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  1. ah. well, I have my P1 again, but the batteries have faded. The weird thing is that it is actually still working but because the lack of power you cannot see this screen, but your little character is indeed still alive in it. So uhmmm I'll be attempting my first invisible tamalog. I don't know how long the power in those batteries will "last", but for now I have to take care of my baby without even being able to see him. This is gonna be fun. (that was sarcasm) I have already fed him (Or at least I hope I did) and I played two games with him. (it's a boy) it feels like it's a bit slower due to the dying battery, but I'm still gonna try. PS I set up the time by accident so I sincerely hope that I don't have to stay up until midnight cleaning up his invisible poop or something. That's another thing, I don't know when he poops. So I'll have to try to count to the bathroom icon and flush it at random moments. Anyhow, wish me luck! šŸ’•
  2. can someone please tell me whatĀ messenger storageĀ is ahh

    don't tell me I can only message a certain amount of messages now-

    1. Nazotchi25


      Yeah you can only store so many messages. Its been that way for quite a number of years now.. as far back as I can remember and I initially joined back in 2009.

      Angelgotchi and Lifetime Angelgotchi members get significantly more storage for their messenger.

    2. Tama_Llama


      oof I guess I just never noticed then ;-;

  3. woah hi everyone

    tamatalk really changed didn't it

    sorry I just haven't been active in a year :')

  4. . . .OKAY THIS PLACE IS DEAD I did not keep my promise, it's nearly June again A YEAR LATER and uhh I have no excuses. I don't think I will be logging again for some time but I promise one day I will bring back my logs again! probably in two months or maybe three, again I am so sorry but now I'm trying to be more active thank you to anybody who read my logs and a special thanks to Unakachi for supporting me so much, I cannot be thankful enough! but until after a few months, there will be no more logs. I you all and I'll return to logs soon
  5. Gonna Start a new log...! Wait, exams? well, I guess i will have to wait... but please tell me if I should do my last log as a story-type log or a regular log like the one I did for Oliver... Thanks! I'll go right back to logging after June!

    1. QueenRita


      I'd be interested in a story log, I don't think I've really seen one of those (yet)!

    2. Tama_Llama


      Go check out Kajah995's Awesome log of Amazingness Take 5 Part 2!!

      If this is your first time reading a story-like log, then it's gonna be kinda weird, but you will get to like it as you read on :)

  6. Sorry, I have exams coming up, piano and everything, so i won't be able to post until after June - I hope you guys will understand!
  7. heh yeah! It's surely something that i didn't think i would write, but I'm glad you like it OOOOOOOOOO MMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I can't believe i wrote that! it's certainly not something that i normally do, but i still hope you guys enjoyed it the story is very fictional, but some parts of it, is... true...... my tamagotchi P1... well, i will leave that to your imagination. Luna is... very much dead. that is true, and how she died is the same in the story... dead by starvation...... ( I'm sorry I'm so sorry Luna... ) but... i... well, i thought that i would log about three tamagotchis in this log, so there is one more i am planning to do, and here is where i need your help. i will be taking a break from logging for about a month,and in that time, please leave a comment telling me whether you like the Oliver style log or the Luna style log, ( normal logging or story-like logging? ) and when i get back to logging, i want to see what you guys think, and decide what style of logging i am going to use for my last tamagotchi on this log... i don't know. maybe i will still do more logs on here, but now isn't the time to worry about that. so, i am so happy that there are people reading my logs,and yeah. so i will stop logging for a month, and please, please leave a comment saying what kind of log you prefer, so that i can get back and start right away after a month. anyways, i think that will be all, thank you guys so much for reading, and I'll see you guys in a month!
  8. Luna: e...eh......h-huh? Luna! your awake!!... are you.... I...... Luna: W... what happened, i - *the marutchi's face suddenly froze, her eyes widened* Luna: Via!! I didn't - I just - I'm so sorry, i.. i don't know what happened! something took over me and i - i... *the marutchi bends over and sobs uncontrollably* Luna: I... I should have told you... i ...i... It's okay. i knew that you wouldn't really want to harm me... Luna, what happened? what happened to you? please tell me, I can help you, after this, we can go back to our lives. Luna: I... no. I, I can't go back to living with you... what? why? Luna: Via... i... i never told you the truth......... the truth about what? Luna:......... the... the day you lost me in your room for most of the day... i died... yes. i am already dead, dead of starvation... but i didn't want to... i wanted to live. i wanted it so badly... you don't understand... i... i wanted to live so badly. I forced myself to stay alive, even though that broke me, broke how the game worked, but there was so much for me to do... i couldn't just... just die.... i broke the game. i broke myself. i did everything to make me survive... but there were consequences. i could feel myself change. everytime my body flickered and became distorted, i felt death's claws pulling me down, but i fought it... i thought i was doing the right thing. but it was not until today when everything made me lose my mind, that i realize the consequences of breaking the game. everything felt numb... I'm...I'm sorry i did what i did to you...... it was like i lost myself in that moment....... ......... Luna... it's my fault it's all my fault this happened... i couldn't take better care of you, and i lost you... i don't blame you for wanting to live so badly... everyone wants to live, it's all my fault that this happened, Luna, please, please stay with me...!! Luna: I'm sorry but,,, i can't i am already dead... I'm not supposed to be alive, I'm sorry i couldn't be the pet you wanted...... i need to go now.. *the screen on the P1 flickers, the pixels scatter wildly, then slowly fading, the device buzz and shake uncontrollably like trying to register something that was way beyond what it was made for, the the screen fade away, and a grave with the ghost of Luna slowly appear. it was there all along, but so faint you couldn't see it. Luna was dead all this time, she was just a Marutchi fighting to stay alive* Luna........ *i bend over looking at the screen. I have raised two tamagotchis, and both of them died... it only proves one thing........*
  9. ... Luna: Via? ... Luna: Via...! ... Luna: Via, I - your not the same anymore. ... Luna, you changed. your not the sassy and light hearted Luna i met when i hatched you... ......no. what? Luna: no, n-no i haven't changed. i haven't... I, i'm still the same Luna, it's you. your, you're paranoid, yes, your... your just paranoid... this has nothing to do with me..! Luna, your - NO!! this isn't supposed to be like this, you failed me, but i, i survived. on my own, i lifted myself back up, it's not supposed to be like this... i would just continue life, i wouldn't die, do you see, i wouldn't die. i would.. i would... Luna!! what is this - i don't understand - I, I... Luna: OF COURSE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!! You don't understand my urge to.. to LIVE. I don't want to die, so here i am now, I... I will be here forever!! *Luna's whole body twists and flickers like a character from a broken game, her voice cracks and and she looks distorted* *I grab my P1 and chuck it at the wall, Luna screams but quiets the second she hits the wall, there was a loud crack, and she went unconscious,* ( this is not in the story, but i just want to say... WOW. this is SO STORY LIKE. IT'S NOT EVEN A LOG ANYMORE. GREAT JOB VIA, ... heh, well anyway, enjoy the rest of this entry! ) *I slowly walk to the P1 on my bed, Luna is out cold, i cuddle the small P1 in my hands* sorry Luna...... Look forward to another post today! and don't expect it to be very log like!!...yea
  10. Hey... hey Luna? Luna... Luna: huh....h-huh? *yawn* yea... what is it? *beep, screen slides to the left* it's like, six in the morning..... this must be worth waking up for............. Luna, i just wanted to ask you... you - you didn't get to your teen stage yesterday... i think there's something wrong with you. well, not you, but the tamagotchi. let me take a look. *i take the tamagotchi in my hands and turn on my bedside lamp* *I scroll through the icons and i check the sound* L-Lu-Luna...!! Luna: what?!? the scale icon, it's, its seems to be... broken. Luna: ... Luna, all of the words and letters, all of their pixels are scattered everywhere, i don't know, i think you are broken... Luna: ... Luna, are you okay? speak to me..!! Luna: I'm still here, aren't i? ..what?? Luna: i become like this. but i get to stay forever. don't I? i don't want to die. want to live with you and never fade away.
  11. *I sit slouched on my bed* It's been hours and hours... Luna is... she can't survive this long... I can't believe i- Luna:Hi, were you talking about me? L-L-Luna? *Luna stands behind be. something about her seems weirdly off, but i don't notice* Luna?!?!? How did - You were - I - thought - Luna: It's okay, I'm alright, I was here all along. You were? where did you go? Luna: I... I... *her eyes dart around my room, for a second, it seems that her body twitched and it looks like she wasn't real, but she was back immediately after.* Wa-what was that? Luna, WHERE WERE YOU?? Luna: I... I just, you just didn't see me. i was... i was right where you left me. Luna, i left you on the desk. I checked, you weren't there. Luna: well... I fell. I fell off the desk when you got up but you didn't notice. But why didn't you speak up when i was looking for you?!?!? Luna: I... I thought it would be funny. Luna, THAT'S NOT FUNNY. *I hug her with all my strength. her body flickers weirdly like a light dying, but comes back right after, i don't notice.* please don't scare me like this anymore, alright? Luna: don't worry, I won't. *weirdly, tears fill her eyes, i don't see.* i won't... so that's all for today, but the story of Luna continues, and things get weirder and weirder, so stay tuned for tomorrow! ......wow it's really like a story now.
  12. *me, surfing the internet* Luna: *pops out from behind me* hello! Woah!! you scared me! Luna: that's not important, I'm going to go to my teen stage today! are you excited?? you better log about me! yeah, i wonder what you will be... wait, i need to get something... Luna: right, right. *much time later* wait... Luna? *silence* Luna are you still here? *silence* *I ruffle the covers and check on my desk. nothing.* ... *I look under the bed and through my room, nothing.* *i stare blankly around my room, nothing. PS this log will be very story like, i hope you don't mind that, also, look forward to another post today...
  13. Go check out my life with sassy little Luna! it's gonna be fun, but I'm never going to forget my first ever tamagotchi, Oliver...