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  1. Some good news and some bad! In regards to what Jhud said, I decided to do a bit more googling and found a place just outside of town. So, I decided it wouldn't hurt to try there and I took my original Tamagotchi (not the one from eBay), as it had a damaged screw on the back plate. The people that ran the place were absolutely lovely and very helpful- he couldn't get the screw out by non-invasive means, but he did offer to drill it out. I took him up on this offer and he managed to remove the damaged screw without damaging any threads or the Tamagotchi itself. Yay! However, upon getting my Tamagotchi home, I have found that its one of the ones with the slightly longer screws- which my replacements I got from JYW do not fit. I also pulled out the backing screws of another Tamagotchi (not the one in the photo) to look compare the length and they are also quite a bit longer! So... I am going to have a look for the 1.5 mm screws mentioned above on eBay, as well as order a selection of watch/eyeglass ( I think they are called called?) screws from eBay and my local watch repairs shop. Other than that... I really don't know what to do. I mailed JYW and they say that they rarely encounter the longer screws, however, I have quite a few now in my collection with them. So I am looking to replace two different types of screw. I'm honestly wondering about a refund in regards to the original Tamagotchi, given I'm not sure I will be able to find screws long enough to hold the insides together.
  2. Thank you so much for the replies Eggiwegg and Iza! I really appreciate them! Eggiwegg- thank you for the links, I'm going to go and have a hunt on eBay for the 1.5x1 mm replacement screws you mentioned. I'm also going to take a look at the other links you sent me- stocking up on these doesn't sound like a bad idea to me, as a couple of my Tamas need replacement screws. I do have some screw grab- I used it on my Tama screwdriver with no luck, sadly. Maybe I should try a slightly larger screwdriver? Given the holes are pretty big and rounded in this. Screwgrab has helped me out loads with vintage Tamas in the past- its a Godsend! I only have one place in town that will touch Tamagotchi screws. All of the jewellers either turn their noses up (as it is a 'toy') or say that they don't do that kind of thing, due to the possibility of them ruining it further. The shop I tried before with a different Tama sadly couldn't get the screw out, despite his best efforts (bless the man, he was there for ages trying and seemed genuinely sad that he couldn't help me). He was the one who suggested the Dremel. Thank you so much for the help again, I really appreciate it! Iza - at this rate, as long as I can replace the screws, I am considering trying most things. Its either that or I sadly get a refund.
  3. I've found that every… single… screw head on the inside is completely threaded/stripped! ARGH! I’m quite saddened by this, as its a shell I’ve been wanting for a while (its the closest I can find for sale that replicates my original Tamagotchi- plus yellow and pink is just gorgeous! ). The seller mentioned that the buttons do not work so good in the listing (I can’t get them to respond at all), which is fair enough, but they also mentioned cleaning. Now I’ve got some stuff to do it, but how am I supposed to sort it if I can’t even get into the Tama? My questions in regards to this are: - Has anyone got any ideas on how to open it? I’m considering buying a Dremel, but I am not entirely sure on which model to go for (I’ve been googling for help on this)- given I have a few virtual pets with screws that have been damaged. Yet if I totally decimate the screw heads, will I be able to gently pull it apart? Like you can with the back plates? - Also, does anyone know anywhere that sells replacement screws for the inner Tamagotchi? As I am guessing the ones used on the backplate may be too short? (If I am wrong about this, please let me know!). The seller has been good and offered me the option to return it, but I want to see if there is absolutely anything I can do to save/keep it before I take up that offer. As I say, this is a shell I am particularly fond of- but I am not sure what to do, given I can’t play with my new little buddy
  4. Its great to hear how people store them! I'v since changed how I store mine a little bit. I am still keeping them in a compartment case, but I managed to find a larger one in a DIY store (which has the bonus of being able to take out the sections). Since purchasing it, I have taken it upon myself to decorate it some! With Tamagotchi stickers and a layer of felt. If I drop my pets whilst putting them away, I like to think that they will now have a slightly softer fall. (I have quite shaky hands, so I have to be careful when handling them ). I will need another one of these boxes, as not all of my Tamagotchis fit. Right now they are perched on top of one another. I am still not sure what to do with my non-bandai pets, however! Hoky - I had no idea you could get screen covers! Do you know if they do them for the vintage models/Connections? As I would love to get some for my Tamagotchis!
  5. I got a Tamagotchi/Virtual Pet bundle a couple of days ago and a folder full of cards today! I am super excited to finally own a Mothra Tamagotchi- I can't wait to get it up and running in a few weeks, when I am back from a trip and have more time. Its been a pet I've been meaning to get for quite some time. On a side note, the cards are lovely and so is the folder! They have most Tamagotchi (vintage at least) characters.
  6. Hi everyone! After not being very active here, due to my life being a bit on the hectic side at the moment, I’ve finally found five minutes to sit down and type something! During my time away, I am pleased to say that I have been playing with my little virtual friends. I decided to try and revive my P2- which was a terrifying and interesting experience, given it involved me opening it up to give it a clean (much to my frustration, the buttons are still a bit slow on their responses). I wanted to change the screws on it, due to having one thread/strip quite badly. I ordered some replacement screws (for vintage Tamas) from JYW- which work wonderfully on my Angel and P1’s. However, upon trying to replace my P2’s screws, they just don’t seem to fit? They don’t appear to be large enough and fall straight out- even when being screwed in repetitively. At first I thought there might be something odd going on with my back- maybe I had damaged the case. So, I tried it on my other P2- only to experience exactly the same issue! Are the screws for the P2 different to the Angel and the P1- and if so, does anyone know where I could buy some more firmer replacements? I’m already looking into buying a Dremel to lightly drill at the back of a couple of my Tamas that have dud screws, as my local jewellers/watch repair shops/etc sadly could not get them out and this is what they recommended I do. I want to minimalize/stop the chances of screw threading in the future, so I am looking to replace my vintage screws on all my Tamas- although the P2s have me absolutely stumped on sizing!
  7. Iza- they appear shorter when in the shell, yet upon pulling them out after I opened it, they look the same as the others. Its really odd, as when reassembled they seem to have quite a gap between them and the circuit board. Nothings been tampered with prior to me opening it either.
  8. Penguin-keeper- I opened it up to check this and give the buttons a clean, but it doesn't look like its out of place or can sit in any other way? The buttons feel really 'stunted' and are a bit of a nightmare to press. Its bizarre to say in the least!
  9. Hi there everyone! After a semi-break from the land of Tama, due to a lot of things going on, I decided to get back into the swing of things by rebooting my old P2! it started up, which was fantastic, however, the buttons were really hard to press and seemed almost sunken? So, I figured I would open it up and see what was going on (especially since the case didn't seem flush at the bottom). After doing so, I can see that there is quite a gap between the circuit board and the buttons- which is what I am assuming is causing it to be a nightmare to press. I can't see anything obvious missing and even when pressing the Tama shell completely flush together, it still appears to be the same. Has anyone else had any experience with this or fixes? My P1 and other Tamas don't seem to have the same 'sunken in' button issue.
  10. Iza - Ahh! I actually had no idea that was the case. Thats amazing to know! That might be a fun challenge at some point, to see how long I can keep one going. Thank you for letting me know! TamaLog Time- and boy is it overdue! Hello there everyone! Its time for Porgs TamaLog! Due to my own Birthday celebrations and visitors, I have been away for over a week now and have had to keep all of my lovely little virtual critters on pause. I have also unfortunately managed to fall ill again (probably with the same cold, as I hadn’t quite gotten rid of it before I went charging about and overdoing it- oops!), so my posts are going to be a bit on the slow side. Now, as all of my current logged critters have been on pause, I don’t have anything new to report in their world. Sorry about this! However! Not all is lost in the way of updates, as I was blessed with an abundance of Tama-goodness on my Birthday from my Mother, best friend and Fiancé. Yay! I decided to run the Chibi that was gifted to me by my best friend, as I thought it would be easy enough to keep with me and keep alive (it also meant that I didn’t have to stress too much about getting photos and could actually get photos to share with you all, when I finally managed to sit down and update). I introduce ‘Pinkie’ to all of you- and this is her story! Pinkie hatched into a happy bouncing Marutchi, which I unfortunately wasn’t there to take a photo of (I also derped out on the egg and did not photograph that either- doh!). She was sitting on my kitchen table at the time and I was sadly not fast enough to grab my phone and run there when I heard the familiar ‘hatching’ beeps. During her adventures with me, I decided to try something a bit different- in the hopes of getting a Tama I really wanted. So, I kept her ‘happiness’ to a minimum, but kept her well fed. This resulted in the Tama I wanted! Kuchipatchi! Yay! I cannot take credit for this method, however, as my Fiancé was the one who initially discovered how to get him- by being a bit on the paranoid side in regards to giving him too many snacks. His Kuchipatchi was named ‘Jeremy’. Sadly, like all Chibis, Pinkie decided to evolve into one of the two humanoid-like Tama characters- Oyajitchi. Oh well… In my mind… She is still very much a she and a Kuchipatchi.
  11. TAMAGIRL2008 - After reading all of these posts, I am thinking I definitely need to do some sorting and see if I can rehome some of my stuff in my draws. It sounds like it is the preferred place to keep our virtual friends! To be honest, it might even be a better option for me - as at least then I would know where my storage boxes are at all times. Tamaninjacat - Thank you ever so much! I think he is super cute and definitely looks the part with my Porg rucksack, haha! I love Mimitchi- I don't think I've ever seen a carry case of her before. I'll have to keep a lookout for one, as I really love how cute they are. I would personally love a shelf to display them all on- trouble is I don't have much space, due to collecting quite a few different things haha! I've always wanted to keep my Tamas/other collectables in one of those glass display cabinets. I've always assumed they would be great at keeping dust off - and they look super fancy to boot. Its just finding them and getting them delivered. The doily sounds super cute- and that is great that it helps with the dust! I notice that my V3 seems to be a real dust hoarder on the screen, even if I keep it covered/in the Kuchi pouch.
  12. After being away for over a week and having to get a parcel re-delivered, I have woken up to these today! A much needed pick-me-up for a very tired and quite poorly Porg! I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the Familitchi came with instructions! Much needed instructions, might I add, as I have never owned one of these before. I adore the Chibi too, as the shell design is quite nostalgic for me. The Friends one I am excited to play with, as I have been interested in getting one for a while. It was a nice surprise to see it came with batteries and has a cute little woolly-looking critter on the pause menu. I might just go ahead and play with it, rather than resetting, as it that particular Tamagotchi character sure is cute!
  13. TamaLog Time! Hi there everyone, sorry this has been so slow! Life has been very hectic recently, particularly as I am preparing to have my best friend visit from Norway for my Birthday- yay! As of tomorrow, updates will be very slow- if not all together non-existant for a week or so, as I will have very little time to get online or play with my Tamas (it looks like the little critters may possibly be going into hibernation again). Do not worry, though! For both me and my critters will be back, to tell the tales of their adventures- both in the TamaWorld and our world! Now then, onto the updates! Brynn…. What can I say? He evolved! Into Oyajitchi. I have to admit, I miss his slythery forms, as I have never been one for humanoid-like Tamas. I personally find it a little bit off-putting that the Chibis/Minis seem to all do this. It is a real shame, as I love how low maintenence they are- which means I can often keep them with me, even when I am rushed off of my feet. I wish that, if they evolved, they turned into a more ‘animal-like’ creature. Ah well, I still love you Brynn, even if you have legs now! Isaac, Isaac, Isaac! Well now, this little chap has been busy! He found himself a lover recently- a lovely lady Megatchi! Fireworks went off and after the ‘magical’ meeting, Isaac found himself a new father- to a bright, bouncy girl. He is already proving to be a fantastic father, just like Leon! Naturally I made my last days with Isaac special, just like I had with Leon. I gave him some new toys to play with! He seemed to really like the Umbrella! Then, the day came… Where Isaac had to leave. He has entrusted me to look after his baby girl, who I named ‘Carrie’ (after Carrie Fisher ), or ‘Carie’ rather, due to the amount of letters you can enter. She has since evolved into Tamatchi! I have been doing all I can to give good care. I just can’t seem to get the higher care children. Not that there is anything wrong with the ones I have been getting. I would just like to have the opportunity to see the other little ones. Hmmm… I might need to do further research. On a side note, I activated one of my long-awaited Tamas also! I think its a V2 Connection. I couldn’t resist hitting download and upon doing so, I was presented with an oldie! Otokitchi! I’ve decided to let her live out her life, as she is 12 years old. Welcome to the family Hanny (that was the name given to her by the previous owner)! This Tamas screen is quite faded, even with a new battery. I am assuming it is because I am using cheaper ones. I’ll need to pop to the store and get some better ones when I get a chance and see if it changes the screen quality.
  14. Yay! I am so, so happy that you won it- huge congratulations to you and your virtual pet family! You are more than welcome, I am just glad that that I could help you in return, as you have been so fantastic! I can't wait to see it in your log, its such a cute looking pet! On a side note, I am currently waiting on a Tama-Go (I think thats what its called, at least, thats what its listed as ) to turn up. I don't know much about them, but I thought the charm things you clip into them were a super cute idea.
  15. Gotchilove - Thank you ever so much for your kind words/compliments! Ahh! Thank you for letting me know - I wasn’t sure in all honesty, so I assumed he was showing off and told him off. Oops! I’ll try praising him next time. Thank you for the heads up about the low-care parents, too. It seems thats all the matchmaker has offered me so far. TamaLog time! Sorry for the delay in updates! With it being so cold, I have had a hard time typing (I’m still waiting on our heating system to be fixed, argh!). However! I have been taking photos for the log, yay! So what is new in the world of Brynn? Well, to be honest, not much. He is still slithering on strong and doing his little happy jumps. I also accidentally let him sleep next to his poo last night, sorry Brynn! Little Isaac has made me chuckle a few times, I have to admit. I caught him blowing what looks like kisses at the screen earlier. He also looked like he was receiving some kind of signal? I am sad to say that he doesn’t share his fathers knack with the magical lamp, however, as the Genie fried him earlier. Oops! At least he can get plants to grow, thats something, right?
  16. Hech777 - Thank you ever so much for the compliment! Ah! You sound like you have a draw like me, I have a draw next to my workspace which is filled with things like my handhelds and games. I have never kept Tamas in there though- not a bad idea, however. I might see if I can get my smaller box in there! I like the compartment box and would recommend it to you, if thats a route you are thinking of going to store your pets. It definitely makes it easier to find who I want to run next and keeps them all separated. I want to line it with something, though (but I am not sure what), as I have shaky hands and am prone to dropping them. Eep! Hoky - I used to do that with mine! I had loads of different animal themed hooks with a virtual pet dangling off of each one. We took them down when it came to painting though, then they got retired to the bag. Its a fun idea, but I live on a main road with two schools and a college nearby, so things get dusty fast- particularly in the summer. I was always worried about discolouration too, because of this. I also have my Skylanders (whats left of them, that is) in similar storage to you. Penguin-keeper - That looks super cozy, I have to admit. Haha! I lay mine in my box carefully also and try not to shake it about when moving. I do like that idea though, it looks like it makes them very easy to move and store. As you probably know from all of the questions, I am an epic worrier and tend to worry a lot over them. Mind you… I worry about everything LOL. Pirorirotchi - Thats incredibly lucky that the magnet did not get to it, phew! Sometimes popping them in a draw can be good, mind you- easier to find! I am still hunting for my Digimon pets. I had them just the other week, literally, and moved them somewhere out of harms reach- as I am having to pack everything away to decorate. Do you think I can find them now? Nope! They were separate to my other virtual pets and I had been meaning to put them back with them. I’m starting to wish I had popped them in one my draws now! At least I would know where I put them, haha! Here is my little carrier thingy I use when out! Its super cute and I don’t mind having him on show. It only fits one, mind you, which is a bummer (Isaac sits nicely in it, though ).
  17. Hi there everyone! After discussing virtual pets with my Fiancé and my Mother, I have been wondering- how do you all store them/keep them, especially when they are not in use? Years ago, when the craze first went live, I kept all of my pets on little animal-themed hooks, that were dotted all around my bedroom walls in a line (almost like a boarder, haha). I wish I had a photo of them like that! Since retiring them, they had been kept in a plastic duvet storage bag in the cupboard. Now, they are all together, rather unglamorously in a plastic box- until I can work out how I want to store them. My Bandai Tamagotchis have their own compartment box, which they sit quite nicely in (the area with the P1s/P2s in is actually big enough to fit in a Chibi next to them, so I will be doing that as I get more), although I think I am going to need a few more of those if I do the same with my other pets. So! That brings up the question- how do you store your virtual pets, when they are both in and not in use? How do you travel with them- do you put them in anything special to prevent damage (I have a Kuchipatchi lanyard and pouch, which fits one of my pets on outings Although he does tend to swing a little from side to side- so I need to bare that in mind if I need to move fast). I’d love to see pictures, maybe I can get ideas for my own! Below are photos of my own pets - I really need a better way of keeping them safe, outside of a plastic box.
  18. Penguin-keeper - that is very true! I want to preserve these the best I can, which is why I am worrying so much. They are an amazing creation that are both very dear and nostalgic to me. I hope I can help others in the future. Still! Thank you again, you really have been a great help. Righto! Hot water bottles removed! I don't think that they would have leaked on them, at least, given they were under two towels and under the two plastic boxes (I kind of sat them on top of the bottles and towels). Do you have any advice in how to store them, so that they don't freeze up/are a bit more protected? My fingers are looking like icicles at the moment, LOL. I will let you know for sure! I definitely feel that there needs to be something that can be done to protect or save these critters, given like you said, when they go out of production... thats it. No more of that particular one. I'll do some searching and see what the result is. I might ask a friend to ask his father, also, as his father is very good with electronics and has worked with them pretty much all his life. He might know something at least. Definitely! I am very bitter (excuse the pun) towards the shoddy service that provider has... provided. If you can say they have even provided a service! I'm so thankful that I have means to keep warm at least. Although the same can't be said for the other objects in my home.
  19. Penguin-keeper - I can't help but panic, lol. I'm a big worryer. Thank you so much for being so helpful, though, I really do appreciate it. I hope I can someday return all of the help you have given! Eep, I should probably remove them, then. What I did was put the hot water bottle in a fabric case, then wrapped it in a towel (so there are two things for it to warm through before it gets to the plastic my Tamas are sitting on), then put it under the plastic box my tamas are stored in. I just felt it- the plastic to the box is warm, but not hot. Should I remove the bottle do you think? Again, I am so sorry for all of the questions. Thank you for the link! I think I will give that a read now. Hm, if that can be replaced, I guess it would be for a specialist. I might give it a google, because I guess you never know if someone does it or not? I'm assuming this kind of thing can happen to all electronics and not just Tamas. Thank you! I hope so too- its been an absolute nightmare this winter. I can safely say that when I am done shopping around, I think I might switch providers. :/ I've got a hot water bottle strapped to me at the moment, haha.
  20. Penguin-keeper - Thats good to know, because I am having a bit of a panic-attack over things right now. My house, particularly the storage room, is always cold, as I said, though. I am wondering if thats what has damaged the others. I might move them into the living room, as we have a small heater we have bought. I was considering heating up a couple of hot water bottles, wrapping them in a cover and blanket, and putting my Tama boxes on top of them to bring some warmth back. Do you think this is a good idea - or will it be too warm? I am absolutely paranoid right now, LOL. I'm definitely not 'tech' savvy either. A lot of my Tamagotchis/Virtual pets are out of use. I only have Isaac and Brynn running currently. I keep stuffing them under the blanket and off of the table to the side of me, to keep them warm LOL. Yeah, I am referring to the awful UK weather. Our heating people have been messing us around for months now, we have basically gone all winter without a boiler. They apparently repaired it around Christmas- but guess what? It still didn't work and they refused to come back out, as they had apparently 'done their job'. Ugh. I'm really hoping nothing happens to my little critters, I've had quite a few disheartening blows with the ones I have fired back up recently. I definitely don't want any more. Do you know if the screen damage is permanent from cold? Or if it returns to normal when things get a bit warmer? I'm sorry for so many questions, I actually have no idea what I am doing and have a horrible habit of over-Googling things.
  21. Penguin-keeper - Righto! Noted on that! I was just wondering if playing with them in daylight would help with anything, given the light function helps. I wasn't going to leave them in the sun, mind you- I've seen what that can do and its not pretty!
  22. Penguin-keeper - Oh no! My Virtual Pets were stored in my cupboard. My house is not very warm, however. Even with the heating on, it is still cold (and I do mean cold. Its an older house, so heat doesn't hold very well. Right now our boiler is bust too, so we have no heating at all. Repairs are on hold, due to snow and people not wanting to travel). You mention heat damage, but can cold do it also? And I wonder how long it would have to be over. I am worrying about my current Tamagotchis and Virtual Pets now. I wonder if there is a way to fix it....
  23. TamaMum - Thank you so much for the kind words and compliments! I’ve always loved these little critters and I can’t express how happy I am to have found a community that shares the same interest. Thank you ever so much for the link! I am aware of the site, but I have never gone through it properly outside of what was linked to me and the odd few pages I have clicked on myself (I am a scatter brain at the best of times, I will admit). I’m definitely going to take the time to take a proper look this weekend. Thank you again! Penguin-keeper - Thank you again for the kind words! Thank you for the proper name on that one, I think what I might do, when I can sit down properly, is update the post with each one that has been identified. Then I can keep track of things better! I’m desperate to get this one running again, fingers crossed I can sort the screen out. Thank you so, so, so much for identifying all of those also! Ah! You are a fantastic help and I really do appreciate all of your posts. I did suspect the Micro-Puppy, I will admit, as I did see a listing a while ago. I had my doubts, mind you, as I saw someone calling them Pound Puppies. The shell did not look the same as the one they were mentioning, but the sprites did. So! I figured it was best to leave them unidentified- thank you for clearing it up for me! I might also add that these ones were the ones I was talking about on my ‘Introduction’ post- the ‘dog simulator’. I absolutely adore these particular pets. :heart: Thank you again so much for all of the naming! You are an absolute star! It feels so great to be able to put names to shells! Hoky - Thank you so much for the compliments! Yeah, they were quite big back in the day- I wish they were now also. My friends/family knew I was obsessed with them and used to buy me them for my Birthday/Christmas. I also used to save up any pocket money I had to try and get new ones too. I was known as the ‘TamaGirl’ in school LOL. I love the Rancor! I did have an R2-D2 too, but I cannot find him. There are a couple missing from my collection, to be honest. I really have no idea where they are, though, as I thought I had kept them all together. Losing R2-D2 stings quite a bit, as I am a Star Wars fanatic. I wanted to take him with me to conventions where I dress as Leia. I feel it would be the perfect addition to my costume!
  24. I play with mine in public! I always have, even when they started to fall out of the 'being cool' phase, all those years ago back in school. I'm not very self-concious, mind you, as I've always had people comment on certain things (being 27 years old, wearing overly-flamboyant makeup, whilst donning a Porg rucksack with StarWars/Pokemon/Other 'geeky' clothing and jewellery, alongside bright red/orange hair does me no favours in being discreet ). I've been brought up to do whatever makes you happy (as long as you are not hurting anyone), no matter what other people think (after all, if people are going to be cruel/nasty to you, I don't think they are the sort of people you want or need in your life). My friends are also all very lovely in the fact that they don't judge and never have (most of them have their own childhood obsessions still going as well ). My Fiancé has also got back into them because of me and now has his own little terror to take care of. My family do not mind me playing with them either- my Mother even asks about the little critters and likes to help me name them. Lol! She has always played with them with me as a kid and even had her own.
  25. Jhud/Pirorirotchi - Thank you so much for the advise and help. I think I will have a rummage in our toolbox tonight and see if I can find a screwdriver that will not strip and be able to get down the tiny screw holes. They are so deep and narrow, my usual 'Tama' screwdriver won't go down them. Fingers crossed I can find something and hopefully fix this critter. I'll post here and keep things updated as to what I do, heres to hoping!