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  1. I tried putting in my 16gb sd card and it didn't seem to read it, but I ordered a 2gb card just a while ago, I read that 2gb is the max it can read, hopefully it'll work. So far I haven't seen any other solutions. There weren't much info I could find on I really wish there was some other way to solve this though, I really didn't like being forced to spend twice the amount of money ($15 for treo + $13 for sd card) because I can't find instructions on how to use this phone. There's got to be something I'm not doing correctly for the bluetooth.
  2. Hello everyone, I've recently purchased a Japanese IDL & P's and a Sprint Palm Treo 650 to transfer the downloads. I'm having a lot of trouble sending the files from my laptop to my Palm Treo, I tried to use the bluetooth transfer from both a Win 10 PC and a Macbook (2014 release) with no success. They both detect my Palm Treo but I can't find neither of my laptops from my phone. When attempting on my Macbook, I receive the message: "the device does not have the necessary services" and nothing happens on my phone When attempting on my PC, a bar pops up for authentication (not sure if that's the exact word since my system is in a different language), and my phone will say "connecting" for about a minute and then it disappears and nothing happens. Does anyone have any experience with the Palm Treo 650 or have a tutorial to how to transfer files to a Palm Treo 650? I'm really frustrated right now that I can't even transfer the downloadable content to my "transfer device". The Palm Treo was purchased on Ebay and it only came with a charger (no USB cable). I've also tried asking the Ebay seller and all they told me was "We receive these items in bulk and only have the information available from the manufacturer to provide to buyers in the listing" and it was not helpful at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!