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  1. It looks like someone is making a tamagotchi reanimated collab on twitter. I might join.
  2. In my free time I've come up with two different characters (both made extremy far apart from each other which is why the first looks a lot nicer then the second). One of the charicters is a m!x between Gozarutchi and Masktchi, the second is a m!x between Gozarutchi and Androtchi! I hope you like them!
  3. I've looked everywhere but i can't find the episode 9 English dub of tamagotchi! i've looked everywhere and i was only able to find the Chinese dub. the episode is called "watch out! Anpan detective is here" and "stop right there!! thief papiyon". TBH the episode might not have been translated to begin with but old YouTube links to the episode suggest that it did have a English dub. my only hope is that someone downloaded it. The only part of the episode that is possible to see in English in the first flash back of episode 16. if someone does have the episode somewhere can you please email it to me because im despite to see it. episode 9 Chinese dub: (link only works on mobile devises) https://video.tudou.com/v/XMTY5MDczNTg0NA==?fr=5&ud=Wq2ZWikaeh0DABToan45Zl/s
  4. I got bored so I translated a Tamagotchi! episode that was never translated to english (episode 62) enjoy!

  5. what do you mean it works? did you get tamatown to work? is it playable?
  6. I've spent a lot of time trying to find out who voices gozarutchi in the English dub of Tamagotchi! but have found nothing so far, does any here happen to know?