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  1. it's the first v3 i've had since i was ten! it came to me with an egg on the screen and i love my boy so much
  2. i usually spend most of my time on the computer, watching something on youtube while i work on a project. I don't usually go a day without wanting to make something. I keep an eye on my tamagtochis as well, keeping them on my desk while i work.

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    2. Kira_glow


      it was what made me want to join this board tbh! or come back, at least. but it made me wanna join ten years ago too XD

    3. Hoky


      People pointed me in that direction after I expressed that I wanted something more complex than my old P2, but not as different as the M!x I had gotten... I hope to add a V4.5 and V5 to my collection, but I'm really glad I tried the V3 and V2. Hope you like yours! That shell design is really slick.

    4. Hapihapitchi


      congrats!!! I really want a v3 O.O

  4. My tamagotchi friends and my dream town had babies together. right off the bat, the friends' adult left at least an hour before the dream town adult did. but while caring for the baby, i noticed a few things. It didn't call me when the parent left (and i would have heard it, because it was right next to me), and it also didn't call me when it got sick. has anyone else noticed this?
  5. I got a blue angel a few years back. After a while, it stopped reacting to my tapping, and it became difficult to care for it as i couldn't chase away bats trying to torment it. I tried opening it up to fix it, but i couldn't find the damaged part and upon reassembling it, i found that it no longer worked correctly. (as in, screen flickering, erratic movements and random resets) I've decided that i want to see if i can repair it. This post is gonna be me documeting my findings! I would post pictures, but my camera is out of batteries and i don't want to wait for it to recharge. step 1: open the batter cover. Right off the bat, one of the battery contacts has a tiny bit of green corrosion on it. It hasn't had a battery in, and i don't know if that was there when i put it away after i broke it. I got some rubbing alcohol, but i accidentally spilled some on my desk. now my workspace is clean! step 2: open the body. There's some sticky business inside, but i know i didn't get it wet when i had it running. Is that normal? I'm wiping off the sticky stuff. it feels like dried up mechanical lubricant. the speaker's also a little grimy... there's a fingerprint on it, and i'm almsot certain it's not mine! wiped that off. got msot of the fine corrosion off the battery contacts. I'm going to look closer at the rest of it to see if i see anyhting wrong. Also, has anyone actually found what in an angel senses the tapping? I don't see anyhting that looks like a motion sensor, except maybe the speaker, but that's the speaker. step 3: put it back together. I wiped down the circuitry with alcohol, let it dry and now everythign is abck in place. i don't see any kind of weirdness elsewhere, so i can only hope the errors were from the corrosion i wiped off. my batteries are a little iffy, so i'm going to put in new ones. also, side note: the little plastic wishbone shape that goes in along the screen is a pretty pearly pink color. Is this the same color as the pink angel's body? wouldn't that be neat if the pink one had a blue piece in it as well? MOMENT OF TRUTH,,,, IT WORKED I'm so excited! it looks like i got it working again, its screen is staying on with no flickering and, after a little drop test on my desk with no reset, it looks perfectly fine! In fact, once i got my obake 2, i found that the tap sensor works too now! This literally could not have been more successful! Something to note, this angel was pretty quiet when it was last working, and now it seems that wiping the grime fof the speaker has made it a little louder as well. Thanks for reading my journey! I was expecting it to end in failure, but sometimes things just work out.
  6. Oh boy, i have a good one. I got a tama from a friend in fifth grade because it was kinda messed up and she wanted me to try and fix it. the reset button was jammed under the case, so it kept resetting itself every few minutes. I put it in my backpack to avoid it beeping in class... but it kept going, and even under the pile of backpacks in the class closet, the whole class could hear it. It was going for like, all morning, and when i brought it out to recess my friend asked for it back so that she could give it to someone who wanted it. I kinda wish she had let me keep it, but i don't think i could handle another half day of everyone looking at me every three minutes when they heard the reset beep!
  7. When i was 8 or 9, i got two v3s from my parents and grandma, the pink ice creams and zebra striped ones. I had them for a few months, at least between april and june. around the end of fifth grade, i noticed that there was a girl up my street who i'd never talked to before, so i went to say hi. we ended up playing at my house that day, and for the rest of the summer and school year after that. However, after the first day she came over to my house, my tamagotchis mysteriously disappeared. I never found them, or any trace of them, until near the end of that summer when i found only the beaded chain i had used to clip them together (and never took them off, mind you) on the floor of her bedroom. She denied knowing where they were, but i never believed her and i stopped hanging out with her as much or trusting her around any of my more valuable toys from then on. I had also started hanging out with another girl who lived next door to her. This girl and i started playing together a lot more after i discovered the thief's crimes, and she told me that around the time my tamagotchis would have gone missing, the thief had been playing with her and made her help destroy two tamagotchis. She couldn't remember the colors because she was like, four years younger than us and six-year-olds don't exactly have photographic memory, but she was pretty sure they had been mine. it was awful, but a single item on the list of awful things thief did to me, so it wasn't really that bad in comparison. The other girl also had a really wealthy family and ended up with a lot of tamagotchis but got bored of them often, so she would lend them to me a lot as well, which was really nice.
  8. i've been keeping my notebook for a few days now. I mostly write down the improtant things that happened that day; how much i played with it, if it evolved, if it did anyhting strange, how high bff levels are, things like that. I'm also logging the package tracking for my v3; i think i want to start a notebook specifically for my v3 when i get it and put the other three aside for a while, so i can focus on documenting my in-depth v3 experience more!
  9. I never expected to see them put flocking on a tamagotchi! They look really soft. I can't imagine they would stay so pure and pastel looking, though, considering how the minis are more like a keychain than a regular tama... the red and navy flocked ones sure look impressive, though, they're so bold!