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    Transformers, Gundam, Diaclone (the toy line Transformers was based on), Mugenbine (they're like... transformer legos?), Tamagotchi (GASP), uh... dinosaurs, space... really anything involving giant robots, pizza, books, movies, those video games, etc.

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    P1 (white and black)
    P2 (translucent orange with black buttons - I haven't seen this shell anywhere else!)
    Morino Tamagotchi
    Angelgotchi (RIP, stripped screws ;_;)
    Osutchi/Mesutchi (blue/pink)
    Santaclautch no Tamagotch (white with mismatched back)

    V2 (grey and purple camo)
    V2 (MANY LOOP, BROTHER design)
    V5 (Euro version, black w/Gozarutchi charm)
    Uratama (Tama 10th anniversary JAL design)
    Akai (Toys R Us Green version... because it has Kusatchi on it!)
    Oden-Kun Tamagotchi

    idL 15th anniversary
    Yellow P's (bad condition)
    Blue P's (Good condition!)
    Spacy M!x
    Anniversary M!x
    Green Magical Meets

    Remakes and Minis:
    Blue clock Anniversary Mini (the one that got me back into tamas!)
    Flocked Blue Anniversary Mini (one damaged by a melted kit kat... one in good shape!)
    Red & White Anniversary mini
    Orange & Black Anniversary Mini
    Red Sparkle P1 Remake
    Galaxy P2 Remake
    White with characters P2 Remake
    Gudetama (EN)
    Gudetama (JP)
    Eevee mini

    GigaPets Rancor
    GigaPets AR T-rex
    Digimon 20th Anniversary Alphamon edition
    Digimon Xros Fusion Loader (gaaarbaaaage)
    Digimon 20tn Anniversary Pendulum Silver Black
    Digimon 20tn Anniversary Pendulum Silver Blue
    RakuRaku Dino Kun
    Dragon Quest Slime v-pet
    MushiKing Brown Stag shell
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    Depends on my mood. XD
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    Oden-kun, Santaclautch, Akai, Devilgotchi

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  1. Happy Birthday, Hoky! Hope ya have a good one :^)

  2. Yeah these have been around for about a year now. I have a rundown on what they're like over in the original thread:
  3. It's especially weird because Pizzarinatchi always struck me as a portmanteau of pizza and ballerina (since she kinda has that look), and romanising it with an L screws that up even more. XD
  4. Tama Ons started showing up in Targets in my area! I have one coming from Amazon, but I got the purple one today!

  5. Man it's too bad that rom sucks because that shell design is actually pretty cool.
  6. Oh cool! I was just wishing there was something like this on here after our recent convo. Thanks for putting it together.
  7. AC, Pokemon, Doom Eternal, and Cyberpunk all look cool! I'm also really pumped for Trials of Mana since I played the fan-translated version back on emulators (I also just found out it never made it state-side because there was so much dialog and English would have taken up more space than Japanese, which would have exceeded the available space on the cartridge!)
  8. Oh cool! Congrats! I know you've been a huge help for me in the past. Glad you get to do it full time now!
  9. Japan You Want. I need to mess around with it more, and there are more developed guides, so I'm trying a couple things. Besides that, Bandai of Japan says pretty frequently that they don't replace stuff purchased internationally (this is written on their Gundam and Mugenbine stuff too). Also, since it's Pokemon, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a US version announced later this year.
  10. I wonder if the fact that mine has only ever evolved into a Sylveon is a defect. >>
  11. Sounds like the sickness loop. There are a couple quirky things I discovered last night while researching (I started mine up again as well!) 1) Don't give it more than 1 bath a day, but make sure it takes at least 1 2) Don't use the discipline option EVER if you can avoid it. Just make them do tricks. 3) Make sure it takes 3 naps a day (that one is mentioned for the new gigapets, but the software is super similar). I've noticed when he gets the little black cloud for no reason, he wants a nap. Anyway, let's keep working on it! Maybe we can crack the secret to the endless sickness. When that animation happens, do his stats just plummet? :EDIT: Man, I forgot how weird the game is on this guy, and that it's basically pressing right in a rhythm until the Gamorean drops his guard. Such a weird game. XD
  12. King of Monsters was great, so I'm running my Mothra to celebrate. XD

  13. Oh man, it's been forever since I ran mine. Can you take a pic of the animation you mentioned? I might be able to remember what it means if I can see it. The battling game raises health and happiness, if I remember correctly. One thing to watch out for is that it totally suffers from the 'endless sickness' quirk a lot of old gigapets can have. You CAN power through it (at least I feel I did once or twice?), but it takes near-constant care for like a day. This page has a lot of speculation on what causes that, but I dunno if there's ever been anything definitive found about it. I should boot up mine again... it's a bit high-maintenance, but it's a lot of fun, if not a little gruesome, what with feeding it Gammoreans and Twi'lek all day. XD
  14. That looks really cool! Are all the sprites alien-based?
  15. Y'know, I really like my Eevee tama, but I dunno if I'll ever run it again. No matter what I do, I can never seem to get anything other than Sylveon. I have tried to get any of the ones you get from the stones, but Umbreon, Espeon, Pop Star, and Team Rocket Eevees all seem utterly out of reach. ><

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Do you think that it's a bug, or just down to an obscure mechanic that's tripping you up, here?

    2. Jhud


      That's odd, I keep  hearing of everybody getting only Sylveon but my first eeveelution was a Jolteon.

      Maybe you're taking too good of a care for it? Since in the main games Sylveon evolves from high friendship.