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  1. Don't worry, I plan on making a log post that talks about how I'm going to document it and then proceeding to be too busy to do so. XD
  2. Anyone know of a good Devilgotchi guide? I keep getting the demon bird. ><

    1. InCyberspace



      This one is very basic, doesn't really help much but it's one of the only ones I know of. I will be adding one to my website soon, but it won't be yet.

    2. Hoky


      Thanks! That's about the same info the Wiki has. Also I think that chart is wrong because I got a Chubby Devilitchi off a Zukidebitchi, which that chart says shouldn't be a thing... Oh well! Gotta keep experimenting! LIFE IS STUDY! :D

  3. Already have one preordered on Amazon! I agree with PK when it comes to the bugs - I haven't gotten all that much mileage out of my meets because of them - but I really wanna support English tama releases, and I'd really more than anything like to be able to see what all the little bits of dialog are about that all the color tamas have. I think that alone will make it more engaging. I've always liked the genetic fusions of the Mix and Meets, so it'll be cool to get all that and understand what I'm reading, too! The geolocation mentioned on the box seems as well, but I'm wondering how that'll actually pan out. Also I wonder how quickly it'll drain batteries. >> Either way, I'm pumped!
  4. I know I sure am. Gotta unlock stuff, and I don't wanna by THAT many Ons. XD
  5. https://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k-3-tamagotchi+on,28zu0 Gamestop has them up for preorder, but the release date is set to 12/31? I imagine that will change since the tama site itself says 74 days. Also, according to that commercial.... have I been pronouncing Tamagotchi wrong for like 20+ years??? O_O
  6. So psyched for this! Already preorderd on Amazon (though I wish the yellow Fairy version was making it here). I wonder what the geo-location play is that it mentions will be like. Fingers crossed they fixed the reset problem, too!
  7. Just found out about the On. Really, really psyched!!

  8. Just got through From the New World recently. ....yeah that was pretty messed up, but super good.
  9. So, first Devilgotchi run didn't go super well. Was keeping the DP at basically 0 all through his Debirutchi phase, but when he evolved into Ghost Deviltchi, his DP skyrocketed in a matter of about 5 hours and he left. I didn't even have events popping up to get it down besides the odd handshake or bad behavior. Any idea what I did wrong?

  10. JpSvoXil.png

    Yesterday was a great day for both my collections!

    1. raichuu


      waaah!!! 😍
      they look great!!!! 

    2. wameed98


      God bless you I hope you're having a wonderful day brother

  11. Yeah it's supposed to be the tama you have under a comfy blanket.
  12. Yeah it's a beast. I usually just set the tama on my leg and hammer on it while eating dinner or watching TV. I just play the game over and over until it's at full happiness and that lasts you for a bit. That's one of my main beefs with most of the color tamas tho; takes way too much time to make them happy.
  13. Got these two about a week ago. Running them alongside my Oden-Kun. I wish you could adjust the contrast on the Akai, but it's still super cool. Santaclaught is weeeeeird since you don't really 'care' for him, but his animations are cool and overall he's pretty fun!
  14. Huh, interesting. One of my remakes was fine, the other one had no sound out of box, so I rebuilt it and THAT'S what made it screechy (but at least it has sound now). Any tips on what makes the spring wrong?
  15. Well, got my tax money back. Put most of it into savings, but splurged a little and got... a Devilgotchi! Fingers crossed there's nothing wrong with it. >< Meanwhile, I can't seem to get anything BUT Sylveon on my Eevee, even when I don't feed it any candy or play with it and only clean up its hairballs and give it 2 foods a DAY. ><

  16. Started working on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It's a lot of fun, even if it is harder in a lot of ways than some of the Souls games. It's not really a souls game though. There's a lot of elements of the Souls series in it, but it's something mostly new. I dig it.
  17. Got an Oden-kun Tamagotchi. They're really fun! Kind of a vintage tama feel in a Connection-era tama. Cool characters too, though I know basically nothing about the show.

  18. I've run into this on my Magical Meets. Hopefully later versions fix it.
  19. Looks pretty legit to me. What does the back look like?
  20. 2eLlEHp.jpg

    I got Sylveon!

    ....which would be a lot cooler if I wasn't trying to get the Team Rocket Eevee. XD

  21. Arg, stupid blizzard in the midwest seems to have delayed mine again. ><
  22. ALL of my connections 'tick'. I've got a V2, a V3, an Ura, a V4.5, and a V5, and they all tick out seconds. I haven't noticed my vintages or colors do it though.
  23. Still waiting on mine. Just showed up in the states, so prolly in the next couple days!
  24. Yeah, like Jhud said, Bloodborne/Darksouls/TheSurge/etc are all made to be hard, so don't really hold those as a benchmark. There's a ton of great RPGs that are of many different levels of challenge, from turn-based stuff like DragonQuest and a lot of the older Final Fantasy games, to Dragon Age, to Kingdom Hearts. SPEAKING OF KINGDOM HEARTS, I wanna play 3 really bad (my wife just beat it), but I wanna get through Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance first. Handled the first one, now halfway through the second! Forgot how fun they were despite the utterly nonsense storylines. XD
  25. At least with the Meets you can just do the surf game and spam the button while reading or watching TV. XD