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  1. Thanks all! This has been incredibly helpful!
  2. Hello, I recently acquired a Gudetama Tamagotchi, but I haven't had a Tamagotchi since I was really little, and I'm having trouble understanding how it works. I also don't read Japanese, which makes this especially tricky From what I understand thus far, there are two food options (snack, and meal), and one game I can play. The A button lets me pick between options, and B lets me select an option, and also takes me to the clock. C is cancel. However, there is a lot I still don't understand – should my screen always stay on? I'm not supposed to turn the Tamagotchi off at any point, am I? When he's asleep, should I just let him sleep? I have figured out that, when he goes to sleep, I have the option to turn the light on and off. When he's awake, I've figured out that the C button "calls" him and checks his status. Naturally, since these are in Japanese, I can't read them. Some of them I've been able to figure out just by comparing them to the other options (like when he wants a certain food) but others I'm a bit confused about... I know this is a relatively new Tamagotchi, but does anyone else have any other bits of information that might be helpful? Thank you so much!