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  1. Yeah, and I think that's why it seems to work better even though it shouldn't. AHAHAHAHA! That's made my day, thanks so much.
  2. In the end, I chose to have Blobtchi marry Pizalinatchi, since @Joc posted the Pac-Man Tamagotchi ad over in News and Announcements yesterday, and we all know about the famous claim about Pac-Man having been inspired by a pizza that was missing a slice. Thanks for the inspiration, Joc! Blobtchi and Pizalinatchi had twin boys - a blue one named Slicetchi, and a forest-green one called Peppertchi. I'll post the next update when they're fully-grown.
  3. Heh, true, though I meant it more in terms of logistics - crossing the lore of the two franchises just doesn't work (to the point that they're not even trying to here - it's more like some Tamagotchis have taken up residence in an arcade-game, Wreck-It Ralph style). It's still cute, though. I find the Sanrio crossovers odd, too (cute, definitely, but also odd). Let's be honest, the Sanrio cast would go to the opening of an envelope, too!
  4. Oh my god, that is not the result that I was expecting! Not only did Blobtchi live up to his unfortunate name with unfortunate looks (he looks like a puffball from the Kirby series, given a hideous beak and stuck onto a tiny body), but he also completely washed out the gene-pool! I was expecting at least some cute ears to make it through from somewhere in the family-tree (especially since his teen stage inexplicably had small horns), but nope! He's such a blank slate that I literally have no idea who to have him marry, because he barely has any traits of his own to pass on, and I just can't imagine how the next generation might look. I don't imagine that it'd be as much of a shock as this one, though!
  5. @Joc - That was a really fun little ad! I really can't wait for this one. The crossover makes zero sense (and I love Pac-Man and appreciate his legacy, but these days he'd go to the opening of an envelope ), but it's such a nicely-executed little oddity that I can't help but like it. It's definitely going to be the weirdest piece of Pac-Man 40th Anniversary memorabilia that I end up picking up.
  6. No, the 1996 and 1997 Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices do not marry or breed, and nor do their modern remakes. That feature was added later on, first with the Japan-only Osutchi & Mesutchi pairs in late 1997, but more famously with the Tamagotchi Connection in 2004.
  7. Very well, but I only stated a fact. I will elucidate, instead of summarising as I did before; The service started in 2010 at the end of the life of the Nintendo DS (which originally launched in 2004), and ran across part of that system's life and also the life of its successor, the Nintendo 3DS (which launched in 2011). Both systems' provisions of the Pokemon Global Link services overlapped with the hardwares' respective successors, and both of those systems have now themselves been superseded by the Nintendo Switch (which launched in 2017). Pokemon Global Link is technically a decade-old service, but it has already had multiple iterations that already ended before this one, each lasting only three to four years each. People only seem to be focussing on the 2016 iteration ending, though - presumably because it marks the end of an era, even though the vast majority of customers have long since moved on, and even though a provision has been put in place (a temporary free trial period for Pokemon Bank, if memory serves - a 2013 service that itself has now been superseded by 2020's Pokemon Home) to assist those who wish to move over to the current products and services. Technology has very much marched on. The purpose of a business is to make and keep customers, and also to turn a profit - and there is nothing wrong with that as long as the correct balance of customer satisfaction, customer-service, and profit is achieved, which is what makes a business sustainable. Loaded terms like "care about" don't apply here, as companies aren't people's friends - the company needs to make compelling current offerings that are worthwhile for retaining customers and attracting new ones, and to keep turning a profit. Pokemon Global Link was offered at no charge across two older hardware families that have both since been superseded. It was a value-add (that is, something of value to customers, which also helped to provide a selling-point for the products) back when these hardware-families and their associated software were current and were still selling, but they no longer are*. Therefore, because most customers have moved on, it is no longer profitable to keep running a free-of-charge service which costs money and resources to run and maintain. *Note that, whilst a handful of copies probably are still being sold because these games are long-tail sellers, when we discuss markets we talk in absolutes, and ignore that which is statistically-insignificant. An example of this is mentioned in part 9 of the memoirs of a former Nintendo employee, wherein the failure of a third-party NES submarine simulation game is mentioned, along with information about late-1980s demographic spreads for the company. And, again, in spite of most customers having moved on and technology having marched on, an upgrade path is available for those who wish to move up to the current products and services - something which strikes a good balance of treating customers well whilst continuing to further the business. It's almost like they care about their customers, one might say? The option to migrate is there for the time being, at least.
  8. What help can really be offered? It ran for nine years, the termination of service was announced at least a year ago, and a year later it is now gone, because technology has marched on.
  9. We've got a few more pictures of the Pac-Man Tamagotchi from the New York Toy Fair 2020.
  10. I feel that the Meets/On on its own, without the use of outside official or unofficial programs, is perfect for someone like me who prefers the simpler 1990s devices and the more recent Minis/Nanos - it's not going to be what you're after if you want a lot of different locations and games on one device, though.
  11. Kufaemochitchi lived up to her name, as she has obvious traits from Kuchipatchi, Fairytchi, and Mochiusatchi! The blue genes are back in force, too. She's going to marry Mametchi shortly, and I'm planning to lump their offspring with the unfortunate name of Blobtchi, because of the mochi traits of their mother.
  12. As far as outdoors goes, I've got one particular thing in mind to make use of the new path-making tool combined with a classic item from the Nintendo set: I'm going to make a Mario Kart race-track somewhere on my island. Maybe I should make an asteroid-belt to place an Arwing in, too?
  13. Quick update: Kuchifairytchi has now married Mochiusatchi, and the two had a blue baby girl who I named (deep breath, people) Kufaemochitchi. I just felt like going with something absurd this time, and I will endeavour to do better next time.
  14. I did, and I was very happy to see that the Amiibo support is fairly similar to that of Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo. The terraforming was completely unexpected!
  15. Kuchifairytchi turned out to be delightfully weird! As you can see, his looks live up to his name perfectly! Later or tomorrow, as soon as I have enough time to tend to their offspring, I'm going to have him marry Mochiusatchi.
  16. I decided to have Faetchi marry Kuchipatchi, in the end - here's a picture that was taken at their wedding. They've just had a blue baby boy called Kuchifairytchi - I'll update again when he's fully-grown!
  17. I'm really happy with how Faetchi turned out! Those blue genes certainly are strong, though - both her father (before being turned green) and her grandmother grew up to be blue, too. I'm not sure who she's going to marry yet - maybe Mametchi? I'll post a quick update when I figure that out.
  18. I'm afraid that "abandonware" is not a real legal concept - it was made up by the proprietors of sites containing copyright-infringing software downloads to justify their hosting of such content. This software is still within copyright and will remain so until almost 100 years after the date of publication (unless copyright periods are extended again and become infinite before then), and it is therefore illegal to download. That said, your advice is still valid for those who have obtained the software legally.
  19. The Amiibo support has been confirmed by the German box-art, which has been doing the rounds online! It's just, we don't yet know what form it will take - though hopefully logic prevails and it's just a continuation of what was done with ACNL's Welcome Amiibo update.
  20. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is my most-anticipated game of the year, easily. I'm planning on paying tribute to other games that I like both within my house and across my island. I'm also really hoping that the Amiibo support matches that of Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo, and that the giant-sized furniture items that that update introduced if you had it scan your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer save-file also make a return, as they're great fun to decorate with and will have even more uses now that we can put furniture anywhere outside as well as inside.
  21. Now a Hulkish shade of green, which I think suits him way better, Goblintchi has just proposed to Fairytchi, and they now have a lilac-coloured baby girl called Faetchi. I'll update again when she's fully-grown.
  22. Unifuwatchi and Kiminanizatchi had a son called Goblintchi - so named because of the many odd colour-changes that his mother naturally went through as she grew up, and because, frankly, both of his parents look a bit weird. Last night, true to the reason for his name, Goblintchi grew up looking a bit weird himself - in a cute way, of course. I'm going to turn him green later, for a bit of a change, since his mother's green teenager stage looked cool, and then he will be marrying Fairytchi later today.