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  1. I'ayyy! Gottt Violettchi/Furawatchi!!! {*O*}

  2. Is there a release date available for Canada? Dragonflytchi =*|*=
  3. Okay, good to know! Just looking for some to read, Well I wait for MY V3 to arrive in the mail. I'm not really looking for any in particular, I just personally prefer Tama logs that have pictures in them!(That you can actually see!) Dragonflytchi =*|*=
  4. Hello everyone, I'm still trying to find more tamagotchi v3 logs! And if possible some that include pictures that work!(that you can still see... like ones not posted with Photobucket) I would really appreciate it if you people out there helped me? Dragonflytchi =*|*=
  5. Hey peoples, I'm going to go super slightly off topic: But is this the case of P1s as well? More specifically the real 20th anniversary P1. Dragonflytchi =*|*=
  6. Will it include pictures and regular (Fairly regular, I know life can be busy) updates? Dragonflytchi =*|*=
  7. That really sucks!... Wait, So does the 20th anniversary version of the P1 and P2 have a download function?! Dragonflytchi =*|*=
  8. Hello everyone, I thought this subject needed some updated answers/information... So ya, just wondering when they save for the(Mostly wondering about connections, V1, V2, V3.)download feature? Dragonflytchi =*|*=
  9. Thank you, TamaMum Yeah? Cool! That's what I want to do too, But it seems like I can't keep up with (Tamas) them... have any tips? Yeah, exactly what I was thinking!
  10. Thanks, Tinkalila Good to know. Well if you're still interested in trying to log in a physical notebook now?... I hope you can find some guidance here! So you can figure it out! Totally, sounds and is kinda fun/interesting to do. So far, in my opinion anyways. Even though it's kinda hard to keep it up, when running multiple Tamas at the same time though.. (<~~~Understatement. Because I'm running (Two Tamagotchi plus/Japanese v1 and v2) three Tamas at the moment and am actually quite behind on my notebook logs right now.
  11. Oh okay, I am mostly looking for people who have logged in a physical notebook... For reference. But Thank you! Hoky for the advice though. Dragonflytchi =*|*= P.S I have read some of your log, it's quite good!