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  1. This was something that certain virtual pet families did, back in the day (in particular, a number of pets using the Gyaoppi programming do this), so it's almost certainly intentional.
  2. The themes determine what characters are available to marry, which determines how your Tamagotchis will look. If you don't like Alice in Wonderland, the Wonder Garden is probably not the one for you! A new one would probably be best, at this point, since things have naturally wandered quite far from the topic of phones that're compatible with the 4U.
  3. I'd love to know what it is, honestly. Unfortunately, that's almost all that there is to say! There are two threads in other sections of the forum covering all that's currently known (to cut a long story short, some retailers let it slip early), so it would be best to check those out.
  4. @EyedCrescent - As a fellow UK fan, I'm glad to be of assistance. It's a real pity that the Tamagotchi On wasn't released over here (I imported the Japanese version, the Tamagotchi Meets, myself) - though at least it looks like the upcoming Tamagotchi Pix will be!
  5. If you have an account with Amazon UK, you can use the same details to log into, from where you should be able to import one. You'll pre-pay your customs fees there, too, so there won't be any additional waiting once your parcel arrives in the UK.
  6. It would also be a great way to get some extra mileage out of versions that originally didn't make it out of Japan.
  7. It's probably a bit of both - these things are getting older and (barring some remakes and re-releases) they're not making any more of them, so the prices were bound to rise eventually, but the pandemic has also caused a rise in spending on toys and games, and that has definitely caused a spike in aftermarket prices.
  8. I've never heard of anyone attempting this sort of repair without simply using buttons from a donor device, but I suspect that you might be able to fashion a tiny replacement button-chunk out of something like Sugru (assuming that Sugru can bond to the type of rubber used for Tamagotchi buttons). You'd still have to take the device apart to do so, since you wouldn't want it to stick to the casing while it's curing, and you'd need to have some other purposes in mind for the Sugru because the unused stuff will expire, though. There may be something else that's more suited to this job, but this is just what sprang to mind when I read your post!
  9. Thankyou for continuing to update it even after all this time!
  10. I've never seen one of these before, but that's a really cool shell! I look forward to seeing if any information comes to light about this one.
  11. She is cute! I've never seen a Bobo Panda Byte in action before, so this is really neat to see. I use Imgur, myself. It's free and doesn't require an account. Simply click the button at the top-right corner of your uploaded image, choose "Get Share Links", and copy the BBCode over to your posts here.
  12. This is something that all Tamagotchi Meets/Tamagotchi On devices do. They'll also have nightmares sometimes, too. As far as I know, the dream or nightmare sequence will only play if you respond to the alert that lets you know about it. You can't stop this from happening, so the best solution is to use the volume control option that the device provides to get around it.
  13. @iTamannadi - Congratulations! How on Earth did you manage to get the other two?!
  14. 🎵 7, 8, 9, 10! Go back to the start again! 🎵
  15. Hi @Xalphsin! I've split this out into its own thread in the Virtual Pets - General, where it will hopefully catch someone's eye. Do you remember any other details about these pets, by any chance? The more we know, the more likely it is that somebody might be able to identify them. All that I can think of right now is the Digivice that was based on the Digimon television series, but that's an official Bandai product rather than an off-brand device.
  16. To clarify, you can edit for 24 hours after making a post. Incidentally, though I know that you're logging in this thread in order to shed some light on the issue that you're having with this pet, if you'd like to run a "proper" log at any point, don't forget that we have a section specifically for those! It's titled "Tamagotchi Logs", but logs of any virtual pet are allowed there.
  17. I like how the one in the bottom-left is all like "I am Groot!".
  18. @Eozeda - Well-spotted! None of that would surprise me, since there appear to be some functional similarities between the two devices. The Mermaid Aqua Pot, as it's shown here, reminds me a little bit of the Game Boy Camera... I wonder if the same will apply to the Tamagotchi Pix?
  19. The Bobo Panda Byte was by Trendmasters, and wasn't part of Tiger Electronics' Giga Pets line, so I've moved it over to Virtual Pets - General, where it will hopefully catch someone's eye. Unfortunately I've never owned one of these, but I do notice that the long-lived virtual pets site Tamenagerie suggests that the Bobo Panda Byte and the Bobo Baby Byte had similar functions - perhaps information about the Baby Byte might also be helpful for the panda? Regarding the resetting: If it does it again, it might be worth your while to take the batteries out, and use a tiny flat-head screwdriver to carefully bend the contacts upwards a little bit. Chances are that the resetting is due to an insecure connection to the batteries.
  20. The description for the device suggests that this version lacks physical buttons, so that may make it even more difficult to use, unfortunately.
  21. I've just gotten started on Kirby's Halloween Adventure (v1.3, which is the final build), which is a fan-made overhaul of Kirby's Adventure for the NES. You can tell right from the outset how much love and care has been poured into it - it's a really great piece of fan work, and a really well-made modification.
  22. With virtual pets, as in life, this is totally random - she'll definitely get a girl eventually!