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  1. @xXKitKat08Xx - Hi and welcome to TamaTalk! Unfortunately, the last post in this thread was made over a year ago. Please try to avoid bumping very old topics (a practise sometimes jokingly referred to as "necroposting") - though this may not be how things are done on other sites, at TamaTalk it is preferred that threads older than three months are not bumped, and that a new topic is created for further discussions instead. Please refer to the below for further information; Thanks for your attention.
  2. I claim this thread in the name of the mods! Hand your numbers back in, guys.
  3. That's a really good one. Thanks! As far as I know, "Qpet" was used as a brand for a set of (I think) three generic virtual pets, before the Qpet Qolor existed. It used the same logo, and I presume came from the same manufacturer.
  4. Anyone who's got even a little experience with the workings of the 3DS can see what this is.
  5. It wasn't there when I reviewed and approved the thread, so I'm guessing that something went wrong when the post was made (though what that is, I don't know). For additional clarity, here's an embed of the image, as well; I must say that I appreciate their honesty! Their department doesn't know for sure, and they don't mince words about it - that's far better than vague, non-committal answers that might get people's hopes up (as is the norm, on, say, a company's social-media channels).
  6. Now move aside, @TamaMum, because now my post is the winner!
  7. I knew that the 168-in-1 Bunny ROM has a lot of stolen graphics, but I didn't realise that this was the source of some of them. The instructions for the second Bunny ROM are sometimes provided with virtual pets running the other one, incidentally - my Cyber Pet 168 in 1 (as seen in the first post) came with them, and was full of references to meters that don't exist and things like the dancing "game" and rock/paper/scissors. I've heard of the 8-in-1 pet, and almost picked one up on eBay some time ago but then never got around to it. It's fascinating to learn more about both of these! I didn't know that anyone had cloned the Gyaoppi family.
  8. Personally, my favourite Animal Crossing creepypasta is "Something weird is happening in my Animal Crossing village", which was posted to Reddit's "NoSleep" a couple of years ago. (It's a legitimately fun work of light horror fiction.)
  9. Seriously?! The stock pictures always make this look like it's just the common 168-in-1 ROM! (I had no idea that any Gyaoppi clones existed, and certainly not this long after their heyday.) This is awesome information - thanks very much for that! There's another bunny ROM?! Man, stuff like this is exactly why I created this thread. This is great info - please tell me more about this.
  10. It would be nice to see a bit more variety in terms of shape and size, for sure - I feel that it gets a bit samey seeing the same format for the characters so often (basically, it seems like a lot of current Tamagotchi characters are very Mametchi-shaped ). Myself, I would like to see the return of Tarakotchi, who is my favourite character from the originals and their recent anniversary re-issues. I'm a big fan of the "ugly" Tamagotchi evolutions, who have typically gotten sidelined in more recent times.
  11. Congratulations on being the first TamaTalk member to report getting their Tamagotchi ON! Anyway, I don't have one, but I did import a Meets and didn't find it to be especially loud - it's quite soft in tone and volume, even when compared to, say, the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi Mini, which you'd think wouldn't be as loud as it is. However, I don't have any other colour Tamagotchis to compare it to, so I don't know if the Meets/ON is quiet compared to them. I definitely wouldn't call it a loud device, though. The screen thing is definitely normal, otherwise it'd chew through batteries like there's no tomorrow! (I wouldn't be too surprised if we someday see a rechargeable colour Tamagotchi in order to allow for more energy to be stored in that small space.)
  12. If memory serves, this came up in hwd45's thread, and the answer is that the method is different for certain models. I don't know what each method is, though, as I've only tested a couple of Connection models.
  13. A polite reminder, Kurb, TamaTalk isn't a chat-room or Twitter, and single-word/single-abbreviation posts don't add anything to discussions. You can use the "Like" function (the little heart-symbol found at the bottom-right corner of a post) to express the same sentiment without actually posting about it. Don't worry too much about it as it's by no means a new phenomenon*, just please keep it in check. *See: "Me, too!", and "The September that never ended". I must echo this sentiment. I've kept an eye out for follow-ups after @InCyberspace posted this thread, since I was interested in seeing the mentioned footage and maybe some stills get a mention. The story is fascinating!
  14. Orrrrr they were simply requesting that an already-announced Japan-only product be brought over.
  15. Quite possibly, but they keep releasing so many buggy products lately that it's hard to tell.
  16. That still doesn't account for the Twitter posting concerned having been made roughly two months after the product was already revealed and almost two months after pre-orders for it had already taken place. The Twitter posting was made just sixteen days before the product's release - it takes at least six months to manufacture a run of a toy like this once the design phase is complete. The licensing legalities alone would have taken months to sort out before the device was revealed and manufactured. Unless the Twitter poster somehow time-travelled to early 2018 at the earliest, got a job with Bandai's Japanese arm, and was involved with the product before returning to early 2019 whereupon they commented on it months after it had been announced, then they simply aren't anything to do with the existence of the Eevee X Tamagotchi.
  17. You actually never said that you were sorry - you bumped a thread for the sole purpose of being rude to a stranger, and then when you were politely called out on it you posted a useless one-word reply that said, and I quote, "oop.". Unless I've missed something, there's not a world where this counts as an apology, and if you wanted to acknowledge what @Jhud had said, liking the post would have sufficed. As you've no doubt seen thus far, we're actually pretty easygoing here at TamaTalk, so please don't make excuses now that you're being politely asked not to break the rules. You haven't been called out in any other thread where you've broken them when you easily could have been. As TamaTalk's first rule states, "All posts are to be concise, friendly, respectful and with the intention of positive contribution towards TamaTalk.". Neither "Uh, have you been living under a rock? Look up Tamagotchi On." or "oop." align with what is asked of TamaTalk members. We only ask that you please don't continue to post in ignorance of the rules.