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  1. Not from today but from two packages I picked up earlier this week: - A P2 (version 2, I got one of the version 1 shells from the Japan 20th anniversary revamp but I wanted to see the different characters of the second version). - The Coro Coro Keitai (I couldn't wait to start playing with that one!). - A Keitai Akai (I literally like all the shells for this version). - A Japanese chibi (I have plenty of American ones form the 20th anniversary but I wanna be able to get Lucky Unchi-kun ).
  2. Target already has the Series 3 minis! I haven't seen them on the official Tamagotchi site yet but I've found them both in person and on the Target site.
  3. Hahahaha, ahhh... tamagotchis. The Nokias of the virtual pet world!
  4. Yeah, I agree that they're probably a stand in for a real pet (I think the fact that they're a separate physical entity that you can carry around and not an app in your phone helps with that feeling). I wish I could have a pet but I can't afford it yet and I'm afraid the depression would make it too hard to take care of it properly Maybe I should try just growing plants/food first... And of course, having cute stuff around always helps. Right now I can't stop playing with the Gudetama tamagotchi cause it's so adorable... Right now I'm trying to buy cute cases for all of them and make cute tiny beds so they have a place to sleep. (Por cierto, saludos de otra española!) I get pretty attached to them too. For some reason, it feels really comforting to hold them in one hand when I go to sleep so they often end up sleeping in my bed.
  5. I know exactly what you mean with the suffering tamas... I do feel some tinge of guilt the days when I can't get myself out of bed early and my tama is starving (or already dead, the vintage ones die so easily ) but I'd say overall the influence is positive. I also have OCD so the collecting can easily get a little, well, obsessive. But I see it as kind of exposure therapy too. The fact that I have to resist throwing a tama away just because it got a little scratch, or resist buying a particular shell if I don't really like it, even if I don't own that model yet.
  6. Hi everyone! I started collecting and playing with tamas just a bit ago, after I got a mini and noticed it taking care of them helped with my depression and anxiety issues. I was wondering if anyone else here had a similar experience.
  7. I found someone with the same anniversary version on Instagram. You can see what I mean in this pic: It has spots on the left ear and the right side of his body. They're more visible when you see his back.
  8. So, I'm fairly new to Tamagotchis (I remember them from when I was little but I was never allowed to have one back then ) Anyways, I've recently gotten a few, including one of the Japanese anniversary edition, a remake of the P2 (not the chibis, the full sized ones). I was wondering if there is any difference at all in the design of the characters in these new remakes? For example, I got pochitchi on my first run, but at least on my tama, the character sprite seems to have some "spots". However, when I look at pictures of it online, I don't see them. Did the design pochitchi have spots on the original P2s? Thanks a lot!!!