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  1. I picked one up and ran it for about a week. It's a GigaPet with an honest to goodness growth tree, which is pretty rad. The games are fun. If I remember, it borrows a lot from the Gigapets troll, which is also solid. The reason I didn't run it longer, though, is that if your stats fall too low, your fairy turns into like... a troublemaker fairy until the stats come back up. Except it refuses to do 90% of the things that bring the stats up. And every moring, the stats basically bottom out. It's the same problem that's always plagued gigapets - for some reason, stat decrease doesn't stop during the night, so you end up waking up to a zeroed-out pet every morning and have to spend WAY too much time getting it to stop sulking. There seems to be an actual sleep mechanic, but it never seems to work for me. That said, for the price (I think they're under $20?) it's totally worth it, and if you have the time in the mornings, a lot of fun.
  2. Yeah, I guess for me it 's nice because it gives you a way to transition to a new character when you're sorta done with your current one, but its hardly a dealbreaker. I guess they get around this by having the tama give you the option to return to Tama Planet after 4 days as an adult. Other things: I do have one dead pixel on my screen, but it's not usually noticeable. I know people have run into this with basically all the backlit tamas, so no news there. Overall, I'm having a very good time with it. It does feel very stripped down compared to the M!x or the On, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. In some ways, it feels like a connect, but more streamlined and more focused on the care aspects, which is great (though the wiki says what you get might also just be totally random, which... ehhhhh). The camera gimmick could be more important than it is, but I also don't mind it not being intrusive to gameplay. Also I got a Ginjirotchi, and it's super great seeing oldschool tama designs, though I know Kusatchi isn't among them (WHY NOT).
  3. Mine's up to teen phase now, and here's a short rundown of pros and cons (I haven't really been keeping up on this tama prior to getting it, so sorry if I say anything super obvious) Pros: Smooth animation Swiping in games/activities can be fun Camera letting you color furniture and create food is a great way to avoid having to spend extra gotchi points More mellow sort of sound LOTS of things to do and places to see (but there's a caveat in the cons...) Care-based growth Games change daily (and looks like some items change seasonally?) and they're fun rather than just the sorta rote button mashing we've had recently. Cons: Touch buttons can be finnicky Sound is mellow but VERY quiet Lots of things to do and places to see... but can you unlock anything else? Seems like everywhere is pretty much available right at the start, so you don't have the 'towns' of the more recent tamas No marriage? I can't find anything about it in the manual. It would be cool if the camera mattered more for getting new characters Not as clear-cut as other tamas in terms of what does what (without a manual) I'm still really liking it so far. It feels more focused on the care aspect that the mix or the on. I don;t usually hit a wrong button, but it does happen. Thankfully haven't spent extra gotchi points because of it.
  4. I'm a six-foot-five mutant, and while I think that the touch buttons are a little close together, they still work just fine for me, though I do accidentally hit B from time to time. But, I DO actually sometimes accidentally press multiple buttons on physical button tamas, so there's that. The 'inconsistency' does crop up in certain menus. Most respond to your finger pressing the button area, but a few menus respond more to when you lift your finger up after pressing. I've only encountered that in the original name and quiz setup menus tho. I think the camera is fine. The resolution is a bit low, and the pics are pretty dark. I'll try to post a comparison later. That said, I don't mind it. I'm not really here for the camera. I'm still on infant stage, so I can't speak a TON to the gameplay. Having 2 menus is a little odd, but the screen looks really crisp and it's nice having a tama that doesn't run at 2fps. The sound is a bit more mellow as well, though it might be kinda quiet. I like that swiping across the buttons is used in gameplay as well. The one odd thing for me--but also kinda good--is how you unlock the screen - you click the camera, rather than pressing the buttons. I think that's smart, so you're not constantly unlocking it if you keep it in a shirt pocket like I do. The weird part is that there's about a second of boot-up when that happens, which isn't my favorite, but if you're responding to a poop or a call, that animation unlocks it anyway... which... we'll see how that goes when it's in a pocket. XD Overall, I feel like it shows promise, but we'll have to see how I feel after a gen or two. As long as it doesn't randomly delete all my data like the last one. XD
  5. REALLY impressed by how smooth the animations are on the Pix! My giant fingers don't mesh with the touch screen buttons as well tho. XD

    1. cole.sseum


      OMYGOD U HAVE A PIX NOW?!???! ure so lucky bestie !! :o:o:o

  6. Happy Birthday, Hoky! Hope ya have a good one :^)

  7. Yeah these have been around for about a year now. I have a rundown on what they're like over in the original thread:
  8. It's especially weird because Pizzarinatchi always struck me as a portmanteau of pizza and ballerina (since she kinda has that look), and romanising it with an L screws that up even more. XD
  9. Tama Ons started showing up in Targets in my area! I have one coming from Amazon, but I got the purple one today!

  10. Man it's too bad that rom sucks because that shell design is actually pretty cool.
  11. Oh cool! I was just wishing there was something like this on here after our recent convo. Thanks for putting it together.
  12. AC, Pokemon, Doom Eternal, and Cyberpunk all look cool! I'm also really pumped for Trials of Mana since I played the fan-translated version back on emulators (I also just found out it never made it state-side because there was so much dialog and English would have taken up more space than Japanese, which would have exceeded the available space on the cartridge!)
  13. Oh cool! Congrats! I know you've been a huge help for me in the past. Glad you get to do it full time now!
  14. Japan You Want. I need to mess around with it more, and there are more developed guides, so I'm trying a couple things. Besides that, Bandai of Japan says pretty frequently that they don't replace stuff purchased internationally (this is written on their Gundam and Mugenbine stuff too). Also, since it's Pokemon, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a US version announced later this year.
  15. I wonder if the fact that mine has only ever evolved into a Sylveon is a defect. >>