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  1. Second year of being a part of this forum! That's pretty cool! :wub:

  2. I'm back again, hi! I tried what was recommended by @Ginjirotchi_lover about how to get my friend and I's Tamagotchis married together through the app. We texted back and forth and I realized that he wasn't on my friends list anymore! What! His profile just disappeared! Where did it go? We had to re-add each other, which was frustrating and then visited the park, where we were not able to find each other. Also what is the second option on the friends list in the middle? It shows my Tamagotchis from my other Tama that I don't have connected anymore. Why is it there? It will say "Tamagotchi 1" and show an adult Tamagotchi I used to have and two toddlers (three profiles). Do you think that more features will come out to make it easier to connect with your friends? I hope so, because this isn't working for me.
  3. My friend recently bought a Tamagotchi, who lives across the country from me, and we wanted to marry our Tamagotchis together through the app when the time came. How do we do that? Also, is my Tamagotchi only present on my profile when I'm connected to it? There's a little Tamagotchi device with a ? mark on it when I'm not connected. My friend and I have already added each other, so how do we marry our Tamagotchis that are adults?
  4. I recently downloaded the Tamagotchi On app after ordering my second Tamagotchi On and started playing it last night. I noticed that you can now "like" other people's Tamagotchi? While I had a default Tamagotchi (since I wasn't connecting my other On at the moment), it looked like I was gaining likes in real time from other players. Are the Tamagotchis really there or are they just generated from players that having signed in? How do I know if they're bots? Have the games changed at all?
  5. My first was a Tamagotchi Friends after a middle school friend introduced them to me. it was really cool to have other IRL ppl to enjoy Tamas with at that time 😊
  6. You have a sister that enjoys Tamagotchi? That’s so cool!! I’m jealous.
  7. DUDE, I haven't been here in a while and just JUUUST found out about the Tamagotchi On and am beyond excited. I watched PandaBunny Toys on YouTube talk about it and she had described " friends want me to buy it and show it to them because they've always wanted a Tamagotchi, just not a Japanese one," and I was very jealous of the fact because I will be ranting about my excitement to people who do not care for Tamagotchi, but they care for my feelings, so they'll let me rant, hahahahaha. XD ❤️

  8. Hey, thank you for finding this! I was wanting to find a video involving the new Pastels, but all I could find was a video in another language hahahaha I'm glad I can understand this...! X)
  9. I've been considering buying one for the fact that there could be a better performance on it. The theme makes me happy, it's cute, and reminds me of my early days of Tamagotchi (right around Easter of 2014?) and it reminds me of where I used to live, North Carolina. How has your performance been, TamaPapa? On your Meets?
  10. Hello! Me again. I have not been here in a while, but I have questions. I remember when the Meets first came out, there was a rumor for there to be a March edition. Specifically, these: So, looking at JapanYouWant and Cutie Pie Kawaii, these seem to be true..? Do you think that these could have better performances than the original November ones? I also see that there may be a Sanario Meet that might or might not be released.. Do you think that will have better performance? I really hope so. I also see that a brand new Meets is about USD55 to USD60. And I also saw, on the same website (JapanYouWant), that I could buy a used one for USD45, so I hope if the new Meets have better results (liek not shutting down, wasting the battery (maybe there will be an option to turn off your BlueTooth on your Tamagotchi?), and the LAG), someone doesn't want it and I can get it at a cheaper price. What do you think?
  11. I did not know the the foods outside of Tamagotchi Restaurant on the M!X also make your Tamagotchi change colors... My Jellytchi and Pikagorotchi hybrid changed from a orange gold to a deep blue after eating too many of the black dish from Mermaid Palace...!

  12. Yeah, so, no one likes the noise they make so I can never discipline them and will end up with the same characters, so I may pause their lives at some point. Although, I got Kusatchi on one of them and one that looked like a jellyfish and it was very entertaining to just look at them, hahaha.
  13. Who is "UraZukyutchi?" I tried looking that Tamagotchi up and could not find any results. Can you tell me more about what you think of that Tamagotchi, I'm just curious. : )
  14. How is using rechargeable batteries? Are they beneficial?
  15. I've been gifted the 2018 versions of the P1 and P2. The day before yesterday, my P2 evolved to grow legs (which I thought was so cool) and my P1 died. I did not remember that these were sensitive to too much food. I have grown used to the M!X and was careless about it's weight. A few minutes ago, my P2 evolved into Pochitchi! I read online that he is one of the hardest characters to get and I didn't even try to earn him! So cool! My P1 has evolved to grow legs and may evolve into it's final stage sometime next week.
  16. May Santa-tchi visit all your Tamagotchis tonight! Have a wonderful Christmas! ❤️

  17. I keep getting a "New Device" email from TamaTalk on the everyday device I use to sign in and I cannot find a way to approve the device (I get the email every time I sign into TamaTalk on my normal device).

  18. What does this translate to? I don't understand the picture and I couldn't upload this in a forum due to its size.
  19. December means Tamagotchi Meets and/or Tamagotchi P1/P2 2018 versions! Very excted!

  20. I am trying to make my Tamagotchi M!X hungry so I can unlock Berrytown. Two questions: 1. If I feed it under ten times and then it evolves, will I loose my progress of how many times I fed it? 2. I remember on the 4U+, you could play the exercise game at the park to make it loose weight/become hungry, but what about the M!X? I can't seem to find any methods to make him hungry.. Just to not feed him.
  21. Looking pretty savvy! I was worrying my computer was malfunctioning until I noticed that the error page changed more and more everytime I went back! XD Until a sad Mametchi popped up.. But it looks super!

  22. Does anyone know what features will be on the March Meets that aren't on the Fairy or Magical Meets?

  23. May you share with me your personal experience with the Tamagotchi Meets? The pros and cons? I came across this video and I am not sure whether I should buy the Meets now or not. I would really appreciate your feedback. As much as I've fallen in love with them, they are very much in my price range right now and I was so eager for one, but seeing this video, I am not so sure. I know that your M!X can lag by half a second or so with the sound on. Can you tell me how the screen lags (off to on) on your Meets with the sound on and then off? That would be appreciated, that's a big question of mine. What happens when you send your Tama to Tama Hotel and are retrieving it back? Does the screen lag? Do you think the March Meets could be updated to fix these problems? Videos: