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  1. I was aware of the Anipalz dog and cat, but I didn't know that they made a hamster! As someone else with a virtual pet collecting focus on a particular type of animal (in my case, penguins), I wish you the best of luck with your search!
  2. Right above your post, the below was posted - it doesn't sound like this virtual pet has Bandai's name anywhere on it. Of course, there's also the fact that it has stolen sprites, but I had no way of knowing that when I judged the casing.
  3. It's a Tamagotchi Connexion V3 from 2004, rather than an original Tamagotchi from 1996/1997. If by original you mean legitimate, then it appears to be genuine.
  4. Does it work if you hold A first and then press B afterwards?
  5. It doesn't look like it's trying to fool anyone into thinking that it's a Tamagotchi. Similar functionality doesn't mean that something is infringing on copyrights.
  6. This just sounds like the contacts on the circuit-board and the carbon-pads on the backs of the buttons need cleaning! You'll need to take the device apart to do this, and you'll need to take extra care not to break the speaker wires (on most virtual pets and similar devices, these can get pulled on when you split the two halves of the casing). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a guide for taking apart a Pocket Pikachu and I've never owned one myself, but I would imagine that similar principles to taking apart a Tamagotchi or Tamagotchi Connexion would apply. The type of buttons used on old virtual pets are most similar to those of typical television remote controls, so the advice in this video may apply to the actual cleaning step; That said, I've found that I haven't had to go that far when I've had to do this, and simply wiping the contacts and the carbon-pads on the backs of the buttons with a clean cloth has been enough. You'll have to figure that part out when you get there, though! I hope that your cleanup attempt goes well.
  7. Knighttchi's Ballad's very first post actually specifically mentions WiFi. There is definitely far more WiFi presence in the world now than there was in the late 1990s.
  8. For those who have been affected by this problem, which version of the Meets are you using? Fairy or Magical? It would be interesting to see if one or both versions are affected.
  9. Nope, I do mean Japanese! It was very common in the 1990s for, for example, Mega Drive games to release in Hong Kong in Japanese packaging, with Japanese cartridge-shells, but with English in-game text. It went on for years! (Look up Asian releases for that console - you'll see it. )
  10. I would've understood that if it was Hong Kong, since a number of video games and the like used to release there with Japanese packaging and English text, if memory serves.
  11. If this is what I think it is, this is probably just a result of Bandai using displays that originate from different manufacturers. The same has been spotted with various other handheld devices over the years - if it's that, it's perfectly normal.
  12. You might want to go and take a look at this thread; Your observations might be a useful contribution there, especially if you're able to run a ROM test on the units concerned, as well.
  13. No problem! The quality of the Gyaoppi-based pets can vary wildly (for example, the Penpy penguin one is terrible), but as far as I know, the duck on this one should be the same as the one on the Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1, which is a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of the good Gyaoppi-based pets. Enjoy it!
  14. This is not a Tamagotchi, but a different virtual pet entirely (the instructions in the picture are from a Tamagotchi, though). The virtual pet here is a Karugamo Land ("Duck Land") virtual duck. The English version was sold under the name "My Duck". Karugamo Land/My Duck is a shell variant of the Guappi duck, which is a duck virtual pet based on the Gyaoppi programming. I hope that this helps!
  15. Have you owned this Tamagotchi since it was new, or did you buy it used? If the latter, is it possible that the previous owner put it into debug mode?
  16. My best guess here would be that someone figured that "Diet Pills" probably wasn't the best idea for an item-name on something aimed at kids.
  17. No clue, I'm afraid! Going by the IR port, this looks like a Connection-era sort of thing, which isn't my area of expertise. That said, the style of the display and graphics on this one reminds me of this:
  18. Not at all! It's human nature to be curious about creative processes, really - that's why they examine old paintings to see what's beneath the paint, too, after all. I've lost count of how many hours I've sunk into reading random things there.
  19. I particularly like the whale and the strange thing that resembles some sort of pudding, myself. It's not a fake if it's being sold as its own thing, really - it's just a generic product, in that case. It's just whether this counts as trying to fool people or not that would define that, and I'm not entirely sure that it is.
  20. That's not just opinion - it's a fact! The voltage drops off quicker with rechargeables (and, at 1.2v, is lower than the 1.5v initially provided by non-rechargable batteries), so they're not as useful for certain applications. That's why manufacturers of certain device categories, toys, and so on, recommend against using them in their products. It'll certainly save you money, and they're better for the environment. There's a page with good information on the topic here: The relevant part is about NiMH rechargeables, since that's what you're most likely to encounter.
  21. The most notable thing about the remakes is that they have penalties for overdoing snacks, which can lead to poor-care characters or an early death, depending on how much you overdo it. Other than that, the remakes use one CR2032 battery each, and the originals use two LR44 batteries each. If you already run other later Tamagotchis that use CR2032s, the remakes might work out to be more convenient in the long run for this reason.
  22. No problem! I'm glad that I was able to contribute something, even though it's only small! I'll continue to enjoy any and all updates to this thread, now. It's not the clearest, to be fair to it - I can easily see how it could be misread as a stylised "A". I can see why they dropped that information down a line later on - it's a lot more readable on the V4! I would imagine that bug-fixes are by far the most likely thing, there, yes. There could well be other running changes too, but even I know that this version is famously glitchy, so I would assume bug-fixes before anything else.
  23. Here we go! I had to hold in the reset button and then hold down A, B, and C to do this - holding A, B, and C and then pressing reset while they were being held didn't work for either unit. I bought these as a pair from an eBay seller about a year ago, so I don't know what shops they originally came from (just in case there might be some sort of differences in what revisions got distributed where). The original ballchains were missing, so I just replaced them with split-rings because I had some on-hand. I don't have the time or the inclination to run these guys, but here are some things that I noticed; 1: The V4 did not attempt to perform a connection-test once the ROM test was over, and simply stayed at this point. 2: The V2 automatically went on to perform a connection-test once the ROM test was over. 3: Both units use day/month for the date-format. 4: The V4 does not show any names for the food. Also, I really liked how the V4 showed Pochitchi on its version-number screen. That was unexpected and it raised a smile.