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  1. And funnily enough, I'm listening to this right now; \m/
  2. Good luck! Be wary, though - some units were recalled, though Bandai was never 100% clear on why that was (so it's not entirely known if there were bugs in the programming or if there were simply dead-on-arrival units that never worked), so you may have to check with the seller to see if any given unit has problems.
  3. They did, about a year-and-a-half ago - it was called the Eevee X Tamagotchi. It came in two different shells, and it had various outcomes including a Team Rocket Eevee, but unfortunately it wasn't released outside of Japan.
  4. Hi and welcome to TamaTalk! I didn't have any dinosaur virtual pets myself as a youngster, but I knew others who did, so let's try to do some digging! To start off with, since the Tamagotchi is Bandai's virtual pet brand, and you're looking for a virtual pet that was created by another company, using this name might be a hindrance as "Tamagotchi" isn't a generic term. The fixed age for dying reminds me of the MGA VR Creatures line - those only have a very short lifespan of 9 days that doesn't vary by whether you got the good-care, middling-care, or bad-care adults, and they did come in a few shell formats (meaning that it's possible that a four-button version exists) and have a graphical style similar to the Dinopet, as you've shown. I have the MGA Penguin (they all play pretty much the same), so I do know these pets - did your dinosaur require you to fill up a discipline bar even if it had done nothing wrong? For four-button dinosaur pets, the first one that springs to mind for me is the Dino Baby (also sold as the MicroPet Baby Dino), which is a dinosaur pet that uses the Gyaoppi programming (Gyaoppi is basically a loose "family" of virtual pets that came from a number of manufacturers who licensed this programming for their products) - however, I don't know if this particular shell is similar enough to the Dinkie Dino to be a match, and I don't know of any Gyaoppi virtual pets with a short fixed lifespan. Another pet, which might match both the fixed lifespan and four-button Dinkie Dino-style shell, as well as the place that it was bought, is the Hitorikko Dinosaur, which this video shows was sold in Spain as the "Pocket Dino". Hitorikko pets were inspired by the Dinkie line, and have a fixed lifespan of 8 days (which is shorter than the Dinkies' 11 days). I hope that these ideas might help you to get further with your search!
  5. I do not believe that this is an authorised crown.
  6. If this is anything like the snowman animation from earlier in the year, then I wonder if it happens automatically on its own, but the animation simply takes place in the back-yard?
  7. This right here is why I suspect that the UK hasn't gotten the On at all.
  8. Y'know, this photo kind of looks like it came from Oscar the Grouch's family reunion.
  9. Y'know, this has been bugging me for a bit: I'm wondering why they changed the name from Fantasy to Wonder Garden. They left Fairy and Magic alone.
  10. Hi Ashlynn, and welcome to TamaTalk! I've moved your thread to Help For Tamagotchi Owners, as the Tips and Tricks section is not for questions, and I've amended the title too so that people can find your question more easily. Good luck finding the answers that you're looking for!
  11. Heheheh, that's perfectly fair to be honest! I mean, we both know that their standard for translations is a bit lackadaisical, too, so it certainly does sometimes feel like there's a bit of a "Meh, don't care much." attitude going around at times. To be fair to Bandai, though, their press materials did state that it was a simplified smaller device which brought back much (but not all) of what the original was about - at least in the UK. (We never got the Mini here the first time around, so the 20th Anniversary Mini was our first exposure to that version.) "The Original Virtual Reality Pet" was the franchise's Western slogan for the original releases, though* - that's the only reason why that was there. Both regions' 20th Anniversary Minis had their original packaging and slogans replicated exactly, but in miniature form and with an anniversary marking on it somewhere. *I like to imagine that it was bullishly coined in response to all of the imitators and competitors that sprung up, because that's just how it sounds to me. Same here. I'd honestly like to buy an On to go with my Meets, but I was reluctant to import one upon their US release because I'd much rather support a local release, and the current pandemic makes that even less appealing now. I can't say that I'd mind a bug-fixed Western release of the Eevee Nano, either, come to think of it.
  12. Nothing does, though - that's why we have different parts of the market to begin with. Trust me, I'd love to know what's next, too! I'm still waiting and hoping that at some point we'll see a bit more variety in the way of some new monochrome releases that aren't just retro-themed Minis and license-themed Nanos propping up colour releases that not all countries are getting. (We never got the On in the UK, either, unfortunately.) EDIT; They knew exactly what they were selling - it is their own product, after all! It was cheap publicity to package it in the original-style packaging*, and I agree that it definitely did some damage, but I don't recall Bandai saying that it wasn't a Mini - I only remember the press doing that (and even so, they did mention the reduced size and I was able to find out within five minutes of hearing about it that it was a Mini, even though I'd never heard of a Mini before that point). Bandai were very clear when they actually re-issued the originals. *Though they know what their own products are, there is potential for them to have failed to do their research here. They did the exact same thing with the retro packaging in Japan, but somehow people weren't confused by it there and knew that it was a Chibi - were they clearer in their messaging, or was this due to how context-heavy the Japanese language is? I wonder if they assumed a level of context-sensitivity that doesn't exist in Western markets when they pulled the same stunt outside of Japan?
  13. Some people's lack of research doesn't remove the merits that simpler releases like the Nanos and Minis have, though. Sometimes, a less-demanding virtual pet is just what a person might want - regardless of whether they're a hardcore fan or not. Though I have enjoyed the Meets (though only after taking some time to accept what it is and what it is not), I'm not a big fan of the colour releases myself. I would much rather see licensed Nanos or a new Mini-style variant alongside the more expensive releases, than nothing at all, as they are enjoyable low-maintenance releases. (If they keep releasing licensed Nanos every so often, I'd love to see one for the Kirby series' 30th anniversary in 2022, because it would be a good fit for commemorating a series that started on the Game Boy. ) I wouldn't imply that the colour Tamagotchis aren't good because they don't cater to my preferred definition of a virtual pet, so why should the Nano and Mini be classified as not being good, by the same metric? They're just different products that are aimed at different market-segments, after all.
  14. I just wanted to quickly drop in and let you know that I'm thoroughly enjoying reading this log. I've never seen anyone log a Devilgotch before, and it's one of the versions that I don't know much about due to their scarcity, so it's good fun to follow!
  15. No problem at all! Incidentally, there is an Edit button in the lower-left corner of your posts - if you need to add to a previous message, you can use that instead of posting multiple separate messages in a row. This also means that we don't have to keep checking in and merging your posts for you.
  16. @charli xo - Going by the URL, your link points to an image-search for "cute girls anime". For future reference, you can take a photograph of your device and then upload it using Imgur or a similar image-hosting service.
  17. These are some pretty pitiful winning posts. Here is one that will blow your mind; (Source.) (Source.) Dr. Mario is really a veterinarian!
  18. Aww, thankyou very much! I'm glad that you've enjoyed it. So do I, and I think that it grows on you the more that you run it. I would definitely pick up another themed Nano again, if they release more that fit my interests. They can actually die to this if you leave them with it for too long, and it's mildly creepy (I mean, listen to this, it sounds like it came from a creepypasta ) - you'll find them fallen over with the bug surrounding them, and when you press the button to call Pac-Man to rescue them like he normally would, the bug consumes the fallen Tamagotchi and then the entire screen, and it all goes black before you see the final grave scene! Honestly, I think that creepy bad endings like this can be pretty cool, and this one is done really well. Incidentally, the grave screen in this version has one of the Pac-Man ghosts hanging around next to Obaketchi, which is a neat touch. Again, thanks very much. It's kind of on a semi-hiatus at the moment as I ran out of batteries for the Meets and haven't felt like running much other than the Nano which isn't especially loggable. This kind of reminds me, though, that I need to look into the Giga Pets AR line (the recent Giga Pets remakes), as they're apparently going to be releasing a bug-fixed re-issue wave sometime soon, and I don't have one in my collection yet. I was holding out for the penguin one that they teased right at the beginning, but at this point I might just get the unicorn and call it a day.
  19. The forums have a fairly low file-size limit, since images use up more bandwidth than text does, which costs money for our Admin. It's best to downsize them in an image-editing application so that they're not gigantic (since some members may have limited bandwidth themselves for whatever reason - some ISPs do cap this, and large images are best avoided when using mobile data plans), and then use an outside image-hosting service like Imgur*, instead. *Other members will have other recommendations, and your mileage may vary. I use Imgur because it's very quick and easy-to-use, it doesn't require you to make an account, and it's simple to get the BBCode necessary to post the images on forums - simply mouse over the top-right corner of the image once you've uploaded it, click on "Get share links", and then copy from the BBCode box and paste it into your post here.
  20. I was running my Pac-Man Tamagotchi again (May 22nd was Pac-Man's 40th anniversary!), and funnily enough... ... I got Kuchipatchi.
  21. Excellent post - just what I like to see! There was that showing at the New York Toy Fair earlier in the year, which this would line up with, right?
  22. I paid off my final home-loan last night, so now all of my Bells can be spent on whatever I want, and I get free exterior remodels for life! I also managed to get a 5-star rating for my island by accident, just by making it look how I wanted it to, which was a nice surprise.
  23. That's right, I did. This post was originally a reply to an unrelated thread, so I split it out. My apologies for not including a note - I was a bit busy at the time and was taking care of moderator duties in between other tasks!
  24. As the caption for that picture notes, that Tamagotchi character is Kuchipatchi. You can learn more about the Tamagotchi characters here: