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  1. Hi, I don't know if I'm on the good topic, but here my problem. I bought a retro vpet called space creature brand as new. But as I opened it, the batteries leaked and the pet don't turn on with new ones. I noticed some brown rusty stuff on the connection of the pet. Someone can help please ? The toy can be saved ? I hope cause I really wanted it 😢
  2. Hello,

    Someone know how turn the sound off of a Hitorikko vpet please ? I start to work tomorrow and I'll hate them to ring ^^; thanks!

    1. Eggiweg


      Hold the left and right keys for 3 seconds.

  3. I got my Motchimaruzu but the pet is never happy and always sulking. I don't know how improve the relation with it. I feed it but it don't work do someone know how make it happy ?

  4. Why the sanrio meets are so pricey oO

    1. Penguin-keeper


      I'm going to guess that it's because of the Sanrio license, and the popularity of that license!

  5. I have lot of fun with my tamagotchi on, I'm like a kid :3

  6. I got mine pretty fast from amazon in less than a week and I'm from france so I was surprised - and happy of course !
  7. Hello, I saw some videos about the chinese fake tamagotchi like the Qpet and the touma. My question is... It's good ? I've heard that the Qpet is a knock off but have lot of features. Do the Touma have "original" characters ?
  8. I even start to hunt vpet in my dreams now haha ! Vpets and tamagotchi everywhere !

    1. Eggiweg


      I relate to your statuses so much.

  9. My bank will hate me, I bought a tamagotchi on - magic. I found a tamagezi and I also bought the vpet with the squisy cheeks (can't remember the name) but it's a cat XD

    I will wait september for the Qpet and the touma :)
    I'm trying to get different virtual pets

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    2. NotBart


      How much did the Tamagezi cost? I'm wondering because when I saw one it was about 4000 local money points (about 179 USD)

    3. GrumpyPoney


      Actually someone sold me one for 33 usd + 5 shipping

      if you want the link of the person you can give me a private message :)

    4. GrumpyPoney


      Also you can find people that bought the v2 via website in the tamagezi group on facebook and her post on it if it's faster for you :)

  10. Angelgotch - Cloudy Day one I started my angelgotch at 03: Am (yes I know I'm a insomniac) he goes fast from a ... ghost to a angel v1 I feed him and played some game but strangely he don't want sleep ? I guess he is not tired and telling him the boogeyman will come to eat him is not enough to scare him to go to sleep XD.
  11. So I decided to start to hatch my angelgotch again I will make a topic soon, I hope adding vpet at my collection too. I start my Vfamily slow wish me good luck :)

  12. Belle collection It's hard to manage all of them ? I'm wondering since I have trouble with only two XD
  13. Thanks you for all the lovely messages. I was hesitating but I'll get one then
  14. Hi, Since I'm from france, I've hear that we can't get the app and I wonders if I use Bluestack if it work by example or without the app it's still good ? I didn't get a color tamagotchi yet and I hesitate to get one actually. I also hear that a new tamagotchi on was released what do you suggest me to wait and buy the new one or take the old ON ? thanks