displaying the frequency - pressing a button after the checksum was verified sent both of the English devices straight to the standard egg screen. As a bonus, though I don't have a Japanese Gen 1 remake to show alongside it, here's a picture of my Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi Gen 2 Hiragana; The Japanese device did not show or verify a checksum, and it also didn't show the frequency - pressing a button on the version-number screen sent it straight to the standard egg screen. As you can see, the odd thing is that the version numbers don't match up with @hwd45's list! As far as that goes, I have two more English Tamagotchi Original Gen 1 devices (the Purple and Neon ones, which are both plain colours), and I can test those too if anybody would like me to.
  22. Hi there @PandaCatQueen01! Unfortunately, the News and Announcements section, as its description states, is for official Tamagotchi news and official TamaTalk news - it's not for users' news about their personal Tamagotchis. I've moved this to the What's On Your Mind? section, accordingly. However, if you would prefer to use this thread as a Tamagotchi log (basically, a Tamagotchi diary), I could move it to the Tamagotchi Logs section instead - please let me know.
  23. Honestly, after HOO BOO and HOI BOO, I expected to see a picture showing it saying HOO BOI, too! Seriously, though, it really is a brilliant find. It makes me wonder about what might be hiding in other releases, too.
  24. Hi there Tama-Hacker, and welcome to TamaTalk! As far as I know, this isn't an Easter Egg (so I've moved it to another section of the forum, accordingly) - it sounds like you've stumbled across a feature that's usually referred to as a "ROM Test", which is an on-board debugging feature (something that's usually used by programmers or repairmen) that tests and provides information about a Tamagotchi's hardware and software. There is a bit more information about what ROM-testing is all about in this thread by @hwd45, although please note that the linked thread is about a different series of Tamagotchi models to the recent Gen 1 and Gen 2 reissues, and so not all of the information will apply.