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    Transformers, Gundam, Diaclone (the toy line Transformers was based on), Mugenbine (they're like... transformer legos?), Tamagotchi (GASP), uh... dinosaurs, space... really anything involving giant robots, pizza, books, movies, those video games, etc.

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    P1 (white and black)
    P2 (translucent orange with black buttons)
    Green Magical Meets
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    Red Sparkle P1 Remake
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    Morino Tamagotchi
    Angelgotchi (RIP, stripped screws ;_;)
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    2 V2's (grey and purple camo and MANY LOOP BROTHER designs)
    V5 (Euro version, black w/Gozarutchi charm)
    Uratama (Tama 10th anniversary JAL design)
    Osutchi/Mesutchi (blue/pink)
    idL 15th anniversary
    Yellow P's (bad condition)
    Blue P's (Good condition!)

    GigaPets Rancor
    GigaPets AR T-rex
    Digimon 20th Anniversary Alphamon edition
    Digimon Xros Fusion Loader (gaaarbaaaage)
    Digimon 20tn Anniversary Pendulum Silver Black
    Digimon 20tn Anniversary Pendulum Silver Blue
    RakuRaku Dino Kun
    Dragon Quest Slime v-pet
    MushiKing Brown Stag shell
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    Depends on my mood. XD
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    Meets, Osutchi & Mesutchi, Morino

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  1. Well, I pulled my Meets out of my pocket and it was back on the clock set... looks like it somehow hard reset itself and I'm back to square one. =/ Bummer too, as  I had just bred a rightous duck-vampire with a wave pompadour. XD

    1. Penguin-keeper


      I've seen a thread on the forums reporting on this same problem. :( My Meets will be arriving soon, so it's a bit disappointing to hear multiple reports of this issue...

    2. Verklighet


      Same here. :(

      Hopefully the March issued ones will not suffer from that issue.

    3. Hoky


      Eh, if it doesn't happen TOO often it won't bother me. :D