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  1. I was directed here here by penguin-keeper due to some observations i made with my assorment of v3s. One of them, my pink translucent, has a slightly lower key than the other three. That being, all of its sounds are slightly lower than the same sounds of the others. I decided to rom test all four of them, and i had some pretty interesting results! First off, let me talk about my tamas. pink ice cream - US version, normal sound, blue and yellow box background, "tamagotchi connection" logo with mimitchi Green hibiscus - US version, normal sound, blue and yellow box background, "tamagotchi connection" logo with mimitchi translucent pink - US version, lower than normal sound, pink and yellow dots background, "tamagotchi connection" logo with mimitchi Zebra - US version region-changed to UK, normal sound, blue and yellow box background, "tamagotchi" logo with mametchi So, I went through and rom tested all four of them. The first three are all A3 0 or A3 2, including the deep-voiced translucent pink. However, my zebra was A3 3, which is a version that's not included in the list above! NOW, there's obviously something different about the zebra. I region changed it using a similar method to debugging (taking a pencil to the correct broken circles on the chip). When I undid the region change, however, it was back to being an A3 2! For my next trick, I attempt to region change one of my A3 0s. I tried doing it on both of them, but even after filling in the circles, it didn't actually take. I checked, and it was still and A3 0. It might have been the way I did it (my pencil could have been sharper), but i digress. Theory: there are four US rom versions. I've confirmed that A3 2 isn't a UK variant as theorized above, because all of mine are american, came with american chain styles and have US logos. However, A3 3 (and very likely A3 1) are region-changed variants of 0 and 2. also, now i have even less of a theory as to why my pink sounds like that.
  2. I saw this mentioned a lot way back in 2004/5 when people were first getting their V3s. V3s make this very quiet ticking sound, which kinda sounds like a heartbeat or a clock. One of the main points of discussion back then was why the v3 had a heartbeat, but the other connections didn't. since I started collecting, i've noticed that none of my collection other than the v3s made the sound, not even the keitais, which I expected to have that in common. I thought it was really true that the v3s were just an anomaly and were the only ones that did it, but today I recieved a 2010 nano in the mail and found out that it also has a heartbeat! So this is partly a question to other collectors of many breeds of tama: do you know of any others that make the sound? I'm surprised that, between keitais and akais and the earlier connections, the nano of all things would be the one to share a weird trait like that. On the topic of odd sounds, I also observed something else. I have in my posession four v3s. Three of them, my pink ice cream, translucent pink and green hibiscus, have the old "tamagotchi connection" logo with mimitchi in the O. The zebra has a newer logo that jsut says "tamagotchi" and has mametchi instead. My zebra, ice cream and hibiscus tamas all sound exactly the same, however, the translucent one's sound is just a tiny bit lower than the others. The only other notable difference is that it has a pink and yellow dots background instead of the blue and yellow boxes like the rest. Has anyone else noticed some of their tamas sounding different than their same-version siblings, or is it perhaps a difference between waves?
  3. The 2018s, i've noticed, don't beep when they get sick. I've never had one do it, so i assume they just don't? kind of like how the keitais beep when they poop (even if it's not the attention call). Seems like there's major differences in what conditions make the different versions call for attention. another thing i noticed was that after every growth, their discipline bar empties. This happens every time they grow, so i guess it's a feature as well.

    1. Berryitchi


      OMG!!!!!!! :o WOW, THAT'S GREAT!!! Enjoy it!!! :D

    2. TheYatagarasu


      YOU GOT ONE!! YAY!! I'm so glad!! I checked that thrift shop I was mentioning for you and they only had one old, sad, shabby Dinkie Dino this time around...

  5. my tamagotchis got married over the weekend. However, Frank, my hibiscus v3, was running out of batteries. when he went to marry Star, my ice cream v3, his battery went out again. they had twin girls, and when one of them went to go be with Frank, she flew away into the void, never to be seen again. my boyfriend referred to it as "the ultimate yeet" and that's the funniest thing i've heard all day

    1. Berryitchi


      YAY CONGRATS!!! :D (Sorry for late reply XD)

  7. I thought my hibiscus was gonna be here today... i guess a six hour drive takes longer when you're a usps truck!

  8. SLAMS FISTS ON TABLE MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED I'm so excited to see if this works! i remember i was totally crushed when my friend showed me the shut-down tamatown site back in 2013... I hope i'll be able to play with my v3s online again!
  9. which shell did you get? I recently got one that i had as a kid too, mine was the pink ice cream one!
  10. update: I think that tamagotchi was cursed. I reset today, and when we got home from a day in town i realized that it had fallen out of my pocket somewhere while i was scootering around 8^8 Luckily, there were tons of people out today so it definitely has a new home by now... hopefully they'll have better luck keeping it than i did ;^;7
  11. of course, on the day i order another v3 i lose one of mine 8^8

    1. Hoky


      Just read your post. That totally sucks. >< I hope it turns up somehow!

    2. tamapalace
    3. pokemonboy10


      Oh no!! Why does life have to work that way?

  12. Me: "I don't need another tamagotchi, i have two to connect and i don't see the transparent pink shell on ebay wait hold on i see a hibiscus one let me get my credit card"

    1. TheYatagarasu


      Oh, lucky!! I've always coveted the hibiscus shell. I'm a sucker for anything floral.

    2. tamapalace
  13. Update: after waking up, i checked to see what was going on with my glitched tama. when i checked my points, i was down to zero, when i'd had a few hundred the night before. Now, I think i know why I wasn't able to buy anything yesterday... I got the ball glitch! My entire inventory is full of balls, as well as the random items in the shop. Gleam can eat everything in her inventory, but I can't delete anything in items without it freezing after a few go away. Does anyone know how to deal with the ball glitch besides resetting, if possible?
  14. So, as a bit of backstory, when my black translucent v3 arrived in the mail, it used a 2016 battery instead of a 2032. I accidentally bought a few, not realizing that these batteries, while the same voltage, are half the thickness of a 2032, and can easily shift out of place. I stuck a wad of paper under my tama's battery cover, but before my little incident, I had a piece i cut off an eraser in its place. Anyway, onto the glitch. I noticed today on my way to work that Gleam had a blank screen. I tried hitting my tama a few times to shake the battery back into place, but it didn't work, so I just paused Lucky and put them both in my backpack. After work, when I got home, I opened Gleam up and put the wad of paper in to keep the battery in place better. It looked like nothing was wrong when i downloaded, but when i got to the points screen... I saw this. I went to the shop to see if i could spend my unknowable amounts of wealth, and It didn't appear that i could buy anything. However, I also noticed something strange. There was a yogurt, which is only supposed to appear on your birthday, in the first section of the shop, and my birthday isn't for another two weeks. So after that incident, I decided to try and add to my unknowable and unspendable fortune. After a handful of chump change from two points at flag, I looked again and i now had 9999 points. Again, i go to the shop and try to buy something, Still to no avail. So instead I go to the donation page - where i still have 9999 points - and donate all of it. As it turns out, I can't spend it, but I CAN donate it to the king! After i completely empty my wallet of the cursed coin, I go play a few rounds of bump. I then return to the store to try and buy the yogurt... however, I still can't buy anything from the shop. That's where I'm at now. Gleam is asleep now, and i think tomorrow or the next day, the matchmaker is supposed to come. I really don't want to reset this v3 before gen 2 AGAIN, so i'm going to see if having a baby and the whole change in mechanics there will fix the bug, because at this point, I can't buy anything from the shop even though i definitely have enough real, earned points for it. If i still have an issue, though, I'll have to reset her, which i'm hoping won't have to happen! has anyone seen anything like this before, or had any other weird things come from having your battery misaligned?

    1. AnniChu


      what glitch was it?

    2. Pirorirotchi


      I'm making a post about it in "what happened to my tamagotchi", it's... a pretty wild ordeal.

    3. tamapalace


      can't wait to see!