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  1. Happy birthday, Kasichi! I hope you had an awesome day :^) P.s. I never got the chance to tell you that you "stole" my cat. Isn't it interesting our cats looks so alike? :^)

  2. I've been scarse on here for a while, and in the meantime, my collection has grown. I'm planning on making a blog or post or something showing off my collection. I was exclusively buying just the original style tamas; the ones without color. I love the simplicity of them, and I still think those are my favorite. But I decided to try out the Tamagotchi Plus Color. I loved it, but ran out of things to do after a while. So after more research, I decided to get a M!x, specifically the Sanrio one because I love the idea of having resemblances of Bandai and Sanrio characters together. And I absolutely love it! I like how there's so much more that you can do on there, so it will take longer to have done everything on there. Anyone else have one of these awesome tamas?
  3. So I have been looking for the device similar to Tamagotchi (although not even close to as good) known as Animal Imaginado. I found one after searching everywhere. The whole reason I wanted one was because of it's claim to have infrared connection, like the connection series. I wanted to see how they differ. But it seems that this does not in fact have that. I wasn't expecting much with a fake Tamagotchi, but I still am a little disappointed. :( Anyway, does anyone else have one of these?
  4. And for your help, TolueneZene!
  5. Oh okay. Thank you for your help, tamaninjacat! :)
  6. Sorry to post so much. I just wanted to better explain my second question. (Thank you TolueneZene for answering my first one!) What I mean with my second question, is that I'm basically wondering about Tamagotchi "genetics", if the parents even make a difference in what their offspring is. I'm trying to figure out between the two possibilities, which one I would rather go with. I hope this makes sense. I'm not really the best at explaining things, lol.
  7. Oh wait, it is an obotchi! The picture just was hard to tell because it was slightly different, lol. Thank you!
  8. I have a picture, but I'm not sure how to post it on here...
  9. That's not the character it is. But I'll try google. My Tamagotchi plus can connect with my connections, but they just show up as a "stand in" character instead of the character they are. So I know they can connect, just not sure about mating and which would produce what. That's why I'm wondering which two I'd rather try to breed together.
  10. First, can someone help me identify one of the characters I got? I'll post a picture if I can figure out how...lol. But it's on my connection v3, male, and sort of circular rectangular shaped with legs and arms, and a single strand of hair on it's head, going between it's eyes. My second question, is about mating my tamas, when they're old enough. I have two boys and one girl, and not sure which boy I should use. The girl is a debugged character, the burgergotchi. One of the boys is the one I described above. The other is an itchigotchi. The itchigotchi is a tamagotchi plus, the Japanese version of the connection, if that makes any difference. I'm wondering which of those two options I can go with? Does anyone know what the baby would be for either option? I hope my rambling makes sense to someone. Lol. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Lol I have more of those than I care to admit. I've tried playing them, but I just can't. It's like they take everything fun about the real Tamagotchis. But I decided to instead direct my attention towards trying to have a diverse collection of Bandai Tamagotchis. Since making this post, I've ordered quite a bit of varieties of Tamagotchi (real ones, lol). And still waiting for my others to arrive in the mail. I went a little crazy, lol. One of these days, I'm gonna make a list of my collection to show off on this site.
  12. I'm waiting for mine to get here. I ordered it from Japan, and I'm in America, so it may be a while. Can't wait though!
  13. Which of you come on here on a regular basis? I see a lot of older posts on here. Which of you are regulars?