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  1. Hoky

    KuroMametchi on Meets?

    Definitely didn't have the sports plaza unlocked before I got him. If it's like the M!x, all the first-gen obtainable tamas are just on care mistakes.
  2. Hoky

    Help identifying a odd virtual pet?

    I'd love to see more pics, too! I have no idea what it is, but I'd like to help figure it out, because it looks like it'd probably have some pretty crazy sprite designs! @Penguin-keeper knows a lot of oddpets. Any idea, PK?
  3. Hoky

    Sario Mix Question- curse of all girls!

    It's totally just luck of the coin flip when they're born. I know on my Spacey M!x, I got the same gender for SIX generations in a row, but it eventually evened out. Stick with it, just power through some generations and spend all the time in child/teen stages teeing up the next one, and you'll get out of the slump.
  4. Hoky

    ROM Versions

    Absolutely true. You see it all the time in my other hobbies. Just a couple years ago, someone who used to work for hasbro came out of the blue and started putting thousands of dollars worth of unreleased Generation 2 Transformer prototypes on ebay. I'm sure if we wait long enough, we'll see those tama-gos pop up. The one tricky thing will be that they'll probably pop up on a Japanese site. XD This is a really cool thread. I'll have to check the rom versions on my connections the next time I run 'em.
  5. Hoky

    Meet or M!x? First color Tamagotchi

    I know @Jhud loves the P's because of all the fan-created content and other features it has (and they are a lot of fun anyway), but so far I like the M!x and Meets most out of the color Tamas. Like Jhud said, the P's is a bit quirky... it eats batteries like funyuns, and I had mine completely reset itself out of the blue on it's 4th generation, not to mention people have had theirs get stuck in teen stage when using the daycare... On the other hand, you can probably get a M!x AND a Meets for the price of 1 P's. The M!x was my first intro to color tamas as well, and it's a nice, easy transition back if you haven't played with tamas in a couple decades. All of that aside, the Meets definitely has more engaging areas in my opinion, and a lot of great characters. That's a good idea, too - check character lists for both and see which versions' characters you like more. You can't really go wrong with any of the ones you're interested in.
  6. Hoky

    KuroMametchi on Meets?

    I got him through mediocre care, but sadly I didn't track how many times I failed the little guy. Also, if you can't get one on first generation, you can always marry one!
  7. Apparently, Target started carrying these! Rather than stuffing them down on the lower shelves, they now have the GudeTamas (and the P1/P2s and minis) hanging on pegs above the hatchimal stuff, so hopefully they'll move a little faster! They only have the kind without the silicone cases right now, though.
  8. Hoky

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Gudes are fun and very simple. I like it as a side tama, and I'm happy that they made an English version so I don't have to translate all the little messages. XD I'm waiting on an Umi and a Genjitchi. Sounds like they're both high maintenance, which is a bit of a task for me, but I wanna round out the vintage side of my collection, and assuming I'll never want to drop $300 on a Devigotchi (which.... I do not) and I have no idea how much/how rare Santaclautch(es?) are (wait, hang on.... *ebays* no... nope, too expensive), it puts me a few steps closer to being 'complete'!
  9. As we speak, my Meets sits neglected on my desk. I might get some rechargeables... that's a great idea. Even if they go dead fast, with 2 sets I can just keep going. Though that said, my work also has free AAA's sitting around for all the electronics we have at our desks..... XD
  10. Got Gejitchi on my Morino! Man, I love all the characters on this thing. I managed to clean the speaker off a little more so it's loud enough to hear attacks coming, too!

  11. Man it's been just over a year since I truly got into Tamas and other V-pets, and it's been great. I'm never without one now, and there's so much I still have yet to try! Thanks to everyone here for being super kind and welcoming to this hobby. You've all been incredibly helpful and cool! :D

    1. Eggiweg


      happy tamanniversary duckplantman

  12. Itchin' to run my Osu/Mesu again...

  13. Okay, so I found this on one of the facebook groups and figured I'd post it here since I didn't see guides up yet. Sorry if it's already around somewhere, but here's a menu translation and guide to unlocking locations in the meets! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DGnVvoMRq6kQWEuEtV_k-Azo6fmbGXLk/view?fbclid=IwAR2uZbsduokKNkVIjSVZotdXsHPhJKGBZ7kH1-nwFfZP42E9PE5pSKfH10U Credit for the content goes to sAmThEgReAt.
  14. Someone on the FB group mentioned something about leaving items outside to get them? I haven't really dug that much though. >>
  15. Unless he's the happy version, he complains. Like Jhud said, being cranky and tired is totally just Gudetama's shtick.
  16. Hoky

    My Gudetama won't die

    If you got the best form (I think? I mean the little smiling gude), then he lives foooooreeeeeeveeeerrrrrr. Just wait until someone tries to eat him (which will happen 2-3 times a day when the chopsticks appear on the screen), and ignore it. He should DEFINITELY get turned into an egg dish at that point.
  17. In my habit of revisiting things from my childhood, I have now also gotten into Dragon Dice. Oh man, such a fun game with so many dorky aspects.

  18. Sorry, I hadn't looked at this thread in a while! Weird that some people can't get the link to work. I just tried it again now, and it worked great, but since we have the screenshots now I guess it's kinda moot. XD
  19. Well, I pulled my Meets out of my pocket and it was back on the clock set... looks like it somehow hard reset itself and I'm back to square one. =/ Bummer too, as  I had just bred a rightous duck-vampire with a wave pompadour. XD

    1. Penguin-keeper


      I've seen a thread on the forums reporting on this same problem. :( My Meets will be arriving soon, so it's a bit disappointing to hear multiple reports of this issue...

    2. Verklighet


      Same here. :(

      Hopefully the March issued ones will not suffer from that issue.

    3. Hoky


      Eh, if it doesn't happen TOO often it won't bother me. :D

  20. Well, I guess I'll start one of these since most people at work are kinda sick of hearing me talk about Tamagotchis lately. Anyhow, I'm a married guy in my 30's, living in Minnesota. I got back into tamagotchis recently when I saw one of the 20th anniversary minis sitting at a gamestop. The clerk noticed me eyeing it. Clerk: "You know you want it." Me: "Yeah, but $17 seems steep" Clerk: "Chicks dig tamagotchis." Me: "...I'm married." Clerk: ".....you dig Tamagotchis?" Me: *picking one up* "Darnit, I really doooo." Let's hop back a bit. 20 years ago, I guess? I had a black-and-white shelled P1, but I don't know what happened to it. I think I traded it away for the Star Wars Rancor giga pet that I still have. I had a first generation digimon as well, though I haven't found that in my stuff (suffice to say, he'll get a reboot if I find him as well!) I kept them going from when I got them until I moved to Minnesota at about age 14. Those were some rough times, and high school is not the place to be raising tamas if you're 6'4" and about 240lbs (which is what I was back then), not to mention living in a town that didn't even have much in the way of internet (since this was the late 90s). The batteries went dead, though they always hung from thumbtacks on the bulletin board in my room. Back in the present, I picked up the blue-and-yellow clock face mini from Gamestop. A couple days later, I found some batteries and booted up my old translucent orange P2 from the original run. At work, I showed it off to my team, and one of my team members grabbed one of her own that night. The nostalgia was hitting me hard, but it was more than that. I've always loved raising things. When I was little, we would raise fish and frogs and salamanders from a local stream. Pokemon, Monster Ranger, Jade Cocoon... I played the heck out of all of those games. Anything where you had a pet that turned into something else, that was my jam. There's just something so enjoyable about seeing something grow into something else. There's something so deeply rewarding about caring for a collection of black-and-white pixels and seeing it react to the things that you do, even if it's all just preprogrammed. There's something about having something to take care of, and while it wasn't that there was something missing in my life right now, finding Tamagotchis again added more than was there before, and helped me go back to a piece of my childhood that was lost to a rough handful of formative years. I wanted to know EVERYTHING. I googled a growth chart for my mini only to discover the last decade and a half of tamagotchi that I had missed out on. It was all so amazing. I spun, I read (when I probably should have been working), pouring over the wikis, dragging through threads here on tamatalk, looking up random 'top 5' lists online in a hunt to find which tama I should hunt down. I loved my mini and P2, but... but there were tamagotchis that had color now! Ones where you could change their house and get new traits by breeding them with other characters! There was so much new stuff! I had to get one. As luck would have it, one of my coworkers was in Japan at the time. He messaged me that day asking what souvinier I would want, assuming something Gundam or Transformer related (I've also collected Transformers since '98, and Gunpla is an on-again-off-again hobby). Without hesitation, I said 'Blue Tamagotchi M!x Spacey', and he found one for me (though I chipped in since tamagotchis had also gotten kinda pricey in the last 20 years). I was on a work trip when he got back, and even though I returned from the trip at midnight of the following evening, I drove into work and grabbed the M!x off my desk, playing with it immediately when I got home Anyway, I've been lurking around tamatalk for about a month, and I'd really like to kinda keep up a log of where things are at with my tamas. Right now, they're in a bit of a sorry state, honestly. Got hit hard with straight-up influenza last week, and that took out my Anniversary Mini and P2. My M!x resiliently hung on, but I spent a decent chunk of time tonight getting him back into fighting shape. On top of that, my wife's Gudetama Tamagotchi arrived tonight (it was one of her Christmas gifts from me because she wanted to have her own tama... and I know she'll probably get bored of it pretty quick. ) I'll probably post once every couple days, and most of them will be shorter than this, but I'm excited to share with you all and see what your tamas are doing as well! I'm so happy a forum like this still exists since I don't really use other social media. Tamagotchis are the best.
  21. Man, a lot of weird stuff happens in the Meets. In addition to the return of the nightmares that I've seen in the M!x (pics in my log), my twin boys also went to the starry lab and used the observatory to watch a giant space octopus attack and be chased off by UFOs. SO WEIRD. I love it.
  22. Hoky

    Return to Tama log

    OKAY! A few busy days, but now it's time for updates! First off, I'm on the second generation of my Meets, and the way stuff gets added on slowly is pretty cool. I haven't figured out things like pets and jobs yet, but here's a list of stuff I dig: 1) You take a boat to get to areas! And they're all like these weird cards than exist on the main island. It's nothing really groundbreaking, but it's something new and something cool! 2) You can have a farm! Sorta. It's one plant, and I married off my Gen 1 before I got to see what happened with the tree, but it's cool! 3) The various areas feel a little more fun to me. I don't know why, but I'll keep mulling it over. Anyway, pics! Unlocking Gourmet Street! My Gen 1 ended up growing into a Memetchi! ....which is one of my least favorite tama designs ever. XD I don't think it's bad, I just think it's a little plain. I didn't mind her in this though, but it definitely hastened my desire to hop to the next gen. Oh also, remember how I randomly ran into my tama having nightmares in my M!x? THEY HAVE NIGHTMARES IN MEETS TOO. She was chased down a street by the big hand and then ran past the 2 ghosts. A little heart appeared between the ghosts (I guess they were dating? XD) and then the big shadow hands grabbed them, leaving her to get upset next to this weird living wall. what. the. heck. Anyway, I ended up marrying her off to the surfer guy from the sports plaza (Oyogoogurutchi?) and the had.... TWINS!!! I didn't even know that was a thing! Family photo MY TWIN SONS I immediately set about unlocking the Starry Sky lab. In the lab, I went to the observatory and saw.... a short animation where I giant space octopus tried to eat a UFO and then another, bigger UFO game along and blasted it with a ray beam until it released the first UFO. ....Meets is weird you guys. I really dig it. More giant space octopi, please.
  23. Hoky

    Return to Tama log

    Okay! So, smaller update. My wife and I went to an animatronic dinosaur exhibit today because I love dinosaurs and it was a lot of fun! There was a couple there dressed as Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler from Jurassic Park, and they asked us to take their picture. My wife said I should go as John Hammond next year and just point at everything and mutter "We spared no expense!" over and over. They had a full-scale Spinosaurus, which was the biggest land predator of all time. SUPER. COOL. When we got home, we watched a bunch of the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3k with my little sister who's crashing with us for a few days for school certification stuff. As for Tama stuff... Here's a guide for the meets! I posted it on the tips and tricks page too, but my posts for some reason never seem to get approved. *shrug* Anyway, here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DGnVvoMRq6kQWEuEtV_k-Azo6fmbGXLk/view?fbclid=IwAR2uZbsduokKNkVIjSVZotdXsHPhJKGBZ7kH1-nwFfZP42E9PE5pSKfH10U It's interesting how there's no tama town in this one and instead you have the tama hotel resort thingy. I haven't unlocked any locations (because I just found the guide now), but the new characters seem a bit more fun than a lot of the ones on the M!x, though I still lament the lack of 'ugly' tamas (as PK would say). I thought that maybe it was because it'd be hard to blend the sprites for a while, but the Anniversary M!x has Maskutchi and Oyajitchi, soo... C'mon bandai! Duck plant! Overall digging the Meets. I don't think it'll really kick into gear until I'm a few generations in, though!
  24. Weird. Yeah, a Samsung is a Samsung, even if we're a generation apart. I definitely have to hit the B button to connect though. Maybe it's different w/apple. I'd try it, but I don't wanna go through the hassle of creating a JP app store acct. Good luck though!
  25. Hoky

    Return to Tama log

    That's what I was thinking, and apparently to make it take a photo you select that option and then just... let it sit. XD It takes a snapshot if your tama, adds a little note, and then puts it in your notebook in the menu.