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  1. Pirorirotchi

    Tamagotchi 2018 Gen 2 Glitches?

    The 2018s, i've noticed, don't beep when they get sick. I've never had one do it, so i assume they just don't? kind of like how the keitais beep when they poop (even if it's not the attention call). Seems like there's major differences in what conditions make the different versions call for attention. another thing i noticed was that after every growth, their discipline bar empties. This happens every time they grow, so i guess it's a feature as well.
  2. my tamagotchis got married over the weekend. However, Frank, my hibiscus v3, was running out of batteries. when he went to marry Star, my ice cream v3, his battery went out again. they had twin girls, and when one of them went to go be with Frank, she flew away into the void, never to be seen again. my boyfriend referred to it as "the ultimate yeet" and that's the funniest thing i've heard all day
  3. Pirorirotchi

    TamaTown being revived!

    SLAMS FISTS ON TABLE MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED I'm so excited to see if this works! i remember i was totally crushed when my friend showed me the shut-down tamatown site back in 2013... I hope i'll be able to play with my v3s online again!
  4. Pirorirotchi

    Yay, my v3 arrived!

    which shell did you get? I recently got one that i had as a kid too, mine was the pink ice cream one!
  5. Pirorirotchi

    Ridiculous v3 glitch

    update: I think that tamagotchi was cursed. I reset today, and when we got home from a day in town i realized that it had fallen out of my pocket somewhere while i was scootering around 8^8 Luckily, there were tons of people out today so it definitely has a new home by now... hopefully they'll have better luck keeping it than i did ;^;7
  6. Pirorirotchi

    Ridiculous v3 glitch

    Update: after waking up, i checked to see what was going on with my glitched tama. when i checked my points, i was down to zero, when i'd had a few hundred the night before. Now, I think i know why I wasn't able to buy anything yesterday... I got the ball glitch! My entire inventory is full of balls, as well as the random items in the shop. Gleam can eat everything in her inventory, but I can't delete anything in items without it freezing after a few go away. Does anyone know how to deal with the ball glitch besides resetting, if possible?
  7. So, as a bit of backstory, when my black translucent v3 arrived in the mail, it used a 2016 battery instead of a 2032. I accidentally bought a few, not realizing that these batteries, while the same voltage, are half the thickness of a 2032, and can easily shift out of place. I stuck a wad of paper under my tama's battery cover, but before my little incident, I had a piece i cut off an eraser in its place. Anyway, onto the glitch. I noticed today on my way to work that Gleam had a blank screen. I tried hitting my tama a few times to shake the battery back into place, but it didn't work, so I just paused Lucky and put them both in my backpack. After work, when I got home, I opened Gleam up and put the wad of paper in to keep the battery in place better. It looked like nothing was wrong when i downloaded, but when i got to the points screen... I saw this. I went to the shop to see if i could spend my unknowable amounts of wealth, and It didn't appear that i could buy anything. However, I also noticed something strange. There was a yogurt, which is only supposed to appear on your birthday, in the first section of the shop, and my birthday isn't for another two weeks. So after that incident, I decided to try and add to my unknowable and unspendable fortune. After a handful of chump change from two points at flag, I looked again and i now had 9999 points. Again, i go to the shop and try to buy something, Still to no avail. So instead I go to the donation page - where i still have 9999 points - and donate all of it. As it turns out, I can't spend it, but I CAN donate it to the king! After i completely empty my wallet of the cursed coin, I go play a few rounds of bump. I then return to the store to try and buy the yogurt... however, I still can't buy anything from the shop. That's where I'm at now. Gleam is asleep now, and i think tomorrow or the next day, the matchmaker is supposed to come. I really don't want to reset this v3 before gen 2 AGAIN, so i'm going to see if having a baby and the whole change in mechanics there will fix the bug, because at this point, I can't buy anything from the shop even though i definitely have enough real, earned points for it. If i still have an issue, though, I'll have to reset her, which i'm hoping won't have to happen! has anyone seen anything like this before, or had any other weird things come from having your battery misaligned?
  8. I typically take random inspiration from whatever's around me if I don't already have a name in mind. For example, my Mimiyoritchi is named Lucky because she's the first hatch in the tamagotchi i got that is the same shell as my very first one was. My mini, on the other hand, is named Seven because he's the light blue with pink numbers shell and the biggest number on the shell is 7.
  9. Pirorirotchi

    Looking for unofficial tamagotchi with animals

    I think the pocket puppy is a good option. I think i had one when i was a kid, it was a very nice pet and it actually compared to my real tamagotchis in terms of how it played, if i recall correctly.
  10. Since i've started making spritesheets for each character i get on my v3s, i've been watching them closely for when they do little random things like come up close to the screen or run into the wall. I've noticed that my mimiyoritchi, Lucky, does a LOT of these animations, when my kuchipatchi, Gleam, is a lot less active. I've only caught Gleam coming close to the screen once since she grew, but just this afternoon i've seen Lucky do something at least four times. Has anyone else noticed that different characters do little actions more frequently?
  11. Pirorirotchi

    Angelgotchi emergency room

    it's not difficult at all! It's really jsut a matter of not losing the screws and putting things back how you found them. When putting an angel's screen back in, though, put the wishbone in first and then push the screen in against it as you put it back in! It's there to keep the screen in place, i think.
  12. Pirorirotchi

    Angelgotchi natural death?

    I think hoky is right, I've had some angels not live very long and be fairly easy to kill by neglect, but a few of the better care characters i've had have been nigh indescructible.
  13. I don't know of any resources that already exist, but i'm working on spritesheets from the characters i get on my v3, and i'd be happy to help you!
  14. it's probably the same thing that tama friends and dream towns do. if you hit the c button while there's nothung going on, they'll do a cute animation or something, but sometimes they'll call for your attention, and they want you to hit the c button so they can show you one of their animations.
  15. Pirorirotchi

    How do you store your virtual pets?

    I... don't store mine very well, haha! All of mine are currently running, but my angel was kept in what i call my "drawer of tiny things" while i thought it was broken. It's full of all kinds of tiny toys and objects i've found and hoarded since i was a kid... including a big magnet on a handle, which i'm shocked didn't mess it up for the year i had it in there! I had my dream town inactive for a while, though, and i kept it in an even bigger drawer of random junk.