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  1. Also if u get a 4U get the 4U+ i read in here that one is better and have more stuff to it?
  2. My first color tama is the 4U and luckily i have an NFC that connects to the app. I own a Samsung S6. It is fun if you can dowload things but if not dont. For a list of compatible devices you can check here: Also i got last night my first mix and so far i like it. It has many locations to unlock and visit. As for purchasing on low budget you can check thats where i got both used for cheaper. The 4U was on sale for $23+ shipping and the Melody Mix used with original box and instuction was on for $35. You have to keep looking because you might catch great prices and also they go buy quick. Also can go on ebay and buy on auction. Language wise dont worry because its easy to figure out and for the 4U if u can get the app working there is an english patch for it. I hope this helps you.
  3. Thank you everyone that responded it helped me a lot.
  4. Just got the Melody M!X soo much to learn!

    1. Verklighet


      I have the blue one of this version. <3 ^_^

    2. Unakachi


      Mine will be coming in May.

    3. SkaIsNotDead


      Mine should be here soon!!

  5. Hello everyone i just got my first mix tmgc. I have soo many questions to ask. *Note: It's used* 1) What is the first default character? I have a feeling my first character right now its a mix (toddler stage) She has a big head and small body, yellow skin and a bowtie. 2) Can i reset it to get back to default 1Gen? 3) How do i plant the seed? 4) Why is there a lot of things in the menu locked and how or when will it unlock? Thank you in advance!
  6. Im kinda sad im slowly losing interest in my Tama...maybe because I got 4 boys in a row and I have yet to play with the cute stuff for the girls

    1. AnniChu


      Weird, I've gotten 5 boys in a row!

    2. Jhud


      Boys can be cute too, on colored versions I always put dresses on the guys because they look cute like that lol

  7. Hello everyone! Since It's been hard for me to give updates on my Tama's and I'm behind of schedule Ive decided to just summarize everything and hope to catch up soon. ☆Kuromametchi☆ Age 4 Boy 1Gen Tamatomo: No ☆Kuromametchi☆ Age 5 Boy 2G Tamatomo: Yes ☆Kuchipatchi☆ Age 6 Boy 3Gen Tamatomo: Yes *Active Now* Jellyfish Age 2 Boy 4G ~It's been 3 weeks since i got the 4U and because Ive spoiled it myself and explored everything within the 1st week the excitment has worn off but im hoping to get a girl next time as theres more fun to female tamagotchis. See you soon!
  8. Where to upload my photo so i can share my tama pics here? :/

    1. Vexia


      maybe imgur? You don't need an account to upload there.

    2. Princessyarichi
  9. ☆JOURNEY TO A NEW EXPERIENCE☆ Ever since i found out about the launch of the mini Tamagotchi and me finding my old Tamagotchi Friends Dream Towm I started to do some serious research about where can i get a one and what have i been missing out on. I've missed on a lot of stuff! *facepalm* Looked around everywhere online and that's how i came to find this website so i saved it for later. I was heartbroken to see that the older and newer versions were out of my spending limits but kept on looking until i came across Japan You Want website. Yay! I scrolled down and to my surprised I found the listing to a Used Tamagotchi 4U Blue and the price was $23. I was like "What? No way? Is this legit?" So before i made the purchased i did my research to make sure it was a legit seller. Okay cool. Then i saw the tamagotchi was in Japanese *dammit* so of course i google to see if there's an English version and this website (Tama Talk) appears again and found out about the app and the english patch. Yay!. Lucky me it was after the holidays and my mom had given me a visa gift card for christmas. Bless her. I placed my order earlier this month on Jan 10th. Im so excited and bummed at the samw time because i figured it would take about 4 weeks to get here so i just looked at review videos to see how to do the patching and other stuff. I dont know what came over me... i went heavy on my "research" i would look for information nonstop. (Haha whats wrong with me) i Checked and tracked my purchase as well every few hours. (Lol) Can you believe that within 2 days it made it from Japan to U.S? And just a State away? So lucky and i didnt even paid for fast shipping. I was dying to see it stuck in customs. It finally got to me in exactly 10 days after buying it. Its funny because a friend of mine in China had sent me something small from over there 2 weeks before christmas and it got to me the 2 days before the Tamagotchi. My first Tamagotchi with color is finally here! Cute show off photo:
  10. Hi there new reader here! I got so happy to see you are still active! I did read your first 2 Gens on the 4U and i'll definetly try to catch up everything. Hope you have a better day ~
  11. ☆INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND STORY☆ Hi my name is Yari and I'm 25 years old. My first Tamagotchi was the Tamagotchi Connection. It's funny because the reason why i wanted one was because i saw that my best friend had one. We were in elementary school and silly me "borrowed" without her knowing for a day or two and decided that i really liked it and wanted one.Fast foward to this story is that the next year or so i asked "Santa" for a tamagotchi and that's how i found out "Santa" was my parents. I already had my suspicions on the matter and i needed proof so i went ahead and looked for it in my parents room. I was right because the first thing i saw when i opened the big trash bag hidden inside the closset was my tamagotchi!!! I was so excited and wants really upset about the whole Santa thing!It was just painful waiting to be able to open it and play with it. It was pink with like sunshine like stripes in orange and purple. Man i fell i love with it right away but sadly I had it for a year before it got lost on our move to another country, U.S. I owned a few more down the road such as the Tamagotchi music star i believe and the tamatown. After a few years i found the Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town while i was window shopping at Hot Topic and OMG i was over the moon! I was workinh at that tim3 and really didnt get to play much until i missed placed it and was lost till last December and thats why I got into it again and purchased the Tamagotchi mini that recently came out and the Tamagotchi 4U.
  12. Hi, i was wondering if the Tamagotchi 4U have a garden where you can plant or is it just the 4U+?