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    Transformers, Gundam, Diaclone (the toy line Transformers was based on), Mugenbine (they're like... transformer legos?), Tamagotchi (GASP), uh... dinosaurs, space... really anything involving giant robots, pizza, books, movies, those video games, etc.

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    P1 (white and black)
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    Angelgotchi (RIP, stripped screws ;_;)
    Osutchi/Mesutchi (blue/pink)

    V2 (grey and purple camo)
    V2 (MANY LOOP, BROTHER design)
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    Uratama (Tama 10th anniversary JAL design)

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    Yellow P's (bad condition)
    Blue P's (Good condition!)
    Spacy M!x
    Anniversary M!x
    Green Magical Meets

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    Blue clock Anniversary Mini (the one that got me back into tamas!)
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    Red & White Anniversary mini
    Orange & Black Anniversary Mini
    Red Sparkle P1 Remake
    Galaxy P2 Remake
    Gudetama (EN)
    Gudetama (JP)

    GigaPets Rancor
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    RakuRaku Dino Kun
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    MushiKing Brown Stag shell
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    Depends on my mood. XD
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    Meets, Osutchi & Mesutchi, Morino, Genjintchi

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  1. I've run into this on my Magical Meets. Hopefully later versions fix it.
  2. Looks pretty legit to me. What does the back look like?
  3. 2eLlEHp.jpg

    I got Sylveon!

    ....which would be a lot cooler if I wasn't trying to get the Team Rocket Eevee. XD

  4. Arg, stupid blizzard in the midwest seems to have delayed mine again. ><
  5. ALL of my connections 'tick'. I've got a V2, a V3, an Ura, a V4.5, and a V5, and they all tick out seconds. I haven't noticed my vintages or colors do it though.
  6. Still waiting on mine. Just showed up in the states, so prolly in the next couple days!
  7. Yeah, like Jhud said, Bloodborne/Darksouls/TheSurge/etc are all made to be hard, so don't really hold those as a benchmark. There's a ton of great RPGs that are of many different levels of challenge, from turn-based stuff like DragonQuest and a lot of the older Final Fantasy games, to Dragon Age, to Kingdom Hearts. SPEAKING OF KINGDOM HEARTS, I wanna play 3 really bad (my wife just beat it), but I wanna get through Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance first. Handled the first one, now halfway through the second! Forgot how fun they were despite the utterly nonsense storylines. XD
  8. At least with the Meets you can just do the surf game and spam the button while reading or watching TV. XD
  9. Y'know, I'm really liking the umi. Yeah, it's demanding (very), but there's really no other tama that has animations quite like this. They're smooth, responsive, the little bubbles that travel up the screen are neat, and it's actually fun to watch them swim around the screen. Mine is, unfortunately, very quiet, but it's still been a lot of fun to raise. I did turn the TamaOtch off for the moment though, as that, plus my Genjintch, plus the Umi was a bit too much. XD

    1. Kuchipetchi


      that bone game music on the genjintch is forever burnt into my head. i never forgot it.

    2. Hoky


      lol, yeah... my Umi is quiet, but my genjintch is one of the loudest vintage tamas I've ever owned. I like that his attention call out is kinda like a digitized Tarzan call. XD

  10. So wait, does candy/pausing affect the Genjintch really adversely? Out of the blue, my Dotetchi--who was at full hearts and 75% evolution meter--got mad, hopped on a space ship, and flew away! I hadn't gotten many care mistakes, and he was nowhere near normal tama death, but he didn't even make it to adult! What happened??

    1. Kuchipetchi


      I don't remember because its been about 5 years since i sold mine. but i didnt run it too long because it was so cryptic. mine kept de-evolving. i would look for an extensive guide if available

    2. Hoky


      I've looked mostly at the wiki, and while it mentions the de-evolving, it doesn't say anything about candy or pausing, and where it's very similar to the Mothra, I figured it was just going off the same rules. I'll see what else I can scrounge up, though!

  11. So the TamaOtch is... super weird. It's discipline meter goes DOWN over time, and no, not the Training meter, but the discipline one, too! The game is a slot machine that's just random dumb luck (thank goodness for snacks), and the training is time consuming. It's super unique, and I'm glad I'm trying it, but so much is just left up to random chance! Ah well.  It's definitely not my favorite so far, but it's somehow both low maintence and yet time consuming... We'll see what it looks like when it hits adult!
    In the meantime, my Genjintch evolved into Dotetchi, and he's pretty fun to watch as well:
    He sticks his tongue out when he's happy. XD

    1. Kuchipetchi


      i miss my genjintch. always de-evolving!!


    2. Hoky


      Haven't run into that yet, but it does worry me. XD Isn't the teen phase super long, too?

  12. It's out in Japan, but I don't think anyone here has one quite yet since it's gonna ship over. I know one of the secret evolutions is a Team Rocket Eevee though. I think there's another post somewhere on this board with some pics.
  13. They got another load of these on JYW today and still have some in stock. Price is pretty jacked up, though. https://japanyouwant.com/product/new-eievui-eevee-x-tamagotchi-bandai-2019-jan-daisuki-eievui-ver-colorful-friends-ver?attribute_model=Daisuki+Eievui(Yellow)
  14. Man, that sprite resource site is super cool! Thanks for putting all the V2 stuff up there!
  15. V2's also a good choice if you like the V3, and they can talk to each other. That said, it is basically just the same as the V3 and with less stuff (but it has Kusatchi, so that's always a good choice XD) If you want to go more vintage (since you listed Umi and Angel), Morino is a very unique tama with cool bug sprites, and while it's a LITTLE demanding because of the frog and person attacks that can happen to your tama, it's not that hard to get what you want (I just have alarms set on my phone for when it's going to get attacked XD) You could also always try out an original or remake P1/P2. The new shells that came out with the remakes look really cool, and it's fun to see where everything started.