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  1. my angel came defected, the screen goes blank after a few seconds and you can only see from an angle

    at first I thought it was a battery problem which was bizarre since it already had new batteries in so I switched it, but the problem persists

    a bummer since I paid a lot for this. I'm gonna try to see if I can get it refunded and returned.

    1. Penguin-keeper


      You bought a new-in-box one, right?

      It's likely that the original batteries being left in it for almost 25 years have flattened down the battery contacts. Try taking a tiny flat-head screwdriver and VERY carefully bending the contacts up towards you a little bit, then see if it works ok after that. :)

  2. Happy Sunday!

    I think I got paparatchi for my v3 teen?

    the only thing different from the google pictures is my character is fairly pudgy and has a smirk instead of thick lips

    are they a bad care character? the only thing bad I can think of that I did is I kept feeding them snacks to increase their weight so I can play games, but their hungry and happy hearts were constantly full and their weight was always the lowest! they did get toothache like twice... I wonder why

    did I mess up with the games? 😂

  3. help ummmm

    am running my v3 and this old man suddenly appeared on the screen bringing me 130 points? then an option came up and since I can't read japanese I randomly selected one and the man became sad and left.

    I didn't get the gotchi points :[

    1. LucidLyes


      maybe you just told him he was ugly lol

    2. Tama_Llama


      oh god-- maybe 🤭🤭

  4. where to buy tamagotchi friends :huh:


  5. just bought myself the ketai katsu~! (v3 I think? correct me if I'm wrong)

    my angel arrived in the mail but I can't find the screwdriver to put in batteries :P

    a new academic year is starting and I'm buying myself so many distractions from my schoolwork,,, really setting myself up for success here !

    1. LucidLyes


      I'm glad I warned you about logs lol.

  6. shipping and duties were basically the same price as the angelgotch I bought itself... ended up paying three times the price :mellow:

    is there any way to avoid paying duties and stuff?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tama_Llama


      lmao I guess the price is what it is then

    3. Penguin-keeper


      Yeah, that's how I look at it. :lol: The only ways to avoid it are to buy within your own country, or to use services where the duties are pre-paid with the shipping costs. The latter usually only applies to new items, though, since it tends to be offered by large online stores with international shipping.

    4. OldSchoolVPQ


      I looked up Canadian customs regulations, and it looks like you get charged on items with a specified value of over $20 CAD. That limit is raised to $60 CAD if it's specified as a gift, and includes a card or letter to specify it as such. Of course, depending on shipping method, the value specified on the customs form is equivalent to the amount of insurance covered by the postal service in case of loss or damage, so it's not there just to drive up the overall purchase price on your end! 

      Something else to note is that tariffs vary based on the material of the item sent. It's important to make sure it's declared along the lines of plastic electronic toy (no batteries) on the customs form so it's charged at the correct rate. 

      Sorry logistics are so complicated (and expensive)! Enjoy your Angel :)

  7. just bought the angelgotch !

    honestly there's something about the vintage tamas I just love so much, how simple they are and their design, they're so small and easy to carry around. angelgotch has been one of my most wanted tamas ! although I hear they are difficult to take care of.

    also, thanks for the suggestion in the comments of my last post, I will look into finding another P1 ! :lol:


    edit: how does a angelgotch log sound? I'm not sure how it will turn out since I have school (my senior year of highschool ! ) but I honestly miss logs so I might give it a try !

    1. LucidLyes


      all I have to say is logs are time consuming lol

    2. Penguin-keeper


      Yeah, what LucidLyes said. :P They are fun, but they're not necessarily easy to keep up with over a long period.

  8. the screws on my p1 is stripped

    it's been like that for months now,,, I went and got batteries then realized I couldn't get the screws out

    it's so frustrating because I really want to run the tama and I have a few weeks before school starts, I have the batteries and everything but this one screw just won't come out- I'm close but so far away

    the inside of the screw is a completely round hole now,,, and the more I try I find I just end up scratching up the tama near the screws so I'm stuck :///// and also I can't find the screwdriver, great

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      @LucidLyes - It definitely wasn't you. The screws on some of them are like Play-Doh!

    3. OldSchoolVPQ


      Some of the old screws are just awful!!

      There are ways to get them out...I use Holts Screw Catch, which is a gritty powder that helps the screwdriver grip the inside of the holes a bit better. When that doesn't work, I'll use a Dremel to file new indentations for the driver to latch onto, but this is pretty risky.

      When in doubt, take it to a jeweler!


    4. Tama_Llama


      @OldSchoolVPQ omg tysm for the advice !! ima try those out :D

  9. hello !! I haven't been on here for.... a year? it's nice to be back !

    1. LucidLyes


      I thought I was the only one to have disappeared since around December lol welcome back!

  10. ah. well, I have my P1 again, but the batteries have faded. The weird thing is that it is actually still working but because the lack of power you cannot see this screen, but your little character is indeed still alive in it. So uhmmm I'll be attempting my first invisible tamalog. I don't know how long the power in those batteries will "last", but for now I have to take care of my baby without even being able to see him. This is gonna be fun. (that was sarcasm) I have already fed him (Or at least I hope I did) and I played two games with him. (it's a boy) it feels like it's a bit slower due to the dying battery, but I'm still gonna try. PS I set up the time by accident so I sincerely hope that I don't have to stay up until midnight cleaning up his invisible poop or something. That's another thing, I don't know when he poops. So I'll have to try to count to the bathroom icon and flush it at random moments. Anyhow, wish me luck! 💕
  11. are you going to name your little angel?
  12. can someone please tell me what messenger storage is ahh

    don't tell me I can only message a certain amount of messages now-

    1. Nazotchi25


      Yeah you can only store so many messages. Its been that way for quite a number of years now.. as far back as I can remember and I initially joined back in 2009.

      Angelgotchi and Lifetime Angelgotchi members get significantly more storage for their messenger.

    2. Tama_Llama


      oof I guess I just never noticed then ;-;

  13. woah hi everyone

    tamatalk really changed didn't it

    sorry I just haven't been active in a year :')

  14. . . .OKAY THIS PLACE IS DEAD I did not keep my promise, it's nearly June again A YEAR LATER and uhh I have no excuses. I don't think I will be logging again for some time but I promise one day I will bring back my logs again! probably in two months or maybe three, again I am so sorry but now I'm trying to be more active thank you to anybody who read my logs and a special thanks to Unakachi for supporting me so much, I cannot be thankful enough! but until after a few months, there will be no more logs. I you all and I'll return to logs soon
  15. Gonna Start a new log...! Wait, exams? well, I guess i will have to wait... but please tell me if I should do my last log as a story-type log or a regular log like the one I did for Oliver... Thanks! I'll go right back to logging after June!

    1. QueenRita


      I'd be interested in a story log, I don't think I've really seen one of those (yet)!

    2. Tama_Llama


      Go check out Kajah995's Awesome log of Amazingness Take 5 Part 2!!

      If this is your first time reading a story-like log, then it's gonna be kinda weird, but you will get to like it as you read on :)